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Cancer is considered to be incurable disease, which proves fatal to life. It becomes nightmarish for the family members of a patient undergoing treatment of cancer, regarding the uncertainty about span of life of the patient. Cancer is increasing now a days and it is said to be almost incurable. It may spread very rapidly. It is an important topic in medical Astrology. Different planets behind the possibility of this dreaded disease can not be ruled out. Different parts of the body are ruled by different planets which may have good or bad impact. I am presenting here the malefic impact of different planets.

Sun : May cause cancer in heart, stomach, head etc.

Moon : May cause blood cancer, breast cancer, Lungs etc.

Mars : May cause blood marrow, genitals, uterus, neck etc.

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Mercury : May cause cancer of nose, naval, intestine, mouth etc.

Jupiter : May cause cancer in liver, ear, tongue, thigh etc.

Venus : May cause cancer in throat, external genital and prostate etc.

Saturn : May cause cancer in legs, hands, jaws etc.

Rahu is responsible for all malignant growth when a house is afflicted by most of the malefics and evil lords particularly by Saturn, Rahu or Mars.

Cancer may appear in the part of the body ruled by the house afflicted or in the part ruled by the planets afflicted. In case the house ruling the afflicted part of the body is found not aspected by other malefics, the lagna or lagna lord might be affected and karka planets are heavily afflicted. When sixth lord conjoins lagna or eight or tenth house and malefic Rahu afflicts anyone of the house or house lords Cancer may appear in the part of the body ruled by the afflicted house or the planet.

Some times planet afflicting or causing disease gives rise to disease of its own character. Planets rule different parts of the body, if afflicted by malefics may cause cancer in the part of the body ruled by them. I am presenting here the case study of a person, who got affected by cancer in intestine and ultimately died from this dreaded disease. If we go through the lagna chart of Ramlal Dogra, It is found that ketu was placed in the second house which is owned by Mercury. On the other hand debiliated Mercury the owner of intestine is posted in the eighth house (house of death) with Rahu. The eight house is aspected by Saturn which is marka in this chart. This negative combination of planets brought about a decline in his life span. Besides in the navmasha chart debiliated Sun karaka of bowel and brain, is posted in seventh house and aspected by Saturn. Debiliated Saturn is also posted with Mars in this chart. All these became responsible for intestine cancer travelling to brain.

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During the period from June 14th 2007 to Nov. 10th 2009, he was under going the mahadasha and anterdasha period of Mercury when he died in April 2008 in the pratyantardasha of Venus. Here I am presenting another case study of a woman. In this Chart of Aries lagna Rahu is placed in cancer sign in fourth house.

Malefic Rahu caused breast cancer during the mahadasha of marak Saturn and antersasha of Rahu (the period of 21.2.1998 to 28.12.2000). Although she was suffering from the dreaded disease she is still alive because, Moon the owner of fourth house is in exalted position. The affected part of the breast cancer was cut and removed by an operation. After the operation the patient has recovered and has not developed any trouble till now. This may be explained by the fact that Lagna lord and 8th lord Mars placed in 6th house is aspecting its own house the lagna, there by providing longevity.

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