International Conference On Vedic Sciences

International Conference On Vedic Sciences  

Dr. Arun Bansal
Views : 436 | July 2006

India and Indian Culture has been quite coveted from the time immemorial, specially for its Vedas and ancient Scriptures.

In the Vedic era, India witnessed astounding growth of different streams of knowledge and sciences. But after the great war of Mahabharata, the Science and other developed streams of knowledges were lost into the oblivion. Astrology and Ayurved (Health Science) were at their pinnacle at that time.

Astrology and Ayurved have once again regained their charm and popularity by the ratification of Scientists and the person’s with scientific bent of mind. Recently, a newspaper has reported that for weather forecasts also, meteorologists in UK have taken recourse to Astrology.

Meteorologists have opined that weather forecasts on the basis of meteorology, click only up to 30 to 40 percent. However, on the basis of Astrology, forcasts are correct up to 60 to 70 percent. Further, forcasts over a long period is also possible through Astrology. All India Federation of Astrologer’s Societies is the largest organized Association of Astrologers in India.

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Hundreds of many other organisations and institutions of Astrologers are associated with it. The main aim of this potential organisation is to spread the knowledge of Astrology and other related Sciences in India and abroad. More than 125 branches of this organisation are situated all over India. There are branches in Canada, America, and Nepal. More than ten thousand Students are enrolled in this organisation. Many of them are doing their research in different fields of Astrology.

All India Federation of Astrologer’s Societies in close association of Future Point, a premier institution in the field of Computer Astrology, is going to organise a conference in Singapore and Thailand. Two days of conference is going to be held at Bangkok and one day in Singapore.

The Main Aims of the Conference are: -

1. To Spread the Knowledge of Astrology and Oriental Science in the foreign Countries.

2. To know and comprehend the forms of Astrology and related sciences in other countries and make a comparative study with Indian Astrology.

3. To know the extent of accuracy in the application of Indian Astrology in foreign countries.

4. To open Chapters of Federation in foreign countries for imparting adequate knowledge and training of Astrology.

5. To inspire and generate urge in the Astrologers of foreign countries for undertaking research work, by showing them the correct researches in astrology in India.

6. To encourage the use of Astrology in many innovative fields like Stock-Market, fluctuations in the commodity market and weather forecasts etc.

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Four Institutions of Astrology of Thailand viz Thai-India Cultural Economic Cooperation Association, The Astrological Association of Thailand, The Federation of Astrologers and Thai Traditional Medicine Association and the International Astrologer’s Association, are jointly organising this International Astrology conference in the Dev Mandir of Hindu Society, Bangkok. Former Prime Minister of Thailand and President of Thai-India Cultural Economic cooperation Association, H.E. General Chavalit Yongchaiyudh and Ambassador of India in Thailand H.E. Mr Vivek Katju will jointly inaugurate the conference on 22nd of July 2006 at 10 A.M.

President of Astrological Association of Thailand, Hora Tanakorn Sinkasem, President of International Astrologers Association Hora Pinyo Pungcharoen, President of Federation of Astrologers and Thai Traditional Medicine Association, Hora Duangsuriyanead and other 500 Astrologers and Scholars will be participating in this Astrological conference.

In Singapore, this Astrological conference will be organised at the Khalsa Auditorium, jointly by the “Future Point” and famous event Organisers of Singapore-'Omega Point'. The chairperson of Omega Point Ms Jaqueline has invited many famous persons of Singapore to attend this conference. During the conference main lectures will be on the Art of Prediction. Astrological remedies like Yantra and Mantra for peace and prosperity, Use of Vastu in changing the Fate, Methods to set name of a person to get favourable results and positive energy.

There will be lectures on differences in Panchang and predictive techniques in two countries. There will be a focus on predictive techniques used for monsoon and weather forecasts. Special attraction will be lectures on prediction of money market, share market, bullion market and astrological methods to multiply gains.

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It is worth mentioning, that Future Point has conducted many researches on the cardiac problem, and it has been made possible to forewarn about the diseases like Heart Attack on the basis of astrological calculations. There will be demonstration on how to predict on any disease astrologically. Dr. V. P. Garg will also deliver a special lecture on how to be free from diseases by changing food habits and using uncooked food.

He will also throw light on Indian system of medicine and its strength. Apart from this consultations shall be provided to the public. This will help to spread the knowledge of Vedas in the masses and help the consultants feel the difference in application of the science in different environment.

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