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O.D. Mande
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Normally a querist poses a question to the astrologer. The chart cast for the time and place shows answer to the question. But if an astrologer feels strongly about an important issue, he can cast the chart and find answer concerning the issue. As long one is truthful and sincere, the self—prashna approach is equally valid and rewarding. A few examples are given below. Example 1: Malaysia’s missing Flight MH 370 (March 12, 2014. 0916 Hrs. Delhi) The above flight took off on March 8, 2014 with 239 passengers on board but did not reach its destination. So, a horary chart is cast at 0916 hrs. on March 12, 2014 shown below. The following observations are made (1) The nature of the query, as per the principles of Prashna Shastra, is confirmed as Jeev chinta (2) Moon is in Pushya nakshatra ruled by Saturn. Lagna lord Mars occupies 7th house ( maransthan of Mars ) in close conjunction with Rahu suggesting mystery surrounding plane’s disappearance. Rahu also indicates possible role of terrorists/ hijackers. Mars, being retrograde, would remain close to Rahu for a long time. Saturn also occupies 7th house but is not close to Mars. (3) Jupiter occupies his maransthan, owns 64th navamsa from Moon and aspects Mars. (4) The chart has bandhan yoga formed by placements of Moon and Venus ( both watery planets ) in 4th and 10th houses respectively. Moon is lord of 22nd Dreshkan and also owns apamrutyu saham (90Cn25’ ) whereas Venus is a strong maarak, being owner of both 2nd and 7th houses. ( 5) The running dasa ( reduced to one year) was Saturn—Mercury—Venus. (6) The third house from AL shows the place/ circumstances of death in natal chart. In the horary chart this house contains Pisces sign which represents large rivers / lakes / sea. These indications are enough to infer that the plane has crashed in sea killing all people on board. The immediate question that follows -- Will the wreckage be located/recovered ? Well, the key planet (Mars)is in Chitra nakshatra, which belongs to Madhya category. This does not hold promise of locating the wreckage. Actual Position On March 24, 2014 Malaysia’s Prime Minister Nazib Razak announced with deep sadness and regret that flight MH 370 ended in the Indian Ocean. This sad news made headlines in Times of India ( Delhi edition) of Mar25. Since then more than one and half years have elapsed but the plane’s wreckage could not be located, though some debries were sighted from time to time. Example 2. Release of abducted Indian nurses from Iraq.( July 3, 2014. 0820 Hrs Pune) In Jun 2014, 46 Indian nurses working in a hospital in Tikrit (Iraq) were taken hostage by the Jihadis of ISIS -- Islamic State in Iraq & Syria. On July 3, they were shifted to Mosul, another town in Iraq. The author, like all concerned citizens, was worried about their well being and release from captivity. Therefore a horary chart was cast by the author for the query “ When would the Indian nurses be released ?” The chart is shown below. Lagnesh Moon, a female planet representing nurses, is in the third house conjunct with Mars in Virgo. The Bandhan Saham (270Ge 2’ ) is owned by Mercury who owns Virgo sign too. Punya Saham ( 20Li19’ )and Karya siddhi Saham (50 Li 23’ ) are closely conjoined by Rahu ( foreign, jihadis ) but also have 75% benefic aspect of exalted Jupiter. Fortunately for the nurses, they were released on July 4 evening and they reached India safely the next day. The Vimsottari dasa ( reduced to one year for the horary chart) was Sun—Jupiter during 3--5 July 2014. The placement of Sun (Govt of India) in 12th house of expenditure/loss suggests that some ransom may have been paid for nurses’ release. It is noteworthy that Jupiter is vargottam and owns Bandhanmukti Saham (17Sg 08 ) too. In Jun 2014, 39 Indian construction workers were also abducted by jihadis. On May 14, 2015 Harjit, the lone survivor among them, appeared on a TV news channel and claimed that all other workers had been massacred by jihadis in July 2014. The Foreign Minister was quick to refute Harjit’ claim. A news item on this issue had also appeared in Times of India on May 16. In the above chart Moon (Nurses) as well as Mars (construction workers) are in the sign of Mercury –the owner of Bandhan saham. Moon is in the star of Sun ( Government of India) but Mars is not. So, Sun was primarily related with Moon but not with Mars. This is the astrological explanation why the plight of construction workers (Mars) did not catch attention of the Govt(Sun). Example 3. Rampal’s arrest (Nov 19, 2014. 1401 Hrs. Pune ) For the last few days media has been abuzz with the inordinate delay in arresting Rampal, a self styled Godman of Haryana. Therefore a horary chart was cast for the query “ When will Rampal be arrested ? “ The chart is shown below. The following observations are made (1) Moon is in Chitra ruled by Mars (Police) (2) Rampal ( hidden in Ashram) is appropriately shown by Rahu placed in 8th house ! Saturn represents the large number of people holed up in Rampal’s Ashram (3) Saturn has benefic argala on Rahu (Rampal) indicating his belief and hope that the ” human shield “ created by him would help him in evading arrest ! But Mars(Police) has argala on Saturn as well as Rahu ! They have to do two tasks --rescue the people and arrest Rampal ! (4) The Bandhan Saham (arrest) is 5Ge39 owned by Mercury ; the star lord being Mars. (5)The media has built up tremendous pressure and the Court has already pulled up the State Govt. So Rampal’s arrest is imminent. In any case his arrest is not going to take even a few weeks (6) Therefore, let us consider Vimsottari dasa as compressd in a very short span i.e. just a week (7) Rampal will be arrested when his luck (fortune) runs out and bad luck begins ! A look at navamsa shows that Mars placed in 8th house and debilitated Venus in maransthan are very likely to cause Rampal’s arrest. (8) The dasa of Mars—Venus (as compressed in a week) runs from 2014 Hrs to 2201Hrs on Nov 19 2014. Actual Position :-- As per TV news, Rampal was arrested at 2120 Hrs on 19/11/ 2014 i.e. precisely during Mars --Venus dasa as expected. Example 4. Government formation in J & K ( Jan 2, 2015. 1635 Hrs. Pune ) The results of Assembly election in J & K were announced on Dec 23 showing a fractured mandate given by the voters. In the initial days after results, it appeared that BJP & NC would join hands to form the Govt. BJP would have been happy to be a senior partner in that alliance. But that was not to be. Now talks are going on between PDP & BJP to form an alliance. It is not easy for the two parties with different ideologies to join hands !. Therefore a horary chart was cast to see if it gives some clue. In the chart, both Saturn ( BJP) and Mars (PDP) show opposition parties. Their relative placement (3/11) is ok but also indicates PDP’s tendency to emerge as a gainer at the cost of BJP! BJP is aware of this and treading the path cautiously. But very soon the PDP planet ( Mars) will transit to the next sign and then both planets will be in mutual kendras i.e. likely to join hands.. In a few days of this transit, the two planets will also come well within " striking longitudes (orbs) " of each other. Moon as lord of 3rd house(communication i.e.negotiation) is exalted in the lagna. Karma saham (23Cn6) is also owned by Moon in the star of Mercury. Rajya Saham—Kingdom-- (16Ar10) is owned by Mars and Mercury. In dasamsa Mercury is exalted in the lagna. So the key planets are Moon, Mercury and Mars. The (compressed ) dasa in the near future is Moon –Mercury Jan 7—11 The dasa Moon—Mercury--Mars is only for one day –Jan 9. So Govt formation is very likely during Jan 7—11 and quite likely on Jan 9. Let us see. Actual Position : The formation of elected Govt did not take place during Jan 7—11. But it is noteworthy that Jammu & Kashmir did come under Governor’s rule ( a form of Govt) during this period, precisely on Jan 9. Review : On Jan 9, 2015 Mars(PDP) was --and still is---in Kendra with Saturn(BJP). This relative placement was not sufficient. So Mars should transit to Pisces to be in trine with Saturn. Mars would move to Pisces on Feb 14, before which Government formation seems unlikely. Further, Mars and Saturn should also come within orbs of each other. Over and above this if both planets occupy Pushkar navamsas, it would further enhance the possibility of finalization of common minimum programme between the two parties, being a prerequisite for Govt formation. Mars will be well within orbs and also in Pushkar navamsa during Feb 21-25. During this period Saturn will be in Pushkar bhag. So it seems deal finalization is very likely during Feb 21—25 and may be followed by Govt formation. The (reduced) dasa will be Rahu—Jupiter. The dasa on February 23 will be Rahu---Jupiter –Mars ; Mars being the owner of Rajya saham (16Ar10). On February 23 this saham will be transited by Moon. Let us see what happens. Actual Position : The deal ( regarding Govt formation) between BJP and PDP was finalized during Feb 21—25 ( precisely on Feb 23 ) as indicated by the horary chart, vide the para above. A formal announcement to that effect was made by the top leaders of both parties on Feb 24. (This was followed by swearing in of chief minister other ministers on Mar 1, 2015 ) Example 5 A native’s sabbatical and homecoming (March14, 2015. 1142Hrs. Pune) This native has taken a sabbatical from busy routine and gone to a distant place to spend some weeks in solitude. Let us have a look at the horary chart dt 14 March 2015. Moon as 3rd lord shows journey and occupies 8th house of mysticism, hidden knowledge (secrecy), occult science etc. The dispositor of Moon is exalted Jupiter who occupies 3rd house of travel. Lagna lagna lord Venus is placed in 12th house of distant place /foreign. Venus is posited in Aswini nakshatra of spiritual planet Ketu. The dasa at the time of native’s departure from India (in February 2015) was Ketu—Rahu—Rahu. Rahu (natural significator of foreign ) is conjunct with Pardes saham-- 6Vi15-- and hence gave the result of Mercury who owns this saham and also has 75% aspect on it. When is the native likely to come back ? Swades Saham is 17Sc51 owned by sign lord Mars and nakshatra lord Mercury. This saham is in trine with Ketu and also forms Ithsal yoga with him ( Ketu ) who is the nakshatra lord of lagnesh Venus. Mars occupies 11th house (12th from 12th house ) in rasi and chaturthamdsa. Mercury is placed in 10th house (karma) in rasi and 4th house (home) in chaturthamsa. lagna lord Venus owns 9th house ( departure from present residence in foreign – 9th house is 12th from 10th house ), 4th house (home) and occupies 3rd house of journey in D-4. Considering Venus’ antardasas, the likely period of native’s coming back home (and resumption of karma ) is Venus –Mars--Mercury April 15— 16 2015. Actual Position : The native ( an important public figure) returned to Delhi on April 16, 2015 as indicated by the chart. The news of his arrival was telecast by TV channels. In the anlalysis, two sahams have been used –Pardes (going abroad ) and Swades – return from abroad. The first saham is very old and available in good astrology softwares. The second saham has been evolved by the author. It is also effective as “Badhanmukti” –release from jail/captivity. After all, both foreign and jail relate to the same house –12th. Therefore it would be better to rename it as Ghar Vapsi saham !. There is a widespread impression that sahams are meant for use in Varshaphal (Tajik/ Tithi Pravesh ) only. This is not correct. The author seen the utility of sahams in horary charts. It is advisable to use more than one sahams when possible. Additional Observations (post event study) In the above analysis only Vimsottari ( compressed ) dasa was used. Let us see the results of (compressed) rasi dasas (1a) Narayan dasa of D-1 Chart. The dasa on Apr 16 was Sg—Vi---Sc. Sagittarius owns 8th house( secrecy--exile) and Jupiter in 8th from Sg indicates end of exile ! Virgo is occupied by Rahu ( separation --change ) and lord Mercury in 10th house implies resumption of karma. Scorpio contains 10th lord Saturn (karma) as well as Ghar Vapsi saham, while both Mars and Ketu are in trine with Sc. Ketu also forms ithsal yoga with this saham. (1b) Narayan dasa of D--4. The dasa on Apr16 was Tarus (4th house –home) ---Pisces (2nd house-family) –Pisces (2) Char dasa :-- Taurus (self) –Cancer (travel) –Gemini (famlly). Second lord Mercury (in karmabhav) is in trine with Gemini. (3) Kalchakra dasa :-- Pisces (12th from 12th house) with Jupiter in 3rd house of travel --Leo (4th house –home) ---Scorpio ( explained in 1a above) All rasi dasas have given good results – the results of Narayan dasa of D-4 chart and Kalchakra dasa seem to relatively better. This illustrates the utility of application of rasi dasas in horary. Example 6 When will the PM break his silence ? ( Aug 1, 2015. 0705 Hrs. Pune ) The Prime Minister has been keeping silence since “ Lalitgate “ came to limelight in June 2015, followed by Vyapam. Congress leaders have ridiculed PM’s silence by branding it as “Lalitasan “and “Mounasan” but to no avail. Even common citizens are puzzled as the Prime Minister is known to be very vocal. So a horary chart is cast for this query-- shown below. Moon is lagna lord in own nakshatra (Sravan) posited in 7th house and aspected by Saturn. The lagna is movable occupied by three planets including 2nd lord (speech) Sun. At present Sun is in Pushya nakshatra ruled by inimical Saturn but will move to Aslesha (ruled by Mercury –speech ) in the afternoon of August 3. Hence the Prime Minister is unlikely to break his silence before Aug 4. Let us have a look at (compressed ) dasas. Vimsottari Dasa :--- Mar—Rahu during Aug 3---6, Mars –Jupiter during Aug 6--9. The latter seems more likely as Jupiter is in 2nd house (speech). Dwisaptati Sama dasa :--- Jupiter —Jupiter during Aug 2—8. Jupiter –Venus during Aug 8—14. The latter seems more likely as both Jupiter and Venus are occupants of 2nd house (speech). The period common to the two dasas is Aug 8—9. Narayan Dasa :-- Cancer—Leo Aug. 9—10. Actual Position : The Prime Minister broke his silence(on Lalitgate & Vyapam) while addressing BJP’s parivartan rally at Gaya on Aug 9. This news appeared as front page headlines “ Modi breaks silence, rejects quit call for Raje and Chouhan “ in Times of India dt. Aug 10 (Pune edition). It is noteworthy that the date common to the three dasas is Aug 9. Additional Observations ( post event study) The Vacha saham is 2Vi17. As Rahu is ahead, this saham is hemmed between Rahu and Jup/Ven. In other words, this saham has malefic influence/argala of Rahu and benefic virodhargala of Jup/Ven. Virodhargala of two benefics is more than enough to nullify the malefic influence/argala of Rahu. Argala/ Virodhargala becomes operative during the dasa of concerned planets. So, during the dasa of Jup—Ven ( who are incidentally placed in the house of speech), the saham also got activated and played its role. The planetary position w.r.t. the saham can be viewed differently as follows. Rahu’s malefic influence has damaged Vacha saham and transformed it into “ Mook saham “ –muteness. The 12th from any house signifies its negation. As Jup/Ven are placed in 12th from “ Mook saham “, during their dasa this saham got transformed back into Vacha saham ! Two negatives made it positive ! (This would not have happened if there were malefics in place of Jup/Ven) Example 7 Will the present matrimonial proposal click?(Aug 21,2015. 0905Hrs.Pune) The above question was posed to the author on August 21. At that time a certain matrimonial proposal was under active consideration of a boy and his elders. The girl is said to be very suitable in all respects and hence the boy’s elders were keen to get him get married to her. The boy is doing a high profile job whereas the girl is in a para --medical profession. Normally any girl would have given her consent promptly. But this girl is so attached to her job that she would rather miss a good husband but not lose the job ! The horary chart cast for this query shown below. Rasi is dual whereas navamsa lagna is movable. Moon occupies Libra of Venus (relation/love) but in the star Swati ruled by Rahu. Rahu signifies girl’s confusion (dilemma) and anxiety of boy’s elders. In the rasi chart, lagna lord Mercury and 7th lord Jupiter are posited in 12th house of loss, which explains non fructification of the present matrimonial proposal. Both are losers, but who is the real loser? Well, the bhagyesh Venus of boy is well placed in the house of gain suggesting that he may be lucky to get another good proposal. But the girl’s bhagyesh Mars is debilitated –weak. Further, her bhagyasthan (third house ) is occupied by Saturn, the planet of delay. Saturn is also in close conjunction with Karyasiddhi saham --4Sc31. So she is the real loser. She may not get such chance again. However, conjunction of the two bhagyesh planets ( Venus and Mars) in rasi and exchange of Mercury and Jupiter in navamsa indicate the possibility of girl’s consent at some future date. But when ? In the last week of December 2015, Mercury will be in trine with Jupiter and both planets would occupy pushkar navamsa too. But neither party could be advised to wait that long. They should consider other proposals and fix the marriage. (Such effort may not succeed if the boy and the girl are destined to marry each other, after all marriages are made in heaven ! )
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