Importance of Compound Numbers in Numerology

Importance of Compound Numbers in Numerology  

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We all understand single numbers 1-9 and we can also relate them to 9 planets, but not much is discussed about compound numbers. If we take example of number 12, there are two numbers in it “1” and “2” and the total is three. So, the person who is born on 12 shall have all the impacts of 1 which is the Sun and number “2” which is the Moon and with this he will also get the qualities of number 3. Let us take number 15. The people born on number 15 will have qualities of Mercury and Sun. The person will also have qualities of number 6 also which represents Venus but Venus is afflicted as number 6= 1+5 but on analysis we give the same importance to number 5, 6 and 1.

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Let us take a few compound numbers to elaborate this. Number 10:Number 10 is a combination of two numbers “1” and “0”. This is the number on the jersey of Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin makes our whole country proud by scoring a century proving to be a number one player. That is because of number “1” in number “10” and sometime he gets out at “0” like number “0” in number “10”. Number 1 makes him shine like sun where as number zero makes him out at number “0” thus, making number 10 a number of rise and fall.

The same story applies to the football player Ronaldo. There is a different story behind every compound number, when two numbers combine to create a third number the qualities of that cannot be ignored in the person. Addition of number “0” to any number adds its impact on other number. The meaning of “1” is different from number 10 though we never consider “0” in numerology. Same results follow when we add number 0 to number 2 and it becomes 20 and so on. 0 multiplies the power of number.

For example in 10, 20 and 30 the numbers 1, 2 and 3 becomes stronger and that the number 10 is regarded as wheel of fortune in compound numbers.

Number 13 : Number 13 consists of two numbers “1” and “3”. With number”1”, all the qualities of planet Sun are imbibed in the person. He is independent in nature, has a certain standards of self respect for himself which sometimes make him egoistic.

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He will be self made with strong will power. With this the qualities of number 3 will also make him intelligent, spiritual, god fearing, teacher and a preacher. With these qualities we cannot ignore the qualities of number 4, the Rahu (1+3= 4). So in numerology we give equal importance to compound numbers. It is written in some old texts that “one who understands number 13 will be given the power of dominion”.

In tarot cards number 13 is the card of death and destruction which we call the card of transformation. It is a number of upheaval and destruction. It is not as unfortunate as it is generally considered.

For a sports man, number 19 is much better than number 10. A person born on 19 or wears a jersey of number 19 will do much better than number 10.

His performance will be constant as number 9 will give the qualities of Mars which are very important for a sports person. Its total is 10 which again gives all the benefits of sun and number 10. In this process we are not losing any number in our grid we are only adding one more number (one more planet) to our grid. Number 19 is regarded as a fortunate and an extremely favorable number.

It adds up to number 1 which is symbolized as “the Sun “and is called “the King of heaven. This number promises happiness, success, esteem and honor and success in one's plan for the future. Our ex prime minster Late Shrimati Indira Gandhi was born on 19. Although the month and the century also matters, but the significance of number 19 cannot be ignored.

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