Astrology and Prashna

Astrology and Prashna  

Anil Aggarwala
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P rashna Jyotish helps us evaluate the result of the event from the time of the happening. In such cases Mook Prashna is most helpful. Our Sages through this techniques used to infer the queries in the mind of the querist. The specifi c query or anxiety with which the person was approaching the astrologer. Mook Means silent. From Mook Prashna we can assess the query if it is of 1. Dhatu 2. Mula 3. Jeeva. These principles are used in predicting some events in the day to day happenings and it gives amazing results. Here in this article author has discussed one happening in Sept. 2014 touching the Breaking News on the TV channels. 1. Minor 3 year old girl goes missing from India Gate, New Delhi on 28th Sept. 2014 around 9.30 PM According to Janvi’s parents, residents of West Delhi’s Raghubir Nagar, they had gone to India Gate for picnic on September 28 evening. Janvi was playing in the lawn with other children when they had last seen her at 9:15 pm on CCTV footage later confi rmed as 21:21 hrs. 

Police said that the case could be of a kidnapping.The Astrology and Prashna drunken person who had hot exchange of words with Janvi's father could be involved. Police said that they are looking into the matter. The abducted girl was wearing a yellowwhite frock suit at the time of incident as reported by father of the girl. Analysis In the Prashna chart if a planet is aspecting the Lagna and is in own navamsha then the query is of a stolen or missing person, and is not misplaced. Mars here is aspecting the Lagna and is in own navamsha, hence the Case is clearly of kidnapping . Since the Female sign is rising in the Lagna and aspected by Mars it is a query of a young Girl being kidnapped. Panchang of the Day Day Sunday, Tithi SP-4 Rikta tithi, yoga vishkumbha, Lord is Saturn and Karana Vishti, Hora Venus. On Sunday hora of Venus is not good, Nakshatra Vishakha, Tithi, Yoga and karana are not good. 2nd and 5th houses are dagdha Rashi. 

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

Special features in the Prashna Chart which can bestow good results. 1. Venus Lagna Lord and Moon having close ithasala and both are in Neecha Bhang Rajyoga. 2. Jupiter exalted and about to enter 4th house of the well being of the child, since Jupiter is exalted and in movable sign , it has a role to play specially aspecting Moon and Chor Graha Mars. Jupiter is 21-28 degrees and Karaka for children as well,and close to its entering 4th house. Jupiter aspecting Mars chor Graha may change the mind of the kidnapper and may release the child. Since Jupiter is about to enter the 4th house from movable sign and difference is 30-21.28 = 8.32 degrees, the child may be released and traced after 8th Day and before the 9th Day 6th Oct. 2014 Lagna Lord Venus has exchange with Mercury who is placed in the 6th house and hence Neecha bhang rajyoag of the lagna lord in the 5th house. 

This Parameter also suggests the Rajyoga for the 5th house and the child may be released after abduction specially when Jupiter aspecting Mars. Lagna is fi xed and 7th house also fi xed has no travel and 7th Lord in 7th house and degrees over 15.00 and aspected by Jupiter from the 3rd house and Moon in the 7th house and Lagna Lord and Moon both in movable navamsha there is possibility that the child may be traced. 

1. Lagna is even Taurus, Prishtodaya and less than 15 degrees towards movable sign at the time of child's disappearance and 1,4, 7th Navamsha should be rising only then it will be a Jeeva query and the fi nal stage of the query. Hence the child has disappeared between 21:12 to 21:24 hrs. and more so near 21:24 hrs., when the 4th navamsha has changed to Aries and navamsha is about to be changed to 5th Navamsha. Whenever the navamsha is about to change the event takes place hence 21:24 hrs. has been taken (It matches very well with the fi ndings of the CCTV camera of the Police given latter 21:21 hrs. last seen )

2. Nakshatra lord of Moon is Jupiter placed in the 3rd house and owns the 8th and the 11th house and aspects the 7th house and Moon. Hence the concern is of Permanent loss. 

3. The planet aspecting the Lagna at close degrees is Mars, the 7th and 12th lord, 7th Lord is also chor graha is clearly indicating a case of kidnapping, since Mars is also the 12th lord, espionage for kidnapping.

4. Lagna Lord Venus having close ithasala with debilitated Moon, the query is pertaining to Moon signifi cations, the kidnapper may be in Tourism, waterworks, navy,fi sherman, nurse or hospital staff, working in refreshment bars. Mother is also suffering due to disappearance of the child, since Moon is signifi cator of Mother. 

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5. Between Lagna lord and 11th Lord 11th lord is stronger, hence counting from Jupiter to Moon is 5 houses hence the concern is pertaining to the 5th house and female child, since the 5th house is a female rashi. 

6. Lagna is Taurus, Prishtodaya and nakshatra lord is Moon aspected by Moon and Moon nakshatra lord relation is 5/9 axis, hence concern of 5th Lord and Progeny. 

7. Arudha Lagna is also Capricorn and aspected by Jupiter, hence query is pertaining to a child. 

8. Chaitra Rashi is Virgo and has Venus, hence the concern can be resolved by a female, since Venus take one Paksha, therefore it can take maximum 15 days for the problem to be solved. 

9. Arudha Lagna Capricorn is aspected by Jupiter a Jeeva Planet hence the concern is for a human being and a young child in question.. 

10. Future is seen from the chaitra Rashi and is Virgo,since veedi rashi is Taurus, Sun being in Virgo, which has debilitated Venus in Neecha Bhang Rajyoga, combust and Rahu in forward motion is not good for the child since it is also the 5th house and 5th and 6th lord have exchange conferring neecha bhang rajyoga to the Lagna Lord and making 5th lord also strong. After the suffering there is the possibility of the child being traced. 

11. 5th house is kidnapping and 5th lord is with Saturn, the signifi cator of captivity in the 6th house.

12. Lagnesh and Moon are having close ithasla and in the 5th house and Moon debilitated also in Rajyoga in the 7th house shows kidnapping. 

13. Lagna is Fixed and Prishtodaya sign and aspected by Prishtodaya planet Mars, hence no journey and no return, the child is in the same city. Also Lagna is fi xed and malefi c in 5, 6 and 7th house no return. There is a combination in the chart, which shows return as well, due to aspect of Jupiter on Mars. 

14. Moon in the 7th house in debilitation and with Mars the child may be traced after lot of diffi culty within 8-9 days as Jupiter is aspecting Mars, the kidnapper may change his mind to free the kidnapped child. 

This Parameter is crucial in the chart as explained above. Jupiter is exalted and about to enter the 4th house. Saturn the signifi cator for captivity is in Paap kartari yoga. Saturn is also aspecting the 8th house and 8th lord Jupiter and has future inimical ithasala with Jupiter. Saturn is also in the nakshatra of Jupiter the 8th Lord and 11th Lord. Kendras and Trikonas have predominance of malefi c which is again not good for the fructifi cation of the query. Lagna lord Venus is debilitated ,combusted with Sun and also in Rahu-Ketu axis. Moon is debilitated and just shifted from the 6th house to the 7th house is indicating the connection of Moon with the signifi cator of Captivity Saturn and then joining the chor graha Mars. 

The well being of the child is to be seen from the 4th house and 4th lord Sun is forming a rajyoga in the 5th house who is in Rahu-Ketu axis. 4th house and 4th lord has no benefi c aspect, but connected to Venus who is getting Neecha Bhang rajyoga. Jupiter exalted, 8th and 11th Lord is about to enter the 4th house and since in movable sign,hence may be released after 8th day as explained above Captivity, imprisonment and Torture is indicated when there is Prishtodaya sign aspected by malefi c and Prishtodaya planets, here in the chart Mars is closely aspecting the Lagna. Mars is Prishtodaya planet. Another classical principle is present in the chart. Prishtodaya sign rising aspected by Mars and Mercury with planet of Captivity Saturn in the 6th house it is a case of Kidnapping. Mars the cruel culprit for torture is aspecting the Lagna at very close degrees. Lagna is 10.04 and Mars is 15.57 degrees. Mars is in the nakshtra of Saturn the planet of captivity. Navamsha rising is of a malefi c Mars movable and 4th Lord of the Prashna chart exalted, shows the well being of the Child. Moon is strong and aspects Jupiter who is debilitated but again neecha bhang. 

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The Chor graha is the 7th lord Mars. The appearance of the thief is signifi ed by the planet aspecting it, since Jupiter is aspecting it, the Child of its own has moved away and lost her parents. And then latter kidnapped.It has gone in the North west direction and in the same city nearby. If the child is not traced within 9 days then it is a matter of concern. The strongest planet about to enter the 4th house is Jupiter and 21 degrees and in a movable sign and also aspecting Moon and the 7th house, hence the child can be traced within 8-9 days and with the help of Police only it can be accomplished. If it does not happen in 9 days then tracing will be diffi cult. Clothes worn by the child : Since the Lagna is Taurus the girl kidnapped will be wearing white clothes. 7th house and lord is aspected by Jupiter strong hence the kidnapping is done in public and at night since nocturnal sign is rising in the Lagna. 

Appearance of the thief : 2nd D3 is rising in the Lagna so the person who has kidnapped the girl is a male and wearing dirty clothes, may be agriculturist, dairy farming, neck like a bull, face like a ram or goat, thick lowerlip, hungry high minded and fi rm in action. May be gentle in behaviour. Since the strongest planet in the Kendra is Mars it can also have the signifi cations of Mars, since male planets are infl uencing the 7th house, the sex of the kidnapper is male, more so since the navamsha rising is also a male sign caste of the thief is from the lagna lord and if it is Jupiter or Venus then it is Brahmin. Direction : Lagna nakshatra is of Moon and Moon signifi es North west direction where the kidnapper has gone. Place of Captivation : Since the 7th Lord is placed in 7th house and aspecting Lagna from Scorpio the place of captivation could be near cremation grounds, caves, hollow ground, near a pond or a lake grass is in habitation, ground of ant hills, near water tanks, Workshop of blacksmiths, since Jupiter is aspecting Moon it may be at a place higher then the ground.

Distance of the kidnapped child : Arudha Lagna is Sagittarius, hence not far from the place of kidnapping, now lagna is in the 4th navamsha and about to complete 4 navamsha, hence the kidnapped child is located as follows, since 5 navamsha = 13 kilometers and here it is 4 navamsha about to be completed, hence the kidnapped child will be located at about a distance of 13/5x4=10.4- 13 Kms in the Northwest di rection. As per Police 3-year old girl, Janvi, who went missing since last Sunday from India Gate, was found from Lajwanti Garden in Janakpuri by Delhi Police. Around 8-00 pm on the 5th Oct. 2014 and exactly after 8 days of the abduction as per the above analysis and also in the NothWest Direction and about 13 Kms from India Gate.

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