Use of Gems

Use of Gems  

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There are many theories and rules for wearing of Gems according to Indian astrology but in practice all rules have not been found accurate. The rules suggested for wearing the gems by current astrologers through many books may cause the disasters. Here some rules are presented which have been proved wrong in practice. Wrong Rules for Wearing of Gems 1. Wear the gem of the planet which is weak in shadbala. 2. Wear the gem of lord of sign where Moon is placed in horoscope. 3. If it is not possible to wear the stones due to huge cost, wear the semiprecious gems instead of real gems. 4. Wear pearl for mental peace, red coral for high energy and courage, emerald for mental development and large scale industry, yellow sapphire for marriage of female candidates, diamond for luxurious life and marriage of male candidates, blue sapphire for spiritual development, gomed for progress in politics, cat's eye for removal of doomsday and calamity and ruby for fame. The above rules are wrong and can be explained as follows : 1. The difficulties will increase if we wear the gem of lord of an evil house. If the sadbala (power) of lord of trikone house (1,5,9 house) is low, the power of good effects will fall, so wearing the stones of lord of trikone house increases the effect of rajyog, popularity or prosperity in life. Therefore we should scrutinize the power of good or evil effect of a weak planet. 2. lf moon is placed in a Trikone house (1,5,9), the gems of lord of this house should be worn but if moon is placed in a trik house (6,8,12) the wearing of gem of lord of this house causes difficulties or accident, so wear the gem according to lord of sign in a particular position. 3. The gems increase the power of planets but semiprecious stones decrease the power of planets. If Trikonesh (Lord of 1,5,9) is placed in a good house in horoscope, the gem of trikonesh can be worn, but for the planet residing at a trik house (6,8,12) the semiprecious stone should be worn to decrease the affliction effect of the planet. If the advantage of wearing a diamond of Rs 1 lakh is same to wearing the American diamond or opal of 50 rupees, why buy the diamond? So the idea of wearing a semi precious stone instead of real gems is totally wrong. 4. When the pearl is worn for mental peace and moon is lord of 6,8,12 or there is new moon or day 1 moon in the horoscope, the disasters are likely for the user of pearl. So never wear the stones according to KARAK (significator) properties of planets. Wear the gem of lord of ascendant for mental peace, courage, good health and enthusiasm. For development of knowledge and progeny wear the gem of fifth house. For marriage, spiritual growth and luck wear the gem of lord of ninth house. For politics, business and promotion wear the gem of lord of tenth house. The advantage will be seen after wearing the gem due to following rules. Correct Rules for Wearing of Stones 1. Wear the gem of a planet who is friend of lord of ascendant. 2. Wear the stone of lord of ascendant, lord of fifth house or lord of ninth house. 3. During the period of vimshottari dasha of a planet, the corresponding gem should be worn. During the period of vimsottari dasha of an afflicted planet the gem should be worn of enemy planets. These planets should be trikonesh (Lords of 1,5,9) 4. The gem should not be worn if the lord of 1 , 5, 9 is placed at a trik house ( 6,8,12). The advantages are seen after wearing the semiprecious stone of the planet under such conditions. 5. If trikonesh (Lord of 1,5,9) is debilitated or placed in the star of lord of a trik house, don't wear the stone of trikonesh. Wear a semiprecious stone or worship the planet. 6. If trikonesh lies between Paap Kartari Yoga or is placed with lord of a trik house or lies in Neech Bhang Raj Yoga wear the gem of trikonesh. 7. Gem of lord of a trik house ( 6,8,12) should not be worn under any circumstance. 8. If the mooltrikone sign of lord of trikone lies at trik house the gem of lord of trikonesh should not be worn but if the second sign is placed at 1 ,5 or 9th house, in this position the semiprecious stone should be worn. In Cancer ascendant the Jupiter is the lord of 9th house but its mooltrikone sign Sagittarius lies at 6th house. So by wearing the yellow sapphire diseases, debts and litigations will increase. Many books of astrology advise for wearing of yellow sapphire to candidates having Cancer ascendant, but in actual experience the candidate becomes sick. Wearing its semiprecious stove gives relief from disease, loans and litigation. Other Examples a. For Taurus ascendant the mooltrikone sign Libra is placed at 6 th house, so diamond should not be worn. Wear American diamond or opal. b. In Virgo ascendant the mooltrikone sign Aquarius lies at 6th house, so blue sapphire should not be worn. Wear lapiz lazuli or amethyst. 9. Do not wear simultaneously the stone of a benefic planet (Ruby, Pearl, Coral, Yellow Sapphire) with the stone of an evil group (Blue sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Gomed and Cat's Eye). 10. Worship always the lord of 3rd and 11th house. Don't wear the stone of lords of these houses. 11. Sometimes it is seen that one theory allows for a gem, but second theory prevents wearing of the same gem. In this case, follow the theory that has been tested more or wear the stone after testing it by keeping under the pillow at night. 12. Gomed or Yellow Sapphire or Blue Sapphire should be worn in the time of good transit period of corresponding planets.
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