The Upachaya Method

The Upachaya Method  

Girija Shankar Prasad
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Each house in a chart is allocated some event in the life of an individual. If you make a keen observation, you will find that the result denoted by any house is the by-product of some other house or a combination of houses. In addition, you can find that all the houses are inter-related to each other in some way or other. So here, we find two statements requiring further explanation or proof:

1. Result of any house is the by-product of some other house.

2. All the 12 houses are inter-related to each other in one way or other. Let us examine the first statement: Suppose we take the case of children in general. Usually children are denoted by the fifth house.

Therefore, the event - birth of a child – is a factor of the fifth house. How the child is conceived? Without mating between a male and a female, it is not possible, at least under normal circumstances keeping aside the modern medical methods of conception. Therefore, the house of comforts or pleasures of bed – the 12th house becomes the factor or karaka house for the birth of the child. Because of the birth of the child, the male is elevated to the position of father and denotes the continuation of heritage and its heirs. Therefore, the ninth house comes into picture. (Keeping aside the controversy whether ninth is father or 10th is father).

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One more addition to the family comes in. The newborn child changes the relationship making male as father and the female as mother. Thus, second house comes into picture. Now the male member has to shoulder more responsibility having become father. This added responsibility is indicated by the 10th house.

So the linkage can be represented graphically as below: 12th-Sex à 5th-Child à 9th-Father à 2nd-Addition to family à 10th-Added responsibility This can be re-written as: 12th -> 6 houses away -> 5th -> 5 houses away -> 9th -> 6 houses away -> 2nd -> 9 houses away-> Added responsibility. Meaning that the 5th house is 6 houses away from 12th, 9th house is 5 houses away from 5th, 6 houses away from 9th is 2nd and 9 houses away from 2nd is 10th Therefore, the pattern is - 6 -> 5 -> 6 -> 9 The next step is to determine who is the karaka house for the event of childbirth.

The 12th house being the pleasures of bed naturally becomes the karaka house from where we have started the link above. Therefore, for the focus house (Childbirth) the karaka house is 8th from it. Remember this rule, as we may have to apply this for finding the karaka house of all the houses. Now let us find out the relationship of other houses in the link given above, from the karaka house viz. 12th house here. The 2nd house in the link becomes the 3rd house, 5th house in the link becomes the 6th house, 9th house becomes the 10th and the 10th house becomes 11th – all from the 12th house.

If we represent the same in a chart, it will be clearer. All the linked houses are indicated with alphabets A, B, C, D and E for easy reference. Therefore, the karaka house makes a 3 – 6 - 10 – 11 relationship, which is nothing but the Upachaya houses. The word ‘Upachaya’ means accumulation, excess, growth, heap, prosperity. The 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th are the Upachaya houses. So for children instead of looking at the 5th house, which we normally do, consider the child to be the result of the 12th house, and its Upachaya houses as indicated by the red numbers above. We then see the 5th house is the 6th from 12th. Similarly, the 9th house is the 10th from 12th house.

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The 2nd and 10th are 3 and 11 houses away from 12th. Thus, the birth of a child using Upachaya method is the factor of the 12th, 2nd, 5th, 9th and 10th house. Let us look at the 7th house and its group of Upachaya houses. If we use the 7th house as the starting point, (see the linear illustration below), then the 3rd from it will be the 9th (Good fortune, fate). The 6th house from the 7th will be the 12th (bed comforts and happiness). The 10th house from the 7th is the 4th house (Family happiness) and the 11th from the 7th house is the 5th house (childbirth).   

7th house starting point Upachaya Placement 7, 8, 9 3rd 10, 11, 12 6th 1, 2, 3, 4 10th 5, 6 11th This means that the Upachaya house placements from the 7th help to increase the happiness of the person in the forms of good fortune, bed comforts, family happiness, childbirth, etc.) Here the focus house is the 12th – house ‘B’. To get bed comforts and happiness, marriage is necessary (at least in Indian customs), so the 7th house here becomes karaka or house ‘A’. Then we go to the 4th house (denoted as house C) as house, vehicles etc. are essentials once you get married. Good fortune and fate is also responsible for a happy married life which is indicated by the 9th house (D).

Then when everything is nicely settled, the marriage leads to a childbirth indicated by the 5th house (E). So the sequence becomes 7(house A)-12 (house B)-4(house C)-9(house D)-5(house E). However, the other houses will act to reduce the happiness and put obstacles in the way. Again, looking at the following example:  7th house starting point Upachaya Placement 7, 8 2nd 9, 10 4th 11 5th 12,1 7th 2 8th 3 9th 4,5,6 12th In the second linear example, we can see that the 8th house is the 2nd house from the 7th and also 12 houses away from the 9th as well, so it definitely reduces the overall good fortune of the person.   The 10th house, which indicates authority, is 4th from the 7th house, but due to 10th house responsibilities, the overall happiness is definitely reduced here.  

The 11th house is 5 houses away from the 7th and indicates a person’s earning abilities, the concept being that the more a person earns, the more time and effort is usually spent making even more money, automatically reducing the overall happiness in general. Although earning is a must for acquiring material happiness, sacrifices usually need to be made at the expense of that happiness.   The 1st house or the ascendant is houses away from the 7th. This also indicates ego and individuality. The person has to make compromises with his spouse or this egoism may lead to problems in the relationship. The 8th house from the 7th is the 2nd house. Death and separation may be indicated by this house.  

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

The 9th house from the 7th is the 3rd and also the 12th from the 4th house, so overall, it reduces the family happiness. And last of all, the 12th house from the 7th is the 6th house, which is also an indicator of big obstructions in a person’s marital life.   Clearly, we can see that the trouble creating houses are the ones that cause the obstacles and reduce the overall happiness.  In the same way, we can make similar observations using any other house as the starting point and counting the Upachaya placements from it  Well, this explains the Upachaya house qualities.

Let us do another example. 7th house is the focus house for marriage, which we will call it as house ‘B’. In the example for children we saw the 8th house from the focus house (i.e. 8th from 5th i.,e.12th) is responsible for the event of child birth. In a similar manner, if we take the 8th house form the 7th house, which is the 2nd house, will become the karaka house. We know that 2nd house indicates addition of a family member. So the 2nd house becomes house ‘A’. The Upachaya houses from the 2nd are – 4th (Denoted as house D); 7th (denoted as house B); 11th (denoted as house C) and 12th (denoted as house E).

So to get married means you are going to add a new member to your family. And to get married, you need comforts in the form of house, vehicles etc indicated by the 4th house. To purchase house, vehicles etc., you need more income and is indicated by the 11th house. Once you get all these things, you get the pleasures of the bed also given by the 12th house. Like this, we can go on building for each and every house. The given below table will illustrate this principle clearly.

The focus house is denoted by B. House A is the 8th from B and forms the karaka for the focus. The Upachaya houses from the karaka house are 3rd – denoted by D, 6th denoted by B, 10th denoted by C and 11th denoted by E. Focus A B C D E Marriage 2nd 7th 11th 4th 12th Children 12th 5th 9th 2nd 10th Build character 8th 1st 5th 10th 6th Family, loved ones 9th 2nd 6th 11th 7th Learn Communication 10th 3rd 7th 12th 8th House, property 11th 4th 8th 1st 9th Social status 1st 6th 10th 3rd 11th Hurdles & obstacles 3rd 8th 12th 5th 1st Creative & positive 4th 9th 1st 6th 2nd philosophy More responsibility 5th 10th 2nd 7th 3rd Increase Income 6th 11th 3rd 8th 4th Sex 7th 12th 4th 9th 5th If you carefully study the relationship in the aforesaid manner taking only the Upachaya houses from the karaka house (which will be the 8th from the focus house), we will end with one cycle as below: 1. 7th - Marriage, 2. 12th - Sex 3. 5th - Child 4. 10th - More responsibility 5. 3rd - Learn Communication 6. 8th - Hurdles & Obstacles 7. 1st - Build Character 8. 6th - Social Status 9. 11th - Increase Income 10. 4th - House, property 11. 9th - Creative and positive philosophy 12. 2nd - Family, loved ones 13. 7th - Back to pavilion. In the above table, you will find that ‘A’ is the cause and ‘B’ is the effect.

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

The karaka indicated by A creates situation that result in bad or good effect that comes about in the house indicated as ‘B’. What caused the result being experienced in the B house from house A? Why I am experiencing the results of B – Always look to its karaka for reason. Now can we say that the 2 statements mentioned at the beginning are amply clarified? Now what is the result of such theories if it has no practical value? Yes. However, this has been found to work in majority of charts. Just as we study each Bhava or house for finding out a certain event, here also we have to study all Upachaya houses for a particular event, taking into account the nature of the signs, lord of the sign, planets posited there in, aspects on the Upachaya houses and its lords, Position in Navamsa etc. etc. all have to be seen. There is also a Rajayoga formed by Upachaya houses and it is called “Vasumathi Yoga”.

Vasumathi means rich, indicating the acquisition of wealth, from the fruits of their labour. It represents the drive to improve life’s circumstances. This is when 3 benefics occupy the Upachaya houses (3, 6, 10, 11) from the Moon. This yoga gives wealth and life becomes very prosperous improving with age. Any benefics in Upachaya houses will produce the effect of wealth, only in varying degrees. Two benefics will be good and one will be moderately good. Some look at the benefics in Upachaya houses from the Ascendant as well as the Moon. Some others add the position from Sun also. From the Moon, it is definitely powerful since the Moon represents growth.

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