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1.1 Introduction

Maharishi Parasara has given great importance to Navamsa other than the Rasi. The emphasis of Navamsa in the BPHS is that it is the next most important division of the shodasavarga system or the sixteen divisional charts. The importance of Navamsa can be seen from the fact that the Maharishi has not excluded Navamsa from the different varga system used for prediction. In Southern India ,no astrologer would look at a Rasi Chart without Navamsa. Some Astrologers attach to Navamsa Chart more importance than Rasi Chart because a planet debilitated in Rasi but exalted in Navamsa makes the native happy (Grahanan Amsakam Balam)..It is very significant that Nakshatra quarter is identified with Navamsa. Both are not only of the same length (arc) but their lines of demarcation are also identical. It is for this reason that the Navamsa Division is most impotant amongst all the 16 vargas.

In short : Rasi chart is a tree,and Navamsa is Fruit

As the name would explain ,the word Navamsa comprises two words, viz , NAVA= Nine and Amsa = Division. Thus it is the one-ninth division of a sign. The 9th bhava is the dharma bhava, or the abode of Sri Visnu. Navamsa being the one-ninth part of the Rasi, it indicate Dharma phala as well.

It is , therefore very essential for us to understand Dharma and it’s importance in our lives. I would like to draw the attention of the audience to Srimad Bhaghavat Gita where the Lord explains the importance of Dharma and Karma to Arjuna and through Arjuna to us.The importance of Dharma in one’s life can be better understood from the following verses of the very first chapter of Srimad Bhagavat Gita in the dialogue between Arjun and the Lord Himself,and I quote.

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(verses 39.40,&41 with translation from Srimad Bhagavat Gita As it is by Srila Prabhupada)

“Kula –ksaye pranasyanti

Kula-dharmah sanatanah

Dharma naste kulam krtsnam

Adharmo bhibhavaty ut”

Translation: With the destruction of dynasty, the eternal family tradition is vanquished, and thus the rest of the family becomes involved in irreligious practice.

“Adharmabhibhavat krsna Pradusyanti kula striyah
Strisu dustasu varsneya Jayate varna-sankarnah”

Translation: When irreligion is prominent in the family. O Krsna, the women of the family become corrupt, and from the degradation of womanhood. O descendant of Vrsni, comes unwanted progeny.

“Sankaro narakayaiva Kula-ghnanam kulasya ca
Patanti pitaro hy esam Lupta-pindodaka-kriyah”

Translation: Where there is increase of unwanted population, a hellish situation is created both for the family and for those who destroy the family tradition. In such corrupt families, there is no offering of oblations of food and water to the ancestors.

Further in the Gita lord Krishna explains that in our mortal lives,all material gains of this world of maya are left behind.Dharma is the only thing that is carried by us into our future births. A person without Dharma is bereft of the blessings of Sri Narayana. It is the Navamsa that indicates the Dharma of a person or the blessings of Sri Narayana.Thus ,while the Rasi indicates the promise of the horoscope, the Navamsa indicates the fructification, of those promises for which the blessings of Sri Narayana are very vital. Hence, Navamsa becomes the most important varga and therefore, the need to understand it clearly.

1.2 Calculation

Navamsa being 1/9th of a rasi, each rasi divided into nine parts, thus there are 108 Navamsas 12 rasi x 9 amsas. Each rasi comprises 30 degrees,which,when divided by 9 yields 3° 20’ per division. Each Navamsa is, thus, of 3° 20’ arc. As for making the Navamsa.

Maharishi Parasara says

For all movable or chara rasis the Navamsa begins from the rasi itself i.e. for Aries Navamsa begin from Aries itself. For all fixed or sthira rasis the Navamsa will begin from 9th sign there from i.e. For Taurus the Navamsa will begin from Capricorn, while for all dual or dwisvabhava rasis the Navamsa will begin from the 5th sign there from i.e for Gemini the Navamsa will begin from Libra.

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Take the longitude of a graham (planet/lagna or body) in any sign, ignoring singns, divide the longitude by 3° 20’ (200’ ). Increase the quotient by one to get the Navamsa. Reckon the movable sign in trines to the sign the planet is placed in.Count the Navamsa from this movable sign in the zodiacal direction. The Sign is so arrived at is the Navamsa of the graham (planet).

Example 1. Calculation and drawing Navamsa

Chart 1. Standard nativity


Ascendent is Mituna ( Gemini) 5° 37’ It is 2nd navamsa five rasi from Gemini is Thula ( Libra ) 2nd from libra is Vrischika (Skorpio) so Ascendent in Navamsa Chart is Scorpio. In this manner, the Navamsa position of each of the planets, ascendants, special ascendant and other points like Gulika Mandi etc. can be determined. The chart showing all these positions is the Navamsa Chakra or the D-9 Chart.

Example 2 Male born 04th April 1959 at 7th AM ( 1:00 east) 19E 39 46 N 06


In this Chart we can follow the second rule: For all fixed or sthira rasis the Navamsa will begin from 9th sign there from i.e. For Taurus the Navamsa will begin from Capricorn

In this case Ascendent is in 1st amsa of Taurus than the Navamsa ascendant is in Capricorn.

Sun is in Meena rasi on 20° 27’ we can use 3rd rule : for all dual or dwisvabhava rasis the Navamsa will begin from the 5th sign there from it is Cancer .The Sun is in 7th Amsa Caunting seven sign from Cancer we get Capricorn sign . Sun is in the Capricorn


1.3 Navamsa concepts.

1.4 Lagnamsa is composed of two words, ‘lagna’ meaning ascendant and ‘amsa’ meaning division in general but specifically referring to the Navamsa . The sign having the Navamsa lagna is called Lagnamsa. In the standard nativity lagna in the Navamsa chart is scorpio and in the second example lagna in the Navamsa chart is Capricorn.

1.5 Karakamsa : Karaka + amsa the navamsa sign having Atmakaraka is called Karakamsa.

1.6 Swamsa is derived from the two words ‘swa’ (self) and amsa division or part and it is generally inclusive of both the lagnamsa and Karakamsa.

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The D-9 Chart reflects what Dharma we have brought forward from our previous births. Sri Narayana is protector of Dharma.Thus in other words, one may say that the D-9 chart indicates the blessings, or otherwise of Narayana in this life which is reflection of our past Dharma / Adharma.

Dharma is four footed ( Chatushpada) which from the four kendras of the Navamsa. In decending order of the importance they are:

First fold or 1st pada- This is highest pada of Dharma.. This is good deed towards the other words it is the ideology of “Vasudaiva Kutumbakam “ meaning the kutumba or the family of Vasudeva,which includes everything – all the lokas and all things, animate and inanimate, in it. Having been born in this world it is our duty/dharma to protect all things created by Sri Vishnu. Environmental protection, compassion to mankind&animal life etc.are part of the ideology of Vasudaiva Kutumbakam.

Second fold or 2nd pada- Good deeds toward the society is the second leg/pada of Dharma and it is the second most important. Society is the coming together of like – minded people.The purpose of the such coming together could be for different purposes, which could either be Satvik, Rajasik or Tamasik.However, good deed towards society, in a larger sense, means the Satvik purpose.

Third fold or 3rd pada- Good deeds toward family is a 3rd leg/pada of Dharma. Her the word family is not limited to just the immediate family of the native. It refers the larger family or the whole family of the native where good deeds are done as karta of the family.

Fourth fold or 4th pada- Swadharma or good deeds of the self, however,self does not mean the personal self. It actually refers to what good deeds we (as the self) will do to those dependent on us, which includes the spouse, children etc.

The above four-pada makes up the four quadrants or the four kendras of the Navamsa.These four kendras, thus indicate the Dharma of the person. Following are the dharma represented by the four kendras in order of ascendance of their importance:

a) Navamsa Lagna / self

b) 7th Bhava of Navamsa - Spouse & others in the family

c) 4th Bhava of Navamsa - Society / Mother tonque/mother land

d) 10th Bhava of Navamsa - Universal Dharma (Vasudaiva Kutumbakam).

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The 1st , 5th and 9th bhavas from the Navamsa lagna are called the Navamsa trikonas. Similarly 1st , 5th and 9th from the karakamsa are the trines to the Karakamsa. The trines are reflective of permanent natures and abilities of the native. In other words, the trines, which are sustaining force of the Navamsa, reflect the blessings of Sri Narayana on the individual in terms of natural abilities. Since the Navamsa reflects the accumulation of Dharma from the past births and thereby the blessings of Sri Narayana one may safely say that trines to the Navamsa lagna show the natural abilities that a person posseses, or that which comes easily to the person as a result of accumulation of knowledge from the previous births-i.e.,abilities of the person as blessings of Sri Narayana. Benefics in the trines to Navamsa Lagna indicate the blessings as follows:

Jupiter – Blessings of Shiva

Venus – Blessings of Maha Lakshmi

Moon – Blessings of Gauri Devi

Mercury – Blessings of Vishnu.

The trines to the Atmakaraka, who is otherwise the king of the horoscope indicate the abilities of Atma itself.Thus the trines in the Navamsa become the key houses that help in determining what the individual is capable of and what/where/which are the areas carrying the blessings of Sri Narayana. Different planets in the trines indicate different abilities/deep desire of the person or the atma as may be seen from the Navamsa lagna (ascendant) or the Atmakaraka. They are:

a) Sun : Shiva, Surya , Agni, Surya are the deities at different levels; Gitagya ( good knowledge of the Gita; rhythmic and therefore, good at playing musical instruments as they require the rhythm beat. The Sun also indicate a person who read a lot off,

b) Moon : Gouri ,Parvati, or the compassionate mother is the deity of the Moon. Emotive ,bhakti, inspiration, melody singing, or simply anything that involves a total emotional/ inspirational and mental involvement. The Moon also indicates good teachers or those with good teaching ability as they inspire the students. c) Mars : Kartikeya, the deity of Mars is good at war. Mars also gives culinary abilities. Mars in trines will give the ability/skill in fighting, predominantly for self-protection. Mars fights for protection-self-defense . Such protection could again be at four levels. They are (in the order of ascendancy.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

i. fight for protection

ii. fight for protection of family

iii. fight for protection of society

iv. fight for protection of universal creation.(Vasudaiva Kutumbakam).

Protection, again ,need not be in form of force. It can be by following Ahimsa, by way of insurance etc,- the peaceful methods as Mars belongs to the Sura or the Surya group. Therefore, Mars will not immediately kill. It will, however fight for self-protection.

d) Mercury: Vishnu is the deity of Mercury; intelligence, abilities in speech, business,writing, accounts, mimamsa ( theory of compromise), tendency to explain more, reasoning.When associated with Jupiter, Mercury gives the intelligence of the highest order. A debilitated Jupiter is rescued by Sri Vishnu (Mercury) in the Rishikesha rupa where in Sri Vishnu has 8 hands and therefore , the mantra to pull Jupiter out of debility in Capricorn is the Hari astakshari.

e) Jupiter: Narayana, Maha Vishnu, Param Brahma, Sadashiva, Indra, Brihaspati are represented by Jupiter. Guru in trines gives Dhi Shakti ( intelligence), purity, supreme knowledge ,actions of dharma, broad and general knowledge- meaning good and broad based knowledge in all fields and grasp even new subjects much easily and fast ( good government servants/advisers),knowledge of Sri Vishnu (akash tatwa-para vidya),good in Veda & Vedanta, a good shastragya- a grammarian, good in writing books an association of Moon with such a Jupiter gives an inspired writing ability and a greath author. A strong Jupiter in trines indicates Indrajit- one who can win over/ control the indriyas.

f) Venus: Lakshmi, Sachi,Radha and all consorts of deities are indicated by Venus; An eye for detail or delicate working, travels, painting, knowledge in kamasutra, or rasa vidya, critic good sleep and comforts of the bed etc. The eye for detail is from 2nd house factor pertains to eyes. It is the eyes that give us the light and show us the path. Likewise, a good jyotisha is like the eyes showing the path.. The knowledge of Kamasutra/Rasa vidya relates to the 7th house factor of Venus concerning the private parts. Knowledge in travels relates to the 12th house factor.

g) Saturn: Narayana, Brahma , Kratu, Sasta, Yama, are some of the deities indicated by Saturn. Gives knowledge in traditional things, very traditional, slow and nervous, old and antiquated things, rigid. In the above paragraph ( relating to Mercury and debility of Jupiter.we had discussed the debility of Jupiter. The debility to Jupiter (purity)is caused by Saturn (dirt) Aspect of such afflicted Saturn on the ascendant will result in the fall of intelligence and if it aspects the paka lagna, then knowledge fails. If such a Saturn gets associated with the 9th house dharma fails. This is when a Guru falls. A Guru (Diksha guru) constantly comes in touch with initiating new disciples while initiating them and while doing so takes away1/6th of the sins of such disciples Therefore, a guru must do intense tapasya with the mantra specified in the paragraph cited above to burn away the dirt accumulated by the process of initiating more disciples in the fold.

Cleansing of this Saturn is done by Venus(representing Mahalakshmi-a reference to broom which cleans the dirt). To clean such a Saturn this Venust must be associated with the ascendant.

करियर से जुड़ी किसी भी समस्या का ज्योतिषीय उपाय पाएं हमारे करियर एक्सपर्ट ज्योतिषी से।

h) Rahu : Durga, Chamundi,Chandi are the deities indicated by Rahu; Cunning, planning, scheming, knowledge of dangerous, chemicals explosives, ability to handle dangerous poisons, espionage, intelligence, power to transform (alchemy), tantrik and tamasic practices and beleifes, diabolical action. When Rahu associates with other planets it gives specific abilities (rather skills):

Saturn, the person will possess knowledge of deadly poisons;

Gulika, the person will administer poison;

Sun, The person will make deadly bombs (terrible fire);

Venus, The person will worship tamasik goddesses;

Jupiter, results in Guru-Chandala yoga where the person either practices or falls prey to black magic.

i) Ketu: in trines gives abilities in computing and ability to handle computers, knowledge associated with mukti (it actually creates confusion and from this gives rise to knowledge related to self-emancipation), beards, and long locked hair. Ganesha is the deity who is represented by Ketu and will indicated blessings of Maharishis, as it is Ganesha who is always associated with them in their search for mukti ,and their writings. For example, Lord Sri Ganesha wrote the Mahabhrata for Maharishi Veda Vyasa . An afflicted Ketu will give thieving habits.

1.8 Navamsa and Drekkana

Trini pada vi cekrame visnurgopa adabhyah ato dharmani dharayan.

The above sloka in Rig Veda says that Sri Vishnu protects Dharma in three folds. These three fold divisions are the ones in which the tatwa balance is maintained and they are called the trines (1/3rd

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

Division or D-3) A Maharishi sits in the first part of the three – fold division. Sri Vishnu sits in the 2nd and he protects the Dharma, which is in the 3rd fold .Thus a Navamsa is a Drekkana (one –third portion) of a Drekkana and is therefore seen very importantly for the dharma aspects of the individual. In physical form of the body, the first fold is from the head to the chest and is called the Vishnu Nabhi and is of Satva Guna. The 2nd fold is from the chest to the navel and is called Brahma Nabhi and is for Rajas Guna. While the 3rd fold is from the navel to the feet and is called Shiva Nabhi and is of the Tamas Guna.

Thus, the trines and kendras in the Navamsa are the most important houses that make or mar a horoscope. Benefics placed in kendras bless the horoscope . However this does not mean that malefics in kendras will destroy the horoscope. It has to analysed as to what other factors balance or counter balance such a placement, besides many other things. Malefics placed in the trine to a particular Kendra damage the promises of that Kendra.

1.9. Bhavas in Navamsa

The 1st Bhava or Navamsa Lagna (Ascendant)

This indicates the self. The Navamsa lagna determines the looks and appearance, colour inherent nature etc. of person. The rising sign and planets disposed in the Navamsa lagna influence these aspects of person in addition to the influences of the Rasi lagna.

The 2nd Bhava

The 2nd bhava of the Navamsa is a trine (5th ) to the 10th indicating “punya karma” that will accrue to the person i.e.whether the person will get the benefits of last rites,or not. It is also a quadrant to the 5th 8th and 11th indicating the place from where these houses will also get strength from depending upon its own disposition and planets conjoining it.

It is also 8th from the 7th house.We know that the 8th house deals with secrecy. Thus the 2nd bhava of Navamsa indicates the secret affairs other than the marriage. A combination of Venus and Mars in this house is very bad as all energies (Mars) are lost on women ( Venus ) and other Venusian activities. It is also the house of mind as the Moon ruling( mind and emotions) exalts in the 2nd house of the natural zodiac. Being 7th from the 8th bhava it also indicates new business ventures.

Also being 3rd from the 12th it also indicates the pleasures of sleep, bed comforts, and the control or growth of the 12th house activities.

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

The 3rd Bhava

The 3rd house deals with hands and skills of the hand. This bhava also indicates what the person will the prefer to do. The planets in the 3 rd will indicate these:

Sun- skill in handling small firearms(pistols etc.) torchlight,sword,and archery etc.-those things are associated with Sun.

Moon – water and liquids handling.

Mars- knives,spears,guns,battle equipments etc.

Mercury – Books.

Jupiter – Rosary,writing articles, books etc.

Venus – Painting objects, tools of arts & crafts etc.

Saturn – Staff, clubs, heavy loads.

The 3rd house of the Navamsa is also the bhava of father- in law as it is the 9th from the 7th ,which indicates the spouse. So the planets in the 3rd house will also indicate the nature of the father – in law.

4th Bhava

This a Kendra of the Navamsa and is a very important house. Sri Vishnu is said to be residing in the 4th house,which also indicates “hridaya” – the conscious heart. The 4th house is also the house for desire for knowledge. The planet in the 4th bhava of the Navamsa will directly influence the person. The easiest way to reach Sri Vishnu for his blessings will be through meditating on Sri Vishnu with the” Dasavatar Mantra”. Associated with the concerned planet in the fourth house.

Table 1. Dasavatar

Planets Dasavatar Sun Sri Rama Moon Sri Krishna Mars Sri Narasimha Mercury Sri Budda Jupiter Sri Vamana Venus Sri Parasurama Saturn Sri Kurma Rahu Sri Varaha Ketu Sri Matsya Lagna Sri Kalkin

Planets Dasavatar
Sun Shri Ram
Moon Shri Krishna
Mars Narshimha
Mercury Shri Buddha
Jupiter Shri Vamana
Venus Shri Parasuram
Saturn Shri Kurma
Rahu Shri Varaha
Ketu Shri Matsya
Venus Shri Kalkin

The 5th Bhava

The fifth house is a trine and it indicates the abilities that come naturally and easily to the person.

The knowledge of such ability is a culmination of knowledge accumulated over the past lives. Planets in the 5th will influence the kind of ability the person will have, which has been detailed in the paragraph relating to trines above.

The 6th Bhava

The 6th house is 12th from 7th (for spouse) and 4th from the 3rd (for father-in law) and it indicates the house of the father-in law causing temporary separation between the native & spouse when either travels to the house of the father-in law for a holiday or delivery etc.

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The 7th Bhava

The 7th house, being a Kendra , is a very vital house and it indicates thespouse. The indicators of the 7th house by its relative position vis – a – vis other house is as follows:

It is 11th from 9th –hence, it is the house from where Dharmaphala will be seen.

It is the opposite of Lagna – indicating the linga (opposite sex) It is thus the house indicating either Sthreebhoga (for men) or Purushabhoga (for women).

It is the 3rd from 5th indicating the control or growth of the abilities.

It is a trine to the 3rd house – thus influence the skills of the person.

It is a Kendra to the 4th and 10th houses – thus it becomes the controller of these two kendras as per the bhavat bhavam principle.

If the native is a male, the 7th bhava indicates a female (spouse) and reverse is true. Planets in the 7th bhava of the Navamsa should not be inimical to the planet occupying the Rasi Lagna. If so, there will be troubles and differences etc. , from such significations in the life of the native. This indicates the will of Sri Narayana for such a marriage in the life of the native. For eg., Ketu is inimical to Rahu. Therefore Rahu’s presence in Rasi lagna and ketu’s presence in the 7th house in Navamsa will indicate trouble in the marriage from Ketu related/signified problems like nagging, ill health, confused spouse etc. Similarly, if the Rasi lagna lord ,and Navamsa 7 th lord have good temporal relationship, the spousal relationship too will be good.

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Though 7th bhava indicates Sthree/Purusha bhoga or enjoyments,a malefic (s) placed there will however, desist the individual from doing so for the sheer pain and suffering it will give in relation to such activity.In other words, with such involvement the sufferings/pain indicated by the said malefic will come true. The remedy for such and other troubles related to the 7th bhava will be to pacify the planet with prayer to said deity (male or female as will be the case) as represented by the graham (planet) with the Das Avatar mantra (for female natives – Vishnu for housband) or the Dasa Mahavidya mantra ( for male natives- Devi for wife).

The 8th Bhava

The 8th house is the 2nd from 7th and is its maraka rasi. It indicates break in marriage unless its lord is in some way associated with the 7th house.

The 9th Bhava

The 9th house in the Navamsa signifies the relationship with the Guru.Planets like Jupiter and Sun in the 9th indicate utmost respect to the Guru and being dharmapalayan respectively,while their conjunction will lead to fulfillment of very good works such as construction of temples, being totally duty bound to the guru etc.

The 10th Bhava

The 10th house is 4th from the 7th and is 7th to the 4th . If the 4th house of the Navamsa is the abode of Sri Vishnu, then the 7th from it i.e. the 10th bhava of the Navamsa should be the abode of his consort Maha Lakshmi. Hence, the 10th bhava of the Navamsa is considered the Lakshmisthana. Benefics in the 10th will thus shower the highest blessings while the malefics will cause trouble according to their significance and will block finances. It is also 2nd to the 9th and is thus its maraka rasi . Planets in debility in the 10th will,therefore ,not only bring about downfall of the guru during their dasa periods, but also cause destruction of rajyoga and wealth too.

11th Bhava

The 11th house is the 2nd from 10th and is 3rd from 9th houses and is an upachaya. Malefics in the 11th will control the 10th house through the flow of money. However such placement of malefics are good as it is an upachaya and its final control is in our hands. Besides, being the 3rd from the 9th it is good to have malefics, as it is the house of Parakrama bala for father , guru and dharma.

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The 12th Bhava

This is the house of loss and denial. If the karaka Venus is placed in this house then marriage is denied or there will be many problems in married life.


2.0 Illustrations

Example 2 : Marriage timing

Male born 04th April 1959 at 7th AM ( 1:00 east) 19E 39 46 N 06

Marriage ,as per shastra,is a Dharma Karya. The coming of the spouse and the children, who are the fruits of the dharma of marriage, is as per one’s dharma. Marriage according to Pandit Chanakya, is performed for the progression of the Kula (family). Navamsa therefore ,attains prime importance among all other divisions. Navamsa is division that it studied for the nature of the spouse etc. Thus, the placement of the 7th lord , Darakaraka, Kalatrakaraka,etc. gain prime importance of the study of the Navamsa , timing of marriage, nature of the spouse etc.Therefore, timing of the marriage is more accurately done through the study of the Navamsa. Moon and Venus, being watery planets, promote marriage and so does Ketu in matters of expansion of the Kula (Kulasya unnatim). Marriage is precisely timed by the use Narayana Dasa, of the D-9 or Navamsa, Vimsottari dasa , Kalachakra dasa etc.

The fundamental requirements for marriage are:

1. The rasi conjoining Upapada Lagna (UL) or 7th from it , or trine from UL can give marriage during its dasa /AD.

2. The rasi aspecting (rasi drishti) UL can give marriage during its dasa /AD.

3. The rasi conjoined / aspected by Venus / Moon / Ketu can give marriage during its dasa /AD.

4. The rasi conjoined/aspected by darakaraka too can give marriage during its dasa / AD.

5. The rasi conjoined / aspected by karakamsa lagna and 7th from it, or from karakamsa lagna (KL) trines from its in the rasi chart can give marriage during its dasa / AD.

जानिए आपकी कुंडली पर ग्रहों के गोचर की स्तिथि और उनका प्रभाव, अभी फ्यूचर पॉइंट के प्रसिद्ध ज्योतिषाचार्यो से परामर्श करें।

An ideal time for marriage is when Jupiter conjoined / aspects the 2nd house from UL in the rasi chart.

Let’s take the standard Nativity into consideration . The native of this horoscope got married on September 17 1988.

Male born 04th April 1959 at 7th AM ( 1:00 east) 19E 39 46 N 06

Vimsottari Dasa (started from Moon):

Guru MD: 1977-05-04 (6:10:58) - 1993-05-04 (8:32:57)

Antardasas in this MD:

Guru: 1977-05-04 (6:10:58) - 1979-06-23 (18:27:22)

Sani: 1979-06-23 (18:27:22) - 1982-01-04 (10:02:11)

Budh: 1982-01-04 (10:02:11) - 1984-04-09 (10:26:08)

Ket: 1984-04-09 (10:26:08) - 1985-03-16 (10:10:47)

Sukr: 1985-03-16 (10:10:47) - 1987-11-18 (16:58:02)

Sury: 1987-11-18 (16:58:02) - 1988-09-06 (5:05:19)

Chan: 1988-09-06 (5:05:19) - 1990-01-04 (11:21:39)

Mang: 1990-01-04 (11:21:39) - 1990-12-12 (4:01:05)

Rah: 1990-12-12 (4:01:05) - 1993-05-04 (8:32:57)

Let’s now discuss Vimshotari dasa:

A person of a time getting into a marriage in Maha dasa Jupiter, which started at 1977 May 04.-1993 May 04.Antaradasa Moon started at1988 September 06 - 1990.01.04.A period which brought a marriage in 17th of September 1988, Jupiter is in Rashi chart in the 7th house and aspects lagna and also formed gajekeshari yoga between Maha dasa lord and Antaradasa lord in 7th and 10th bhava.As well Jupiter is in the 9th house in Navamsha chart and also in 7th from Upapada lagna that as well shows a Jupiter Maha dasa cane bring a marriage .In Navamsha a Moon and Venus are in Scorpio in the 11th house a Moon is a ruler of the 7th house, in Navamsha is forming a trine with Upapada lagna.Venuse is the ruler of lagna in Rashi chart and in Navamsha are conjoined Moon. and Venus have also a trine aspect to Upapadalagna in Navamsha.

In a Rashi chart UL is in the sign of Leo and the Moon is in the 7th house from UL, and the Moon has a strength to bring a marriage a person in Dasa-AD.If we look up there mentioned information we can assume that they are unequivocal correct and strict.In the 5 regulation if we look carefully Karakamsa Lagna the meaning of the word will mean of the sign in which is placed Atmakaraka in Navamsha chart and that sign becomes Karakamas Lagna and that sign we observe still from the Rashi chart in our case the sign of Scorpio which is in the 7th house the ruler is a planet Mars in this case Darakaraka and the aspect making to the sign of Taurus the ruler isVenus which is in Navamsha of Scorpio ruler Mars, and also the ruler of Darakaraka is Mars which is in Libra and formed Parivartan Yoga between the lord of the 10th and 11th house. All that shows Vimsottari Dasa can shows when the marriage will take a place.

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Lets now look at the same example if we would use Narayana dasa like other astrologers suggested.

If we look at Narayanadasa we can see that a person is going trough a sign of Taurus in the major period Narayana dasa from:

Narayana Dasa of D-1 chart (a versatile phalita rasi dasa):

Vrish MD: 1987-04-04 (11:09:46) - 1998-04-04 (6:53:52)

Antardasas in this MD:

Meen: 1987-04-04 (11:09:46) - 1988-03-04 (12:53:30)

Kumbh: 1988-03-04 (12:53:30) - 1989-02-03 (1:10:42)

Makar: 1989-02-03 (1:10:42) - 1990-01-04 (19:42:05)

Dhanu: 1990-01-04 (19:42:05) - 1990-12-06 (14:37:45)

Vrisch: 1990-12-06 (14:37:45) - 1991-11-07 (3:37:35)

Tula: 1991-11-07 (3:37:35) - 1992-10-07 (6:19:54)

Kanya: 1992-10-07 (6:19:54) - 1993-09-06 (20:34:58)

Simh: 1993-09-06 (20:34:58) - 1994-08-06 (23:35:07)

Kark: 1994-08-06 (23:35:07) - 1995-07-06 (19:42:45)

Mith: 1995-07-06 (19:42:45) - 1996-06-04 (15:44:11)

Vrish: 1996-06-04 (15:44:11) - 1997-05-04 (17:53:51)

Mesh: 1997-05-04 (17:53:51) - 1998-04-04 (6:53:52)

The ruler is again Venus up there mentioned in Navamsha chart in Scorpio with Moon conjoined..Antaradasa in this Maha dasa is Aquarius with Moon in Rashi chart ,and also in 7th from Upapada lagna which means that Narayana dasa as well unequivocally shows a period entering a marriage.

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