Remedy : For Whom, What and Why?

Remedy : For Whom, What and Why?  

Vinay Garg
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First of all it is very important to analyse which planet is causing problem to the native. Very often it happens that the problem is different and its cause is different. For example, if a native is facing marriage problem due to mental disorder, in that case we have to his mental affliction, not the marriage problem. If we try directly for the problem of marriage , its significator planet or house, then it is quite possible that this improvement may be temporary and transitory, because the treatment of the mental affliction is not done. In that case after sometime due to mental affliction it may again cause problem in married life. So, initially if we provide treatment for his mental affliction and subsequently a treatment for improvement of the married life is applied the married life will be strong, stable, happy and prosperous.

For above case first of all a remedy for ascendant lord for mental affliction and after that remedy for seventh house lord is applied.

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Remedy for which planet ?

In astrology there are views of two types. First is the planets who are favourable, Bhaghyesh, Yogakarak and friendly planets as they are already in favour, so there is no need for their remedy. So a remedy should be applied for that planet which is not favourable i.e. marak, badhak, debilitated, enemy or a negative planet.

According to the other opinion, planets that are favourable are friends, are yogkarak, are lord of trine or angular houses or are lagna lord, the native should arrange remedy for these planets only, because these planets can help or only these planets can think for the benefit. Enmical planets can never be beneficial just as a friendly person only can be beneficial to us and not an enemy. So we should never welcome an enemy. Wearing of any stone means we welcome the planet in our home.

Here we have to see which planet will do favour to us - which planet is enemy or which planet is friend. We will find that it is certain that planets that are friend and favourable to us only can think for our favour and benefit.

Experience says that we have to try the remedy for both benefics as well as malefics. However the method of remedy will be different. The planets that are favourable to us we should try to bring them nearer to us and planets that are against or malefic for us, we should try to keep them away from us.

How to do it?

If we wear the gem or stone of a favourable planet then it is obvious that we are bringing that planet closer to us. It means that we are inviting our friend to come to our home to help us.

Here we should keep in mind that only friendly planets can help us, not enemy planets because the enemy will always look for a chance and when he gets the chance, will certainly attack us. We have to keep him away from us. For this purpose we should donate the items related with that planet or we should offer water related to that planets items.

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For example, if a native’s ascendant is ruled by Mercury i.e. Gemini or Virgo, so Jupiter will be Badhak (obstructer) and Marak (killer) for him. Also Jupiter will be afflicted due to Kendradhipati Dosh for ascendant of planet Mercury. In that case the native should not wear yellow clothes on Thursday and should never wear the Yellow Sapphire.

Generally, it is advocated that the native should wear clothes according to the day of the week. But here it is important to remember that a planet that is Marak, Badhak or malefic to the native, cannot be beneficial or helpful to him, therefore colour of clothes concerned to that planet must not be used. Generally it is thought that we should wear the stone of an exalted planet. Here it is useful to understand that it is not necessary that an exalted planet is always beneficial.

The exalted planet means that the planet is in a position that it can give more results to the earth, where the native lives and a debilitated planet means he is unable to give more powerful results on the earth.

Now, we shall discuss how an exalted planet can give malefic effects.

Before considering about the remedy of a planet we should find which planet is benefic or malefic, weak or strong. There may be following situations :

A benefic planet will always give benefic results, whether he is weak or strong and a planet that is malefic will always give malefic results, whether he is strong or weak. A planet which is benefic and strong will give very good results. If ruling dasa of such a planet is on, we should take advantage and should get more benefits by wearing a stone of this planet. If the planet is benefic and weak then we should also wear its stone, because by wearing its stone we will give more energy to that planet.

It means if a beneficial planet is situated in its debilitated sign then it is but obvious that he is a friendly planet, who can help us and can be beneficial to us but he is in a weak and miserable position. He wants to give beneficial results desires or to help us, but he is unable to do so. So, by wearing the stone of such a planet we can obtain more beneficial results.

To judge that a planet is malefic or benefic, there are two methods - first, Natural Benefic or Malefic and secondly according to lordship of houses. Here we should remember that the position of a planet in a particular house is less important than the lordship of the house. It is like that if the person of one country goes to a foreign country, lives and works there, then first he works according to the system of his country, society, family or culture, after that he works according to the place where he lives. Hence the lordship is more important than the position of planet in a house.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

The lord of a benefic house always gives benefic effects and lord of a malefic house always gives malefic effects even if he is a natural benefic or a natural malefic. But still we cannot discard its natural effects totally.

If according to lordship of houses a malefic planet is strong, it means he has more strength to give malefic effects. It means if planet is exalted but malefic then we should never wear the stone of such a planet.

Now question arises that if a planet is lord of a benefic house as well as a malefic house then what should we do? Should we wear the stone or donate for such a planet? In that case it is but obvious that the mantra chanting or worship of this planet is the best remedy. Because by worshipping or mantra chanting we make a request to the planet and invite him for our help and we request him to leave our way and remove obstacles from our path of success.

Mantras have miraculous powers. If any person takes oath for “HathYoga” and chants the mantra, there is no power which can prevent the native from getting his goal.

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