Fundamental Theory of Vastu

Fundamental Theory of Vastu  

Vinodbhai J. Rathod
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Happiness, peace and prosperity in life can be achieved through Astrology and Vastu. In Vishvakarma Prakash, it is mentioned that Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha (All the four Purushartha) can be achieved through the knowledge of Vastu Science. As per the original literature of Sanskrit, Vastu is the place where Men and Deities stay. It consists of : 1. Five Elevements-Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sky 2. Five Senses-Eye, Nose, Ear, Tongue, Skin 3. Five body organs-Hands, Legs,Mouth, Urinary System, Anus. 4. Five Enemies, Sex, Anger, Pride, Greed, Affection 5. Five organs of Astronomy (Panchang) Date, Day, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karan. By balancing the natural energies, happiness, peace, prosperity, increase in money, expansion in business, prestige and honour can be achieved by Vastu. Due to imbalance in five elements of nature, woes, dishonour, worries, monetary feebleness are obtained. In Vastu, invisible energies are being taken into use in the construction of buildings.

These invisible energies are called Natural Auras. Aura is found In every living animal-tree, leaves etc., A magnetic field remains in all four sides of a living person all the time. It is called Bio-Electro-Magnetic Field. In humans, there are twenty types of Bio-Electro-Magnetic Energy Grids out of which, four types are most important to be used fully. To understand the scientific facts hidden in the vashtushastra the importance of

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1) Motion of Earth

2) Bio-Magnetic energy coming from the poles

3) Seven colour Indra Dhanushya VIBGYOR coming from the rays of Sun

4) The principle of influencing the energy.

5) Gravitational force- Electric waves, Air currents, Water currents, Influence of the environment etc. have to be considered.

The rules of the Vashtushastra are based on the importance of the directions etc. As we know that Earth is moving from West towards East. North pole of the earth is lilted 23.5 degree on one side. As a result of which, the direction of upper portion of the Earth is North-East (Ishan) and the direction of lower portion of the Earth is South-East (Nerutya) When we construct the four walls on any piece of land, then that piece starts working like Earth. In any building built on the Earth, the positive energy comes from North-East. Therefore Vastu tries to allow continuous flow of positive energy and to stop flow of negative energy. Hence by keeping more spacious place, water etc in North-East the positive (good) energies can be created more, and by closing the South-West, and by keeping more load on this direction, the negative (bad) energies coming in the house can be stopped.

Hence to raise more and more positive energies, the height of walls of the North-East should be kept smaller and it should be kept higher towards the South-West, South and West directions so that the negative energies can be reduced to a minimum. As per ancient vedic knowledge, there are three hidden powers

1. Satwa,

2. Rajas

3. Tamas.

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1. Satwa (Positive) : It is positive power, that gives stability and intelligence

2. Rajas : It is the motivational power between the Satwa and Tamas, which creates activity, change and motion.

3. Tamas Power: Tamas power destroys all the ideals and connects with the negative energies.

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