Deepawali Pujan

Deepawali Pujan  

Dr. Arun Bansal
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"Ya devi sarvabhuteshu laxmirupen sansthita namastasyai namastasyai namastasyai namo namah" Everybody wants to please the goddess of wealth and keep her appeased so as to have lot of wealth and peace. Mahalaxmi is the best form of goddess and she confers health, wealth, happiness, glory and prosperity to her devotees. Lord Ganesha is the lord of obstacles and by worshipping him one attains wealth, success and intelligence. By worshipping Lord Ganesha and Laxmi together on the auspicious occasion of Deepawali there remains lot of wealth and prosperity in the family of devotee.

It is extremely important to keep the house spotlessly clean and pure on Diwali. Goddess Lakshmi likes cleanliness, and she will visit the cleanest house first. Lamps are lit in the evening to welcome the goddess. They are believed to light up Her path. If one worships energized idol of Laxmi Ganesha on the special occasion of Diwali then there doesn’t remain any financial problem in the life of that person. On the occasion of Deepawali items like Parad Laxmi Paduka, Parad (mercury) idols of Laxmi Ganesha, Sri Mahalaxmi yantra, Kuber yantra, silver locket of Laxmi and rosary of lotus beads are of great significance.

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

Parad Laxmi Ganesha: By worshipping parad Laxmi Ganesha on the auspicious occasion of Deepawali one gets rid of all obstacles. There shall be improvement in business and job. There shall be all round prosperity and happiness in your family and home.

Mantra- Om Gang Ganapatye Namah. MAHALAXMI YANTRA: Mahalaxmi Yantra is the quickest method of getting wealth. This Yantra is capable of making a king out of a beggar. This Yantra is considered a blessing for general health, wealth, prosperity and success in life. Laxmi is considered the best form of Goddess. She is even called Padma (Lotus) as a result. The lotus is a symbol of entire universe in creation and Sri Laxmi is the glowing lustrous heart of it. Scriptures unanimously declare her to be the kindest goddess of all. Because of the infinite kindness of Laxmi Sri Aurbindo made the perceptive remark that it is best to worship the mother as Laxmi. Kali, the black mother, makes life too hectic and exciting for her devotees, unless you are a hardy soul with a natural bent for such things.

Durga, the white mother is of such a terrifying dignity and superiority that it intimidates and sometimes even disheartens the worshipper. Only Laxmi, the Red Mother is the right blend of love and power for the devotees. In the Mahabharata she is made to say, “I dwell in truth, giving gifts, austerities, vows, strength and virtue. On the eve of Dipawali, keep this Yantra in front of you. Worship with lamp and incense and recite Shree Sooktam, Laxmi Sooktam and Kanakdhara Stotra sixteen times and worship Goddess Laxmi.

KUBER YANTRA : Kuber Yantra is useful for getting gold, gems, buried wealth and ancestral money. Money starts coming through various channels. Kuber is the god of wealth and God’s treasurer. Kuber is the actual Lord of riches in the Indian pantheon. Lord Kuber is the basis of gain of unlimited wealth and prosperity. It blesses the owner of this Yantra with wealth and prosperity. It opens up avenues for new sources of income; increases fund flow and enhances accumulation of wealth.

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

This Yantra is recommended for growth in business, career and profession as well as increase in income and wealth. It bestows wealth, prosperity and good fortune on the owner of this Yantra. As per Hindu mythology there is a class of living beings between humans and Gods. These are known as Yakshas. They have small areas of control. Among these, the most famous is Kuber who protects and conserves money. This is a very effective Yantra for financial prosperity where all other methods and Yantras do not bear fruits. If Kuber is pleased and controlled it bestows abundance of wealth to mankind. The king of Lanka, Ravana had controlled Kuber, which is why his country was called the country of Gold.

This Yantra is energized by reciting Kuber Mantra under a Bel (wood apple) tree. The pooja of this Yantra is performed on Dushahara, Dhan tryodashi, Deepawali and also during the auspicious Yogas of Sun, Jupiter and Saturn. This Yantra is kept in house, temple, cash box, almirah and offices where financial transactions are made. Siddha Laxmidayak Locket: Simply translated, it means “Lakshmi – dayak” or giver of wealth. Goddess Lakshmi rules over wealth and prosperity. One’s status in society according to present day context is measured by the wealth one possesses.

On one side of this locket there is an image of goddess laxmi and on the other side there is sriyantra. This locket should be worn in the neck after worshipping it. It shall yield positive results in areas like business, job and professional life. CRYSTAL SRIYANTRA : It is believed that one can worship Srividya on the Sriyantra made of crystal throughout his life. To attain maximum financial success and perfection in every sphere of life Srividya and Sriyantra are most beneficial and effective. Srividya itself is renowned as Srilalitamahatripursundri, Rajarajeshvari, Bala, Panchdashi and Shodashi. Before worship of Srividya it is necessary to understand Sriyantra.

So many devotees got wealth after their continous recitation of Srisooktam with utmost devotion before this Sriyantra. Sriyantra is regarded as the supreme yantra. The Sriyantra made of crystal is considered very effective. The darshana of sriyantra makes one fortunate. It fulfills all wishes and enhances glory and wealth. It is highly eye catching and one of the most dynamic of all yantras. The crystal Sriyantra is regarded as being highly effective because not only it is made of pure, natural crystal stone but it is also a pyramidal three dimensional representation of the cosmos. These three factors make the crystal Sriyantra very effective in balancing the positive and negative cosmic rays present in the universe.

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Parad Laxmi Paduka : Laxmi Padukas made of mercury are considered highly auspicious. The financial position gets consolidated by worshipping them at home or at work place. Keep these padukas in front of you and pray goddess laxmi in your mind so that she agrees to stay at your home and work place permanently. After doing paduka puja worship them regularly by considering them the feet of laxmi. Financial insecurity gets eradicated completely by doing paduka pujan and paduka darshan. There are different symbols of gain on these padukas like- swastika (fylfot), lotus, kalash (urn), chakra (wheel), matsya (fish), trikona (triangle), trishool (trident), shankh (conch), surya (sun) and dhwaja (flag). ROSARY OF LOTUS BEADS (Kamal Gatta) : A person desirous of wealth and favorable results should recite the Mantra of Goddess Laxmi (Goddess of wealth) with this rosary.

It is said that recitation of Kanakdhara and Kamla Mantra with a lotus beads rosary renders plenty of wealth to the devotee. Above mentioned material of Deepawali pujan should be purified with holy water which shall include sprinkling of milk, curd, ghee, honey and sugar to which we call Panchamrita (Mixture of 5 items used in worshipping). Specific time of worshipping on that day shall be given to you by an expert in electional astrology (Muhurat). After purifying worship these Yantras and idols by offering rice grains, flowers, smoke of incense, vermillion, lamp, sweets and money. You can install these Yantras and idols at your place of worship.

Recite the below mentioned Mantra on the rosary of lotus beads. Chant the Mantras of “Srisooktam”. Wear the locket of Laxmi in your neck. Mahalaxmi Mantra: “Om Shreeng Hreeng Shreeng Kamaley Kamlalaye Praseed Praseed Shreeng Hreeng Shreeng Om Mahalaxmyai Namah” Mantra of Kuber: "Om yakshay kuberaay vaishravanay dhan dhanyadipatye dhan dhanya smridhim dehi dapay swaha"

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