Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology  

I.B. Singh
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In Medical Astrology basic stress lies on the identification of diseases. From which disease, a native will suffer or which part of body of the native will have an ailment is to be decided on the basis of various factors of a horoscope. Horoscope is analysed from various angles i.e. Natural Zodiac, House concerned, Nakshatras, Dreshkanas, Planets etc.

Position in this regard is analysed as under. The malefics in concerned houses -Relevant organs will be weak or abnormality or disease during its dasha. Benefic exalted or in own house -Some healthy birth marks on the relevant part of the body -moles/liaisons etc in white or brown colour. Malefic exalted or in own houses -Black -Brown/Blue marks.

Note : Benefics placed in particular Nakshatra -provide strength to relevant part of body. Where a malefic is placed in particular Nakshatra the relevant part of body is afflicted. Transit of a benefic over particular Nakshatra -provides strength to the relevant part of the body. Transit of a malefic over particular Nakshatra -afflicts particular part of the body.

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Significations of Planets for Medical Astrology 

Sun: Pitta karaka, Right Eye, Karaka for health in general, Rules over heart, stomach and bones.

A strong unblemished, unafflicted Sun gives strong health to a native. An afflicted Sun causes the following diseases : Headache, Melancholia, Sadness, Fever, Burns, Diseases caused by inflammation of gallbladder and liver, Hepatitis, Heart Trouble, Eye diseases, Stomach disorder/problem, Bone disorder, Epilepsy.

Moon : Kaph Karaka, Watery planet, Karaka of mind -Indicates soundness of mind, Karaka of liquids in the body -blood etc. Left eye. A strong unblemished, unafflicted Moon gives a sound mind and unblemished liquids in the body to keep it fit and free from any disease related to liquids in the body,

A weak, blemished and afflicted Moon causes the following diseases : Psychiatric problems, Emotional problem, Lungs disorder, Tuberculosis, Dropsy (Accumulation of fluid in the body), Pluracy (Lungs filled with liquid/water), Stomach disorder (Inbalanced mental order produces indigestion), Joints problem (Inflammation), Feet problem (Inflammation), Jalodhur in the Stomach. Any other waterborne diseases.

Moon associated with Mars in females causes disturbed menstrual cycle, diseases of breast (Tumour, abscess).

Mars : Pitta Karaka -Bilias by nature. A strong, unblemished, and unafflicted Mars keeps the body energetic, full of vigour and vitality, agile.

A weak, afflicted and blemished Mars becomes the cause of the following diseases in the given parts of the body : Head, Bone Marrow, Haemoglobin, Muscles in the body, Eudometrium (Innermost lining of Uterus), Vigour and Vitality. Accidents, injuries, surgical operations, burns, blood disorder, high blood pressure, Gall stones, Eruptive fever (it produces Rashes on the body) Mars + Moon- cause aggression leading to mental abrasion., Epilepsy, Fractures, Piles, Miscarriage, abortions.

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Mercury : It denotes Vat, Pita, and Kaph. It is Karaka for intelligence, skin, throat, nose, lungs, forebrain (higher functions of body) A strong, unblemished and unaffected Mercury provides highly intelligent brain, good texture of skin, sweet voice, healthy throat, nose and lungs and highly active and intelligent forebrain.

A weak, blemished, and afflicted Mercury causes the following diseases : Mental abrasion, Nervous breakdown, Abusive language (influence of Mars and Saturn increases it), Defective speech (dumb and stammering), Vertigo, Skin diseases, Leukoderma, Impotence, Leprosy (Virgo Lagna, Mars and Mercury sitting together in Lagna), Rashes, Itching, Diseases of nose and throat, Ear diseases, Deafness.

Jupiter : Kaph karaka/Phlegmatic in nature. Also represents Liver, Gall Bladder, Spleen, Pancreas, Ears, and Fat in the body. A strong, unblemished and unafflicted Jupiter keeps the relevant organs of the body physically fit and grants a strong fat body.

A weak, blemished and afflicted Jupiter gives the following diseases : Too much fat in the body, Diabetes, Liver disorder, Cyst Cancer, Hepatitis, Gall bladder diseases, Spleen diseases, Ear problems, Stomach problem ( Ulcers).

Venus : Venus is Vaat and Kaph oriented and is karaka for sexual activities, reproductive organs, eyesight and vision. A strong, unblemished and unafflicted Venus keeps native free from Vaat and Kaph diseases and sexually active and free from diseases of face, vision, fluids, reproductive organs, urinary organs, intestines, appendices, endocrinal system, lymphatic system, parts of pancreas etc, venereal diseases.

A weak, afflicted and unblemished Venus becomes the cause of the following diseases : Sexual disorder, Genital system, Urinary system, Diseases of face or eyes, Cataract, Venerial diseases, Diabetes, Stones in Kidney and Urinary bladders, Typhoid, Appendicitis, Sexual perversion, Seminal fluid disorder.

Saturn : It is windy by nature and represents legs and feet, nerves, entry point of intestine and rectum. A strong, unblemished and unafflicted Saturn keeps a native away from windy diseases and diseases of the relevant organs/parts of the body.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

A weak, blemished and afflicted Saturn causes the following diseases. Chronic stage of a disease (Long lasting diseases incurable by nature), Insanity and Depression particularly when Moon is also afflicted, Paralysis, Tumor, Cancer, Exertion and Fatigue, Diseases and injuries of legs and feet, Mental disorder, Stomach problem, Injury from stones, Fall from trees, General stone formation in relevant part of body.

Rahu : Rahu is the karaka of the following diseases : Slowness, Hiccup, Insanity and Phobia (Preferably with the association of Moon), Unfounded fear, Leprosy, Chronic boils and ulcers, Snake bites.

Ketu : Ketu gives all those ailments which Rahu gives. In addition the following diseases also erupt due to Ketu : Diseases of unknown origin, Eruptive fever, Viral Diseases, Helmetisus (Worm infestation), Deafness, Defects of speech, Surgical intervention. It also causes diagnostic confusion, undue apprehensions (when associated with Moon). r

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