Why certain stars Shine Bright and High?

Why certain stars Shine Bright and High?  

R. Subramanyam
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Now a days the craze among many a person, more so youngsters, is to appear before the camera as selfie or otherwise. Whatever profession one is engaged, he or she aspires to appear even in a small role, in show industry, be it TV serial or cinema. For the fulfilment or such desires, one who possesses some element of luck or athrishtam besides talent, only can succeed. What are the basic attributes one must possess? Vedic Astrology has a clear answer. During Vedic times, some thousand years back, there was indeed no TV or cinema. But in Royal courts poetry, music, dance, drama etc were patronised and rewarded. Proficiency in fine arts as it existed then can now be compared to the show business activities. Vedic Astrology prescribes certain attributes to succeed in fine arts, which is relevant even today. Basic Attributes It is universally accepted that the nine planets influence human life on earth to a large extent. Of all the planets, planet Venus is considered to be the most influential for proficiency in fine arts. Venus stands for beauty, magnetic attraction, happiness, pleasure etc all essential in fine arts. For anyone entering into the show world, planet Venus shall be favourably positioned in his birth horoscope chart. That is Venus in exalted, own, friendly houses, associated or aspected by benefic planets, Venus shall never be in weaker positions in horoscope that is debilitated or unfriendly houses, badly placed in 6, 8, 12 houses, aspected, associated, hemmed in between malefic planets. Secondly planet Mercury stands for intelligence, good facial expression, oratory skills with sweet voice. Therefore, strong placement of Mercury in one's horoscope is essential to succeed in fine arts; Mercury shall never get weakened in horoscope. Therefore planets Venus and Mercury are the planets to be considered primarily in one's horoscope. Profession Generally the tenth house in one's horoscope stands for profession. To succeed in any profession, service or business, the tenth house and tenth house lord shall be as strong as possible. For any one to achieve success in show world and earn substantial wealth, either the tenth house or the tenth house lord shall be closely connected with Venus and Mercury. Popularity, Name & Fame To achieve the next step of stardom, expectancy, high position etc., some Raja Yogas must be present in one's horoscope. Yoga is a combination of two planetary positions by conjunction or aspect. Further one or two planets shall be placed in exalted positions. To confirm the above let us examine two horoscopes of famous popular film personalities. Horoscope 1 Horoscope 1 belongs to a super star, uncrowned king of Hindi Cinema for excellence. i. Conjunction of Venus and Mercury in Virgo indicates versatile acting capacity, talented. ii. Tenth lord, Mars is in conjunction with Venus, Mercury. Benefic planet Jupiter, exalted in cancer aspects the tenth house. Wealth is accumulated through acting besides popularity. iii. Fifth lord Mercury and seventh lord Sun are in conjunction at virgo indicating powerful Raja yoga, name, fame & riches. iv. Two planets Jupiter & Mercury are in exalted position. v. Rahu is in seventh house, quadrant or Kendra. The Ruler of the seventh house, Sun is in association with exalted planet Mercury. This indicates Raja Yoga bringing fame, riches, greatness. Horoscope 2 Horoscope 2 belongs to a world famous, dream queen hollywood actress. i. Two planets Venus and Jupiter are in exalted position; exalted Venus aspects lagna. Talented person, name, fame, riches, magnetic attraction. ii. Rahu in kendra along with exalted Venus. Raja Yoga, riches. iii. Fifth lord Saturn aspects seventh lord Jupiter who is exalted, Raja yoga, name, fame, riches. iv. Tenth lord happens to be Mercury in friendly house-wealth floating persons who do not possess any of the criteria for fine arts need not worry. Instead of efforts in show business they can concentrate their efforts on other fields and attain success in life.
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