Suicide - Astrological Analysis

Suicide - Astrological Analysis  

Gaurav Malhotra
Views : 2559 | October 2016
We will see what are the factors in a horoscope that lead a person to commit suicide. One thing is sure that a person will commit suicide only at a time when he is extremely depressed and unhappy. Lots of negative thoughts would be roaming around his mind. Let us now put this in astrological terms. Fourth House : Fourth House is called sukh sthan i.e. comfort house. If there are afflictions to this house, native will not be happy and comfortable. Malefic planets like Mars, Saturn (Karaka of Sorrow), Rahu in this house cause great damage. If the lord of fourth house is also afflicted, it may be a big factor in the native going into depression. Weak Lagnesh : If Lagnesh is weak, the overall personality of the native may be pessimistic and negative. Moon : Moon is the karaka of mind. If Moon is afflicted, the person becomes negative. Worries and anxieties keep bothering him. Fifth House : Fifth house represent chitta i.e. our inner self. It shows how much harmony we have within ourselves. If this is afflicted the person may become insane. Trik Bhavas : 6th, 8th and 12th houses represent depression, anxiety, extreme anguish, debts, enemies, death etc. so they will also play an important part in bringing the person to the edge of death. Horoscope Analysis : Let us look at the above factors in action in the horoscope of Jean Mercure who committed suicide in June 1998. Let us first look at his fourth house. It is under heavy affliction. Mars, which is the lord of 8th and 3rd house and extremely malefic, is placed in this house. This is extremely bad combination. Moreover Saturn, the planet of sorrow is aspecting the 4th house. The lord of fourth house is in 12th house which is the house of losses which would mean the losses of sukha. Fourth house is extremely weak under the malefic influence. Lagnesh is placed in another trik bhava i.e. 6th house which is making it weak. Moon the karaka of mind is placed in 10th house; in the house of his enemy. Mars, from fourth house, is aspecting it; making it weak. Fifth House is also under malefic influence as Rahu from 9th house is aspecting it and the lord of fifth house is placed in the 7th house which is a marak sthan. Sun, the lord of a malefic house, is aspecting it; making the 5th house further weak. So, we can see some severe afflictions in his horoscope which made him commit suicide. He committed suicide in Rahu-Venus dasha.
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