Jagat and Ardra Entry Kundali

Jagat and Ardra Entry Kundali  

Vinay Garg
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While every year, Jagat Kundli decides the specific course of events of varied shades in different countries of the mother Earth, Ardra entry kundli spells the mood of weather, onset of monsoon, crop yield and resultant situations prevailing on the price front and prosperity of people of different rigions. Here is the relevant picture for the year 2011. Jagat Kundali To know the auspicious and inauspicious results in one's life, a horoscope is casted. In the same manner a Jagat Kundali is casted in order to consider the auspicious and inauspicious events of the earth. A Jagat Kundali is drawn every year for this purpose Tithi and time is decided on the basis of Mesh sankranti / ingress of Sun in Aries and on the basis of ascendant rising at that time in the following manner.

In a kundali twelve houses are taken into consideration. Similarly from the twelve houses of this mundane chart one can predict about the twelve months ie from the month of Chaitra to the month of Phalgun respectively. A house in which a benefic planet is posited will give auspicious results corresponding to that month. In the same way positing of a malefic planet in a house will give its inauspicious results in respect of the corresponding month. Results based on Jagat Kundali are as follows- 1. Aries : Countries of the east like Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Taiwan and Bangladesh will face mutiny and famine while the countries in the southern region like Sri Lanka, Australia, Malaysia and Madagascar, there will be higher production of foodgrains and resultant abundance of food grains.

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The rains will also be widespread and the prices of oil and ghee will increase. Northern countries like China, Pakistan, Mangolia and Russia will experience abundance of foodgrains and see the rulers agitated. Countries of the central part like England, France and other countries of Europe will have widespread rains and good yield from the crops. 2. Taurus : This year the state of famine will continue to prevail in western countries. In the countries like USA, Canada, Mexico, there will be scanty rains with resultant famine and lesser production of foodgrains. In the Eastern countries like India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia, etc, there will be likelihood of public unrest. In the countries of Northern region like China, Ukraine, Holland, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan etc, there will be lesser agricultural production and in the Southern countries like Australia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia etc.,

Scanty rains may result in the draught. 3. Gemini : There may be war among many countries Eastern countries like Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Mayanmar etc might face bad yield from crops. In the countries of the North and South like China, Pakistan, Mangolia etc there will be wide spread rains and excellent yield from the crops. In the countries like Algeria, Portugal, Spain, North America and Canada, there will be scanty rains and change of administration. In countries like England, Spain, Belgium, France etc, yield from the crops will be less than average and cattle will be diseased. 4. Cancer : In the countries of East, there will be prosperity. There will be happiness all around in the countries like India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippiness etc. Countries in the Northern region like China, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Kazakhstan etc shall face wide spread resentment which may result in revolt.

Countries in the West like-Canada, Mexico, U.S.A. etc shall face famine. 5. Leo : Southern countries like Sri Lanka, Somalia, Tanzania, South Austria, Switzerland etc shall have fear of losses caused by floods. The prices will fall but economy shall improve towards the later part of the year. Western countries like Western Sahara, Canada, Mexico, U.S.A. shall face steep price rise of fruits and metal items. In Northern countries like Sweden, Finland, Norway, Estonia, China, Bhutan, Pakistan etc, there will be excess of rains and it will usher in happiness and prosperity among the masses. In Eastern countries like Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia etc, there will be less yield of crop but the later part of the year shall be auspicious. In countries from the central region like England, Portugal and Spain etc there will be the situation of insurgency in the later part of the year. 6. Virgo : In Eastern countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Brunae, Vietnam etc conditions will be normal. Ghee and Ghee products might be expensive.

In countries from the South region like South Africa, Angola, Tanzania, Nigeria etc there might be situation of starvation which shall lead to violence. The Western countries like Canada, Mexico, U.S.A. Morocco, Portugal etc might face strife. In countries from the central region like England, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan etc there shall be possibility of fall of price of oil & ghee. Revolt and resentment among the masses might shake the root of democracy. 7. Libra : In the countries from the central region like England, Turkey, Saudi Arab, Egypt, Sudan etc, this year there will be public mutiny and government may be dethroned.

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Eastern countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Brunei, Vietnam also might face fall of government and insufficient rains. Strong winds and storms might cause destruction of life and property. In countries from the Western region like America, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Bahamas, Columbia, Equador etc there might be situation of war between two countries or they will face a war. Prices shall go up. Countries like Sri Lanka, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe etc shall prosper while in Western countries like America, Canada etc there might be internal for two months. 8. Scorpio : In the beginning of this year till next nine months there will be famine in Western countries like Cuba, Mexico, Brazil. In the countries from the Northern region like Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark etc the yield of crops shall be lesser than average and metal items shall be cheaper.

In the countries from the East, like India, Bangladesh, Laos, Vietnam etc, there will be possibility of strife among the administrators. Common man might suffer during the first three months of the year. After that the situation will be peaceful. In the central region like England, Spain, France and Italy, the crops may be destroyed. Countries from Southern region like South Africa, Lanka and Australia shall face excess of rains and change of government. These countries shall get benefit from metals. 9. Sagittarius : There shall be increased prosperity and happiness in the countries from eastern region like Mongolia, China, Bhutan and Taiwan etc. In Countries from the central region like Spain, Portugal, Ireland etc there shall be fear from flood, famine and diseases.

In countries from the western region like Mexico, Cuba, Canada, there will be possibility of steep price rise of oil and grains. In countries from the Southern region like Angola, Namibia, Botswana, there shall be happiness but the cattle of this region shall suffer. 10. Capricorn : There is a possibility of the loss of life and prosperity due to natural calamities in the countries from Northern region. These countries are Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Northern Korea, Norway, Sweden, Finland etc. In countries from the western region like United States of America, Canada, Mexico and Cuba, there will be good yield from the crops and prosperity and happiness shall be maintained. In countries from the central region like France, Spain, Portugal and Italy, there will less yield from the crops and grains shall be expensive. There will be chances of rains after famine.

In the rest part of the region, the situation will remain normal. 11. Aquarius : There shall be peace, prosperity and happiness in the Eastern countries while countries from the Northern region like Mongolia, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Holland shall face famine. In Western countries like America, Canada, Mexico and Cuba, there shall be resentment among the masses. In countries from the southern region like South Africa, Namibia, Angola and Tanzania, there shall be situation of revolt while in the countries from central region like England, France, Italy there shall be happiness and peace all-around. 12. Pisces : In some parts of the countries from Southern region like Australia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, South Africa, there shall be situation of change of government while in other parts, there shall be happiness and prosperity. There shall be loss of crops in the countries from central region like France, Spain and Italy. In other parts there shall be peace and prosperity.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

Ardra Entry Kundali Ardra entry kundali is taken into consideration to know about the weather of any place. A chart which is drawn on the basis of the time and tithi of Sun's ingress in the constellation of Ardra is called Ardra entry kundali. The following results can be predicted for twelve ascendants on the basis of ardra entry kundali. Prediction of Ardra entry Kundali

1. Aries : It being a movable sign, fiery element, kshastriya rashi and Mars lord, rains will be sparse and scanty and damage the crops wherever it pours.

2. Taurus : It being an immovable sign, earthy element, Vaishya Rashi and Venus lord, the rains will be good, weather will be pleasant and there will be plenty of yield from the crops to the advantage of farmers.

3. Gemini : Gemini, being a dual sign, airy element, shudra Rashi and Mercury Lord, rains in the rainy season will not be regular. There will be Sun for some days and rains on other days. There will be strong surface winds causing overcast skies with scanty rains.

4. Cancer : It being a movable sign, water element, Brahmin Rashi and Lord Moon, there will be excessive rains and many places shall face flood like situations. The yield might get affected due to heavy rains.

5. Leo : It being an immovable sign, fiery element, kshatriya rashi and Sun lord, there may be like famine situations, the government shall have to put sincere efforts to control grains godown.

6. Virgo : Virgo being a dual sign, earthy element, vaishya Rashi and lord Mercury, rain will be average or normal. Those who are related with grains business shall have full benefit. There will be good inflow of money at a very fast pace.

7. Libra : Libra being an immovable sign, airy element, Shudra Rashi, and Lord Venus, will cause plenty of rains, Clouds will carry particles of sand along with storm.

8. Scorpio : This sign being an immovable, airy element, Brahmin Rashi, and Lord Mars, there will be plenty of rains and greenery all around But there will be chances of landslides in hilly region which might block the routes and loss of business.

9. Sagittarius : It being an immovable sign, Fiery element, kshatriya Rashi and Lord Jupiter, there will be sufficient rains. Crops will be good and financial condition of the country shall improve.

10. Capricorn : It being a movable sign earthy element, vaishya Rashi and lord Saturn, rains will be less than average so yield from the crops shall also be average. Farmers shall have to put in more efforts in agriculture.

11. Aquarius : It being an immovable sign, Airy element, shudra Rashi, Lord Saturn, The speed of the wind will be more. There may be loss of life and property due to storm. Rain will be scanty which may cause famine like situation.

12. Pisces : It being a Dual sign, Water element, Brahmin Rashi, Lord Jupiter, the rain will be far more than average. Adequate rains shall bring attractive returns and happiness to the farmers and Businessmen. Farmers shall get more success than their efforts. r

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