Plan your Garden with Fengshui

Plan your Garden with Fengshui  

Sanjay Gupta
Views : 4103 | January 2010
Today we are living in a world where the words GREEN and ECO-Friendly is on the lips of every responsible citizen. With these words the one thing which comes in our mind is trees and gardens. Every one of us wishes to have a garden. A garden is a place that should be inviting and pleasurable. It is the place where good CHI accumulates thus bringing good fortune and health. We can apply principles of Feng shui to plan a garden to make it a very auspicious place. In feng shui WOOD is the only living element and it represents Wealth. The compass direction for wood are east and south-east and the colour is green. Following simple steps can be followed in designing a garden as per Feng Shui. Step 1: Designing and decoration of the garden Draw a site plan of the garden and divide it into Nine equal grids. Take directions from a good compass and assign direction to every grid. As given in the Nine grid table below. The whole space is divided here as per directions. The usages, shapes, colour of various directions are given in the Nine grid table given below along with the features which can be installed and the features which should be avoided to create harmony in garden. The pathways to the garden should not be straight or in direct line with main entrance, it should be curvilinear to invite good energy to gently flow in the whole garden. Mind gates are not welcomed in the garden. The material or objects which we use should be in harmony with the ruling element of that grid. Add a birdbath in your garden to invite birds. Birds are carriers of good fortune in Feng Shui. You should be inviting good luck from heaven. As the element of West and Northwest is Metal, metal furniture is good in these directions. West is also direction of children, so playing area for them is good here. Rock garden, stone benches are good in North-east. Water features, ponds are excellent in North. Wooden furniture and features are in harmony with east and south-east direction. Do not keep garbage bin in open in the garden. Step 2: Selection of auspicious plants and flowers After designing and selection of features comes the selection of plants and flowers. A beautiful garden with healthy plants and blooming flowers is the indication of good fortune. Following trees, plants and flowers are considered auspicious in Feng shui. Plants and Trees Flowers Jade Plant Peonies Silver Crown Chrysanthemums Money plant Plum Blossom Bamboo Narcissus Pine Tree Lilies Peach tree Magnolias Orange Tree Lotus , jasmine Lime Plant Orchids • Avoid plants like cactus, roses, bonsai, pointy or plants with thorns. These are harmful to touch. These are permissible outside your fenced property. Never use dry flowers. They are source of yin energy. • Regularly trim your plants and trees. Don’t let them overgrow otherwise they block the natural light and the flow of Chi. • Landscape should be manicured regularly or they cover walkways or enteries. • Make sure that the energy level of plant has an upward chi flow and not downward. Most plants grow upwards barring a few specimens like Weeping Willow; these have a downward negative flow of energy. This is not auspicious. • Cut down a tree and throw out dead flowers or plants which are sick, rotting or decaying and thus lost their vitality. They are considered Sha Energy in feng Shui. • Rounded leaf plants encourage good energy and bring fortune. Let us not forget our own Tulsi and Aloe-vera plants for their medicinal qualities. • The sturdy plants which remain green through out the year should be chosen, than those plants which bloom for a while only. • Vines that climb and overtake trees, houses must be maintained. Mind the climbers on the boundary wall of the house are not auspicious. • South-east is the direction of Wealth, having plants of fruits like apple, oranges is very auspicious here. In Feng shui orange is regarded as Golden fruit. Whether you believe it or not, if you apply the principles of Feng Shui to your garden, you will transform the area into an oasis for you and your family. A small advise no digging in North sector till Feb, 13, 2010 and in this period-8( 2004-2024) of feng shui having water feature in South West very auspicious to activate wealth luck as indirect spirit resides here. r
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