Presidential Election in USA (2016)

Presidential Election in USA (2016)  

O.D. Mande
Views : 2106 | October 2016
Hillary Clinton’s speeches are free of extremes and “politically correct“. In sharp contrast, Donald Trump’s style is a brew of populism, patriotism, prejudice, protectionism and paranoia. And yet he strikes a chord – saying things people think in their heads but dare not say in public i.e. “ politically incorrect”! In Trump’s campaign abuse substitutes arguments, generalisations extinguish nuance, labels, crush facts, scapegoating overpowers inclusion. Yet this Big Mc Donald entertains ! But who is likely to win? Let us have a look at their birth charts. Hillary Clinton (26 Oct 1947 2002 Hrs. Chicago-2 87W39, 41N52, 6 Hrs behind GMT) Let us try to check the chart to the extent possible, on the basis of known events in her life. Hillary Clinton was reported to be suffering from pneumonia for a few days in September 2016. The dasha from 31 August to 25 Sept 2016 is Moon-- Jupiter—Sun. Jupiter is in 6th house and Sun is the star lord of Roga saham (8Vi15). The Narayan dasha was Vi-Aq--Sc. Her husband Bill Clinton had an affair with Monica Lewinsky during 1995—1997. During that period Hillary Clinton must have passed through deep anguish. The Vimsottari dasha was Venus –Rahu. The Narayan dasha of navamsa chart was Cn – Cn, Cn –Ge and Cn --Ta. The placement of planets /signs in navamsa is self explanatory. Lagna lord Mercury is conjunct with 5th lord Venus forming a Rajayoga but 3rd lord debilitated Sun has also joined the yoga. Hillary Clinton’s educational achievements are said to be not very high. Her rival did not spare her on this account and also on her lack of good experience. The afflicted 4th lord Mercury and debilitated Matrukarak Mars are self explanatory. Presidential election is scheduled to be held on 8th Nov 2016. The dasha during Nov---Dec 2016 is Moon –Jupiter—Mars. Moon occupies 10th house, happens to be star-lord of Rajya saham (18Vi39), owns Santap saham (15Cn2) while Jupiter is 7th / 10th lord, Gyatikarak(rival) and occupies the house of contest, weakening the chances of native’s victory. The placement of these planets in the charts, particularly panchamsa(power) is not favourable. Narayan dasha will be Vi—Aq –Vi. The Rajayoga involving Mercury is not strong, Aquarius contains Kali saham (20Aq49), dasha lord Saturn is afflicted with debilitated Mars and Rahu is in 4th from the dasha sign. Donald Trump (14 June 1946 1054 Hrs Jamaica. 73W48, 20N41. 4 Hrs behind GMT) The lagna is Leo containing Mars, which has given a firebrand and dominating character to the native. Debilitated Moon conjunct with Ketu adds to this character. During election rallies he has been talking about what is close to American people’s heart i.e. ban on Islam, sending back immigrants to their countries etc. Any such talk is considered impractical yet it remains candid as indicated by Jupiter in 2nd house (speech) ! The lagna lord Sun is in 10th house forming Simhasan yoga. ( This yoga has many definitions). Rahu (star lord of Rajya saham 7Li46) is also posited in the same house which is advantageous for contemporary politicians. Further, the close conjunction of Herschel has added to the possibility of sudden rise in native’s career. The placement of yogakarak Mars in the lagna is another powerful Rajayoga. The dasha at the time of election will be Rahu—Mars—Moon followed by Jupiter—Jup—Jup. The placement of these planets in the charts, particularly panchamsa is very favourable. Narayan dasha will be Li—Ar— Aq. Libra contains A6 & Rajya saham, Aries owns yogakarak Mars, while Aquarius shows dealing with the rival as Saturn owns 6th house too. The analysis of charts indicates that luck may smile on Donald Trump and he may occupy the white ( house ) Simhasan.
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