Vaastu Remedy by Colours

Vaastu Remedy by Colours  

Manoj Kumar
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Colours play a very vital role in Vaastu Shastra. Colours used appropriately can create a positive atmosphere at home. It can also be used to rectify the Vaastu defects existing in the house. Different colours are associated with the different elements of Vaastu. For instance, blue is associated with Water, brown is with Earth, Red with fire, etc. Even in Feng Shui, colours are associated with the five elements of Feng Shui.

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Namely Water, Fire, Earth, Metal and Wood and their placements as per directions are according to the various schools defined by Feng Shui. Feng Shui broadly classifies these schools into two types. 1. Direction based school (Compass school) 2. Entry based school (Form school). Fengshui specifies some colours for these school. For instance, in direction based school the colours for North which represents Water element are blue and black and the colours for fire element which exists in the South direction are red and orange, again according to this Chinese treatise, South-East represents Wood whose colours are green and purple. In entry based school, the entry is considered to be from North irrespective of actual directions. That is why people often get confused whether to put colours according to Vaastu or according to Fengshui. If one follows Fengshui then it can either be direction based or entry based.

Hence it is advised to use colours with the combination of Vaastu colours and colour therapy (a scientific colour treatment). It helps people to get rid of the perplexion of choosing the right colours. This therapy is totally dependent on the requirement of a particular room in a particular direction. The fundamentals of colour therapy originate from the cluster of colours in the sunlight known as Vibgyor, which have strength and properties to heal many diseases. As far as the colours for the room in different direction are concerned, North-Eastern room, which is regarded as the most sacred room of the house, is recommended to be white or purple. Dark colour should be strictly avoided in this room. Southeastern room should preferably be orange, yellow where as Southwestern room should be brown, off white or peach if the bed is kept is Southeast direction, then the room should be green. Northwestern room has no colour restriction but preferably not to be complete white. Thus, different colours have different powers to adjust the positive and negative aspects of human behaviour. So different colours can be used appropriately for a better and balanced personality, which can lead to a blissful and colourful life. Powers of Different Colours Colour Positive Negative Red Stimulates strength, joy, Happiness and love. Red can raise vitality and improve poor blood circulation. Red vibration can bring fear, dangerous passion, lust and aggressiveness.

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Orange Stimulates creativity, ambition, Lively activites along with generation of pride. Excessive exposure to Orange can lead to nervousness and restlessness. Yellow Golden yellow is highly spiritual and can bring compassion and creativity. Too bright yellow is over stimulating to the psyche and nerves can cause mental irritation even to the point of destruction. Yellow also represents cowardice, prejudice, destructive domination.

Green Soothing, healing, peaceful and cool Can bring selfishness, jealousy and laziness. Blue Cooling, smoothing pain relieving. Too much blue can bring depression. Indigo Healing and stimulates creativity, growth etc. Stands for stagnation, mental fatigue and starving without success. Black Power and sexual colour Encourage the worst in people with Criminal tendencies.

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