Notes on Jaimini Astrology

Notes on Jaimini Astrology  

Amar Agrawal
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Argala : Before explaining argala here is a relevant sutra from Jaimini दारभाग्य शूलस्थार्गला निध्यातुः Last word in Sutra i.e. निध्यातु means "From aspecting planet", thus this is very much clear that argala is caused from the aspecting planet. Before defining the aspecting planet, it should be borne in mind that argala is a changed point which is most important for the judgment of financial as well as professional status of the native.

A planet who aspects the janama lagna (ascendant) is known as an aspecting planet. The word 'dar' in sutra means 4th house/sign, 'shool' means 11th house/sign and 'bhagya' stands for 2nd house/sign. Thus planet/planets in the 2nd house, 4th house and /or 11th house from the aspecting planet give rise to shubhargala yoga. The planet/planets in these houses can be benefic or malefic, the shubhargala yoga retains its identity. But in case shubhargala yoga is caused as stated above, the corresponding 12th house, 10th house and 3rd house respectively should be vacant i.e. without any planet /planets, otherwise shubhargala yoga caused by the corresponding houses stands cancelled or in other words it can be said that a planet in 12th house counteracts the argala caused by a planet in 2nd house. In the same way planet/planets in 10th house counteracts the argala caused by 4th house and planet/planets in 3rd house counteracts the argala caused by 11th house.

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Before moving on to live examples on argalas, here is an imaginary illustration to make argala exposition clear: Before moving on to live examples on argalas, here is an imaginary illustration to make argala exposition clear: This is a horoscope with Leo lagna hence planets from Libra, Capricorn & Aries will aspect the janma lagna. Suppose a planet is placed in Libra and second house contains a planet and 12th house from Libra lies vacant, thus a shubhargala is caused. In case 4th house i.e. Capricorn has a planet while 10th house from Libra i.e. Cancer lies vacant again shubhargala yoga in caused. 

Lastly if 11th house from aspecting planet contains planet/planets at the same time 3rd house (marked x) from the aspecting is vacant, again shubhargala is caused. Note : An aspect is an influence. Thus an aspecting planet is influencing the janma lagna. Sage had not mentioned anywhere about the planet placed in janma lagna. Since a planet placed in janma lagna is influencing the janma lagna hence it should also be treated as an aspecting planet and referred argala causing positions should be studied in this case also. Cancellation of Shubhargala : In case 2nd house from the aspecting planet is having a planet and simultaneously there is a planet in 12th house from the aspecting planet thus the Shubhargala caused in second house gets cancelled. Sameway a planet in 10th house from the aspecting planet cancels the argala caused by a planet in 4th house and a planet in 3rd house from the aspecting planet is capable of cancelling the argala caused by a planet in the 11th house from the aspecting planet. 

Example : Male Native, DOB : 23.01.1976, TOB : 22:30 PM IST, POB : Rajpura (Punjab) Janma lagna is Virgo being aspected by Venus from 4th house. Jupiter is placed in its own sign Pisces. From the aspecting planet Venus there are two planets viz. Mercury & Sun in the second house whereas 12th house is vacant thus a shubhargala is caused. 4th house from Venus is occupied by Jupiter while corresponding 10th house is vacant, again Shubhargala is caused. Now 11th house from the aspecting planet Venus is occupied by Moon & Rahu causing a shubhargala and it remains intact since 3rd house from the aspecting planet is vacant. The Argalas caused by planets in 2nd house and 4th house are very powerful but the argala caused by planets has lost it potentials due to the placement of Rahu alongwith Moon in the 11th house. But out of the three argalas two shubhargalas are very powerful since in the 2nd house from the aspecting planet argala is caused by Mercury & Sun, here Mercury is lord of lagna. 

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The argala caused by 4th house is again powerful since the argala causing planet Jupiter is placed in its own sign. The native is very well educated and settled abroad and is earning well. Note : Sage gives some relief while discussing Shubhargalas & its corresponding counteracting /cancelling of these shubhargalas. If the 2nd house, 4th house or the 11th house has more planets than the 12th house, 10th house or the 3rd house, in such a case intensity of Ashubhargala lessens but does not cancel the shubhargala completely. Further if the argala causing signs contain planets in own house, in their exaltation signs or the shubhargala is caused by benefics only, under such conditions the virodhargala signs are not capable of cancelling the shubhargala thus formed. In the next sutra the sage deals with the argala caused by malefics dkeLFkk rq Hkw;lk ikikue~A Karma means 3rd sign from the aspecting planet. 

In case 3rd house/sign is having more than two malefics or three planets out of which two are benefics and one is malefic but condition is that in this case the malefic planet should be longitudinally ahead of benefic this gives rise to a powerful argala and this argala never gets cancelled or doesnot have any Virodhargala sign. This is known as Nirbharasgala. Here sage treats the Sun, Saturn, Mars, weak Moon as malefic planets. There is no mention of Rahu & Ketu. Example : Mahatma Gandhi (Horoscope Courtesy Notable Horoscopes by Dr. B.V. Raman) In the chart of Mahatma Gandhi, father of the nation, Libra sign rises in lagna. Moon from the 11th house aspects janma lagna. Lagna is occupied by Mercury, Venus & Mars and out of these three, Mars the malefic planet is longitudinally ahead of Venus & Mercury thus giving rise to powerful Nirbhasargala Yoga. 

Out of the three planets involved in the formation of argala is lord of Lagna i.e. Venus thus making its Nirbhasargala yoga move powerful. (P.S. : Horoscope has been cast as per Raman Ayanamasha) uU;wukfocyk'pA "Nanyuna vibalascha" is 8th sutra. In this sutra sage opines that in case 2nd, 4th or 11th signs from the aspecting planet will not be obstructed by the planets in 12th, 10th or 3rd house respectively, but the condition is that argala forming should have more planets with respect to the corresponding virodhargala sign. For example 4th house/sign from the aspecting planet is tenated by three planets and the corresponding virgodhargala house/sign i.e. 10th from the aspecting planet has one planet, in such a case subhargala caused by the planets in 4th house/sign remains intact. 

Further in case shubhargala causing sign contains its own lord or an exalted planet and at the same time virodhargala house/sign contains an inimical planet or debilitated planet, even under this condition shubhargala remains intact and not obstructed. izkXor~ f=dks.ksA "Pragwat trikone" is 9th sutra which means if 5th & 9th houses from the aspecting planet are occupied by planet/planets, yet another argala yoga forms. But actually in case 5th house/sign from the aspecting planet contains planet, Shubhargala yoga is caused but at the same time if there are planet/planets in the 9th house from the aspecting planet, the shubhargala caused by the planet/planets in 5th house/sign gets cancelled by the planet/planets in the 9th house from the aspecting planet. 

Thus there are three categories of shubharagala yogas i.e. Principal argala, Specific argala and Secondary argala as tabulated below : Category Shubhargala Virodhargala House/Sign House/Sign 1 Principal 2nd,4th&11th 12th, 10th & 3rd 2. Specific 3rd under specific Not counteracted conditions 3. Secondary 5th, 9th 9th, 5th Note : Principal, specific or secondary argala has to be counted from the aspecting planet only. Shubhargala stands intact when the corresponding virodhargala sign is vacant. Specific or Virodhargala when caused as per the norms never gets cancelled. The shubhargala caused by a planet in the 5th house is negated by a planet in 9th house. Same way shubhargala caused by a planet in 9th house from the aspecting planet is negated by a planet in the 5th house from the aspecting planet and this is known as secondary argala. foijhra dsrks% In Sutra 10, sage refers to the argala caused when Ketu becomes the aspecting planet. 

जानिए आपकी कुंडली पर ग्रहों के गोचर की स्तिथि और उनका प्रभाव, अभी फ्यूचर पॉइंट के प्रसिद्ध ज्योतिषाचार्यो से परामर्श करें।

Sage stresses that in case Ketu is an aspecting planet the argala signs and the argala cancelling signs /houses should be taken in reverse order i.e. 12th, 10th & 3rd house/sign from the Ketu will be argala causing houses/signs whereas 2nd, 4th & 11th house/sign from Ketu will be argala obstructing houses or signs. It is just opposite to principal argala rules perhaps due to the retrograde motion of Ketu. Sage treats Rahu as the most malefic planet and goes to the extent that in case of principal argala is caused by planets in the referred houses/sign and the corresponding virodhargala houses/signs are vacant but in case these argala forming planets are in conjunction with Rahu, the shubhargala caused gets spoiled. 

Important : Before moving further, there is a point worth mentioning that in case no planet aspects the janma lagna, under such a condition, how to judge the argala points. In case no planet aspects the janma lagna, then a planet should aspect the 5th house from janma lagna. Further in case there is no planet who aspects janma lagna or the 5th house from janma lagna, in such a case a planet/planets should aspect the 9th house from the janma lagna. From this aspecting planet the respective argala signs/houses should be considered. To elaborate this point an example is given below : Example : Male Native, DOB : 30.8.1979, TOB : 11:43 PM IST, POB : Chandigarh Sign Taurus rises in lagna. Lagna is vacant and it is not aspected by any planet. Mars from the 2nd house aspects the 5th house from janma lagna thus qualifies to become an aspecting planet. 

In the 3rd house from Mars (aspecting planet) there are six planets thus Shubhargala yoga is caused. Since Saturn, a malefic planet is ahead of all the planets hence Specific/Nirbhasargala is caused. The presence of Rahu is not welcome but as lagna lord i.e Venus and argala causing sign lord Sun are present, thus a powerful shubhargala is caused. Now all these planets are aspecting the 9th house thus all these become the aspecting planets. From these aspecting planets 4th house contains Moon while 10th is vacant, again a shubhargala yoga is caused. From these aspecting planets 11th house contains Mars, who is moon sign lord also, while 3rd house from the aspecting planet is vacant, another shubhargala is caused. Thus the horoscope is strengthened by three argalas. Out of these three, one is Nirbhasargala which remains intact under all circumstances.

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Argala caused by Mars being in 11th house from the aspecting planets is potential since this Mars happens to be the Moon sign lord. Due to the involvement of 8 planets in the formation of argalas which are not being counteracted under any circumstances, the native will enjoy the fruits of these throughout his life. Results of Shubhargala Yoga 1. Principal Shubhargala yoga as depicted in the table confers wealth and rajayoga. 2. Specific Shubhargala yoga/Nabharsargala confers independent and uninterrupted raja yoga. 3. Secondary shubhargala yoga when formed along with principal shubhargala yoga confers wealth, reputation and rajayoga. Important : While implying shubhargala in any chart the following points must be kept in mind. (a) Rahu/Ketu in argala forming house/sign do not contribute to the formation of shubhargala yoga. (b) The argala sign must be reckoned from the aspecting planet only.

Superior Shubhargala 1. When aspecting planet happens to occupy its own sign or its exaltation sign. 2. Moon's association with the aspecting planet enhances shubhargala yoga. 3. Aspecting planet when associated or aspected by an exalted planet is capable of enhancing the potential of shubhargala yoga. Inferior Shubhargala 1. Shubhargala potential is reduced to nil in case aspecting planet is associated with Rahu. 2. Subhargala potential is reduced much by the association of Ketu with the aspecting planet. 3. Subhargala potential decreases in case the aspecting planet is debilitated. 4. Rahu when occupies the 5th or 9th house from the aspecting planet, the shubhargala potential reduces. 5. Rahu in the 8th or 12th house from the aspecting planet is not appreciated.

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