Programming of Child Birth and Matching of Marriages

Programming of Child Birth and Matching of Marriages  

S.N. Kapoor
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Part – I Birth Chart Consideration  Birth Chart: Dr. B.V. Raman in his how to judge Horoscope consider Birth Chart for happiness of children three ways (a) placement of 5th Lord in Different Bhavas, (b) Planets in 5th Bhava and (c) some important combinations. We propose to deal with them very briefly one by one.  (a) Placement of 5th Lords in Different Bhavas In the first house the native will have few children, in second – well behaved children, in 3rd – many good children, in 4th – a few sons, in 5th – number of sons, in 6th enmity with his own son; in 7th – number of issues; in the 8th – extinction of the family; in the 9th – one of the sons attains distinction as an author or actor; in the 10th – one of the sons becomes gem of the family; in the 11th – benefits through sons; and if the 12th – there is no happiness from children, in view of life of detachment.

So planning of child birth, with 5th Lord in 6th, 8th and 12th is not conducive to happiness from children. (b)Planets in 5th Bhava and long term happiness The Sun in the 5th deprives the native of children and riches; the Moon in the 5th gives a famous child amongst several; with the Mars in 5th, native suffers misfortunes through children; Mercury in 5th gives numerous children; Jupiter in the 5th also gives numerous children and shall be happy with children; Venus in 5th gives beautiful and it also indicates more female children; Saturn in 5th denotes sorrow through children; Rahu, that is the 5th causes loss of number of children; and Ketu also causes loss of children. As regards various combinations for Santan Yoga, or Nissantan Yoga, I may just refer to Jatak Tatwa Pancham Viveka. And, in order to limit the space, I am leaving subject of Beeja Sphuta and Kshetra Sphuta for the consideration of other stalwarts.

Santan Yogas: There are hundreds of Santan and Nissantaan Yogas I am just reproducing some of the Yogas referred to by Dr. B.V. Raman in his 300 important combinations for ready reference. 220 and 221 Bhahuputra Yogas : Definition:  Rahu in the 5th house, in a Navamsa other than that of Saturn, gives rise to this Yoga – 220. The same Yoga arise if the Lord of the Navamsa occupied by a planet who is in association with the 7th Lord is in the 1st, 2nd or 5th house – 221. Results: The person will have a large number of children.

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

Dattaputra Yogas: Definition:  Mars and Saturn should occupy the 5th house and the Lord of Lagna should be in a sign of Mercury, aspected by or in association with the same planet – 222 The Lord of the 7th must be posited in the 11th, the 5th Lord must join a benefic and the 5th house must be occupied by Mars or Saturn – 223. Results: The person will have adopted children. Aputra Yoga: Definition: The Lord of the 5th house should occupy a Dusthana. Results: The person will have no issues. Ekaputra Yoga: Definition: Lord of the 5th house should join a Kendra or Trikona. Results: The person will have only one son. Suputra Yoga: Definition:  If Jupiter is Lord of the 5th house and the Sun occupies a favourable position, this Yoga is caused.

Results:  The native will have a worthy son.  Kalanirdesat Putra Yogas: Definition:  Jupiter should be in the 5th house and the Lord of the 5th should join Venus – 227 Jupiter must also occupy the 9th from Lagna and Venus should be in the 9th from Jupiter, in conjunction with the Lord of Lagna – 228 Results: The native begets a son either in his 32nd, 33rd or 40th year. Kalanirdesat Putranasa Yogas: Definition: Rahu must occupy the 5th house, the Lord of the 5th must be in conjunction with a malefic and Jupiter should be debilitated – 229 Malefics should be disposed in the 5th from Jupiter and Lagna – 230 Results: The person will suffer loss of issues in his 32nd and 40th years respectively.

NAVAMSA CONSIDERATION  For happiness from children, it would be better that: (i)   Lagnesh, Panchmesh, and Navmesh should not be in Navamsas of Saturn and Mars on one hand excepting Saturn and Mars in their own Navamsa as Lagnesh Panchamesh and Navmesh; (ii)  Nor, they should be 6th, 8th, and 12th; (iii) Nor, they should be combust, nor debilitated (in Rasi and Navamsa), nor retrograde; It would be desirable if (iv) They are in Pushkar Navamsa – 7th and 9th in Agni Tatwa Rasi; 3rd and 5th Prithvi Tatwa Rasi; 6th and 8th in Vayu Tatwa Rasis; and 1st and 3rd in Jala Tatwa Rasis; (v)  They are in Vargottama Navamsa – 1st in Chara Rasi, 5th in Sthir Tatwa Rasis; and 9th in Dwiswabhava Rasi; (vi)  They in Pancham Navamsa in all Rasis.

These Navamsa normally give excellent results excepting when the planets in these Navamsa, is weak in Asthaka Varga. In case of Farukh Abdulla Panchamamsa Mars is in Sagittarius in 210 25’ in Pushkar Navamsa. One may correlate with birth of Omar Abdulla. In case of Nehru Mars Panchamesh is in Virgo 9058’ in Pushkar Navamsa.  Appreciate and connect with the birth Mrs. Indira Gandhi. One may plan child birth also after considering 7th and 9th Lord of Birth chart and Saptamamsa chart in the light of above factors, coupled with Saptamamsa, consideration.  Saptamamsa Consideration:      Purpose of one’s planning of birth of child may be defeated, if Saptmamsa does not permit happiness from children.  For, Parashar prescribed Saptmamsa consideration by saying “Putrpautradikanam vai chintanam Saptamamsake” – Ch. 8 Shloka 2 BPHS. i.e. sons and grandsons should be considered from Saptamamsa chart.

In so far as happiness and prosperity through children is concerned, in Saptamamsa chart one must consider following factors:- 1.   Lagnesh of birth chart in Shubha Saptamamsa and in Kendra or Trikona of Saptamamsa Lagna chart avoiding 6th; 8th and 12th. 2.   Similarly examine Jupiter, Shiv Karaka of Saturn Sukha i.e. its placement in Shubha Saptamamsa in Kendra or Trikona avoiding 6th, 8th, and 12th of Saptamamsa. 3.   Consider Lagna of Saptamesh for general results of happiness and prosperity through children in general. 4.   Consider 5th house of Saptamamsa for 1st child along with Panchamesh of birth chart and of Saptamamsa chart. 5.   Similarly consider 7th house of Saptmesh of birth chart and of Saptamamsa chart. 6.   Consider similarly 9th house of birth chart and Saptamamsa chart along with 9th Lords of birth chart and Saptamamsa for considering (a) 3rd child (b) first grandchild.  The great Parashar or Rishi has divided Rasis in 7 Divisions and has named them.  In it starts from the sign occupied by the Lagna and the planet, while in even sign it starts from the 7th sign counted from the sign of Lagna and occupied by the planet.

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It is reproduced in Tabular from as under for ready reference: The aforesaid names give results according to their names.  Sage Parashar has given an important clue through named significators, to under stand the tendencies of a child and its impact on the life of native for aforesaid purpose of happiness and prosperity. However, a word of caution is essential for these indications are relative and not absolute and stand modified by benefic and malefic affluence – seen through Shadbala, Vaisheshikamsa and Asthakvarga Bala of Lagna and the concerned planet, Mrutyu Bhagas and Arishthamsa of the Moon, in case Moon is involved in any was with Lagna, 5th, 7th and 9th of birth chart and Saptamamsa chart. The aforesaid significators may be understood as per indications and results attributed to them.  Kshara - (00 to 4.17.8’ 57’ in odd sign & 25042’53" in even signs): Kshar means corrosive, caustic, acid, pungent, and saline.  It is associated with Sanskrit proverbs which mean “to aggravate the pain which is already unbearable”; “to make bad worse”; and “to add insult to injury.

If the native is born in Kshar Saptamamsa, he has no comfort from the children.  They aggravate the pain and agony as well as add insult to injury.  The native suffers humiliation, anxiety and grief because of them. This rule is applicable not only to Lagna but also to 5th, 7th, and 9th Lords of Birth chart as well as Saptamamsa chart, as well as Sthir Karaka Jupiter.  In case of a native Jupitor, the Sun and Ketu in Kshar Saptamamsa in the 3rd from the Lagna in Meena in Vargottama Navamsa – the Jupiter is being combust,  the native has lost his only son. Ksheera -  4017.8’57" to 8034’17" in odd signs and 21025’43" to 25042’52" in even signs): Ksheera means milk.  Milk is Satwik and nourishing in nature.  If the natal ascendant in Saptamamsa indicates that children of the native will be of Satwik nature, and would provide nourishing care and comforts of the native; and would enhance social and economic status of the native. In the case of Shukh Abdullah Saturn in Aquarius is of 4040’ in Ksheer Saptamamsa.  Just realize his relations with his son Farukh Abdullah.  Dadhi – (8014’17" to 12051’25 in odd signs and 1708’34" to 21025’43 in even signs): Dadhi is curd or yoghurt, coagulated milk, or say sour thick milk.

If the native is born in Dadhi Saptamamsa, the native is blessed with steady, sober, soft and attractive children.  Though children maintain their identity by expressing their own independence views but bow before the logic and decision of the native and thus keep the prestige of the native – rather they also try and tend to enhance social and economic status of the native, by providing disciplined nourishing care to the native. In the case of Sheikh Abdulla Lagna Tula of 12005’ is in Dadhi Saptamamsa and his son Farukh Abdullah who himself is a doctor, one could imagine the kind of care he would have provided to his father.  Ajyam – (12051’25" to 1708’34" in odd as well as even sign):  Ajyam means clarified butter, ghee and its purity is to be preserved for it offered in obtain Ahuti in Havana to a deity.  As such it is not just clarified butter in everybody’s kitchen.

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It implies that if the Ascendant of a native falls in Ajyam Saptamamsa, he is blessed with righteous, religiously, inclined, respectful and famous children and nourish and nurse the native with name, fame, and prosperity to the native as well as nourishment for Ajyam provides nourishment to the body, mind and spirit, as well. Mrs. Indira Gandhi had Mars, 5th Lord of Lagna in Scorpio 16022’ and Jupiter – 9th Lord of Lagna as well as Saptamamsa – in Taurus 15000’ and connect with Rajiv Gandhi, as well as Rahul, Priyanka and Varun Gandhi. However, I must draw attention to limits and constraints of efficacy of Saptamamsa – caused by Mrutyu Bhaya, Gruha Yuddha, and Krura Shastiyamsa.  In the case of a Capricorn native Venus 5th Lord of Lagna and Mars 5th Lord of Saptamamsa both are in Ajyam, but the only son was lost in 1984. Venus 14017’ Taurus is in Mrutyu Bhaya.  Mars 13036’48" also in Taurus, hence there is Gruha Yuddha between the two.

The Moon of 13023’ is also in Taurus.  All the three are in Krura Shastiyamsa also: the Moon is in Ghora; Mars is in Davagani and Venus is in Kaala Shastiyamsa. In Sarvashtakavarga there are just 21 Bindus in 5th house.  Moon has 3 Bindu in Taurus in its own Ashtakavarga while Mars has also 3 there and Venus has 4 Bindu in its own Ashtakavarga all the three are in Ajyam Saptamamsa. All the beneficence of the Moon, Venus and Mars all the three in Pushkar Navamsa, Vargottama Navamsa, and Panchamamsa, Ashwini, Dwadasamsa, Indra Trimsamsa could not save the son of the native. It should mean that Mrutyu Bhaya and Gruha Yuddha could wash off all the above said beneficence of the three planets. Ikchhurasa (1708’34" to 21025’43" in odd signs and 8034’17" to 12051’35" in even signs): Ikchhurasa means sugarcane juice.  It is sweet and nourishing.

Children of a native are born with Ascendant in Ikchhurasa Saptamamsa though sweet in nature, and comforting, but firm and straight forward, without showing total disregard to the native.  They may accept decisions of the native just for sheer regard to the native despite disagreements.  Sometimes disagreement may predominate. If the 5th, 7th or 9th Lords of Saptamamsa are in this Saptamamsa, the eldest, the second and 3rd child may be behave in the same fashion respectively. Take the case of Vijay Raj Scindhia her Venus in Leo 19039’ for Gemini Ascendant 15034 and Ascendant of Saptamamsa Lagna is in Ikchhurasa, the virtual tag end her life difference between the mother and her son Madhav Rao Scindhia led to litigation between them. Maddya Saptamamsa – (21025’43" to 25042’52" in odd signs and 4017.8’57" to 8014’17" in even signs) Madhya means intoxicating, gladdening, exhilarating effect caused by spirituous liquor, wine, or any other intoxicating drink.

If the native is born in Madhya Saptamamsa his children may be from loving, easy going, joyful and help the native to have an enjoyable life. Sheikh Abdullah had Jupiter as well as Lagna Lord of Saptamamsa – again Jupiter 7027’ in Taurus in Maddya. Shuddha Jala – (25042’52" to 300 in odd sign and 00 to 4017.8’ 57" in even signs): Shuddha Jala means pure water.  A native born with Ascendant in Shuddha Jala Saptamamsa is blessed with chaste, religiously inclined, transparent and innocent children with clean and upright habits.  Ordinarily such children are source soothing comfort, honour and happiness to the native, if there is no affliction.  But they are proving to fall pray of mischievous, deceitful, devious friends.  They need protection against the company of bad people.

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Sheikh Abdulla had his Lagna Lord Venus 02030’ in Scorpio and this Venus in Shuddha Jala influenced Mars, by occupying Scorpio owned by Mars; and, in Saptamamsa Mars is 5th Lord influenced by Venus.  In case of Farukh Abdullah also Lagna Lord and Karaka for children Jupiter in Sagittarius is of 26038’ in Shuddha Jala; is aspecting the Moon 5th Lord the 5th in Cancer in Ikchhurasa Saptamamsa, by its 5th aspect. Dwadasamsa Consideration: According to Shlokas of 66 to 69 of Ch. 36 Raja Yogadhyaya of B.P.H.S of Dr. Suresh Chandra Misra, planets in 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th Dwadasamsa are Raj Yoga Kaaraka.  They fall in Kendra of Kaala Chakra i.e. natural zodiac. In the case of Mrs. Indira Gandhi Mars 5th Lord is of 16022’, hence in 7th Dwadasamsa – named as Mohan indicating nature of Rajiv Gandhi and his Raja Yoga despite his initial reluctance to join politics.

Santan Karaka Jupiter (a) 150.00‘06" in Taurus in Mohan Dwadasamsa is 9th Lord in Lagna as well as in Saptamamsa is respectively placed in 11th and in 8th along with Rahu. In birth chart he is in 11th and he is dispositor of Rahu indicating love marriage of Rajiv as well as present status of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi indicated by Jupiter aspected by the Sun and Mars in Mohan Dwadasamsa. In Saptamamsa, Jupiter(R) being 9th Lord, indicates Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka and Varun Gandhi. Jupiter(R) is in 8th in Saptamamsa, with Rahu. Varga Consideration, in my humble view, should not be made in isolated consideration of one of the Vargas. It should be a composite study of all related Vargas. Jai Muni of Dhruva Nadi II fame had suggested minimum consideration of birth chart, Hora, Drekkana, Trimsamsa and Navamsa.

But my experiments on hundreds of horoscope have led me to include in this consideration Dasmamsa, Dwadasamsa, and Shastiyamsa.  I never thought it would be such a wonderfully rewarding experiment and experience. Due to paucity of time, I could not take up Drekkana, Trimsamsa, Dasmamsa, and just touched Dwadasamsa and Shastiyamsa.  Selecting Dasa in Programming Child Birth According to Jataka Parijat, following house Lords are capable of giving of birth to a child: (a) Jupiter himself, and 5th house Lord from him; (b) Moon himself and 5th Lord from him; (c) 5th Lord from Lagna; (d) 9th Lord from Jupiter; (e) 9th Lord from the Moon; (f) 0th Lord from the Lagna; (g) Planet aspecting 5th house; (h) Planet occupying 5th house; (i) One may add Jaimini’s Putra Kaaraka also.

In addition to it is also said that Nakshatra Lord indicated by Sphuta of Panchmesh plus Saptamesha is also capable of giving a son, along with planet conjunct with it or aspected by it. Jataka Parijat suggests that (a) 5th Lord, (b) Putrakaraka Jupiter, (c) planet aspecting 5th, and (d) planet occupying 5th house must be strong (in Shadbala, Varga Bala and in Asthakavarga etc.) to bless the native with a son. But none of these 4 should be Lord of 6th, 8th or 12th and none of them should be weak for in that case instead of Putra Labha, loss of son would be indicated. Select Dasa preferably within 5 to 7 years from the date of marriage out of the above mentioned Dasas.  In selection it should be ensured that Dasa Lord and Antar Dasa Lord should neither be debilitated, nor combust, nor involved in Gruha Yuddha, nor in Mrutyu Bhaya, nor in Krura Shastiyamsa, for such Dasa and Antar Dasa Lord shall be causing problems of different kinds leading to anxiety.

Similarly they should not enemies of Lagna Lord and Rasi Lord for in that case they may not be auspicious. Selecting Transit while programming Child Birth: Another precaution in selecting Dasa and Antar Dasa is to ensure at least one year trouble free period.  For this we may take resort to a Nadi Rule of Shubhabda.  For finding Shubhabda, note Rasi and Navamsa occupied by 8th Lord, and Rasi and Navamsa in Trines to these Rasis and Navamsas; and also houses / Rasis and Navamsa aspected by 8th Lord and Rasis and Navamsa in Trials thereof. These Rasis and Navamsa indicate Krurabda when Jupiter transits through them.  Rasis and Navamsas other than Krurabda indicating Rasi and Navamsa, become Shubhabda when Jupiter transits, through them.  Shubhabda shall be much safer trouble free period and above one year.

According to Jataka Parijat add together Sphutas of Lagnesh and Panchmesh and find out Rasi and Navamsa of this figure when Jupiter transits this Rasi and Navamsa or trines thereof, one should expect birth of a child – (considering Desh Kaala and Patra). Child birth may also be programmed in the light of circumspection and a Bhrigu Nadi Rule. Shri C.S. Patel in his “Nadi Astrology” has translated this rule as follows; Jupiter’s transit in the sign equal to Navamsa occupied by ascendant Lord or a trine thereof on the degree of its dispositor will cause birth of a son in 3rd Dasa” – (Vipattara Dasa). Shri C.S. Patel referred to perhaps his own chart to illustrate the point.  In his case Lagna Lord Moon occupies Makar Navamsa ( Tula 1205’).  Its trinal signs are Vrushabha and Kanya.

In the 3rd Dasa of Saturn when Jupiter was transiting Kanya on it Lord Degrees 8s25013’ a son was born on 19th November 1945 and Jupiter on that date was of 25001’ in Virgo. Another Nadi rule of Deva Keralam (3) P.272 verse 5670-71 has also been referred   to by Shri. C.S. Patel. This rule directs us to “Note the Navamsa, occupied by the 5th Lord or the significator Jupiter” and then points out the probability of birth of a son by saying “when transit Jupiter comes to the sign identical with the said Navamsa on the degree of that sign Lord, one will be get a son.”

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