New Maths for "Zero and "18"

New Maths for "Zero and "18"  

Prasant Nair
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Z ero could come in our lives in so many forms. It could present in any simple yet important numbers like vehicle, bank account or mobile number, cricket score, match stats etc. And it could be present in numerological chart or an event too. How far and how correctly has the ‘maths’ related with numerology numbers ‘0’ and ‘18’ been trapped and understood by us? And how do we interpret the ‘effect’ of both the numbers when we are predicting any event’s success?

Contrary to what ancient texts might prescribe, latest research and mathematical testing [based on numerological concepts] highlight that number zero exactly equals eighteen, both the numbers are ruled by Pluto, both produces the same effect - defeat. When we are dealing with ‘nine’, whether in numerology, vedic maths or nine check rule, we come across the concept of ‘neglecting’ extra nines from the number to arrive at the root number. But these extra ‘nines’ are not something to be neglected so casually.

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Research reveals that we should take care of zero, double nine and eighteen. Prasant Nair A tiny creature can tumble a mighty thing, the effect of a mere ‘zero’ can be devastating at times. Predicting the future event, sports winner, election/ exam results, lucky age and many other things might encounter extra nines. We have to cautiously deal with those nines in ‘mathematical’ manner. As said, we should never miss a zero, double nine and an eighteen. There are few special concepts and maths related with it, they are to be applied and then the case be analyzed, results predicted.

Here, it is important to note that the whole discussion is related with predicting future event’s success or failure, and not about the nature and qualities of persons born on date 18 or name number ending with eighteen/zero. They might be carrying altogether different meaning. Every number, from 1 to 9, is ruled by some planet or the other of our solar system. Number 9 is ruled by Mars which is known for its fi erce nature. Mars creates cuts, wounds, accidents, produces murders besides good meanings and persons too. Zero and eighteen do the same if we analyze the ‘case’ from ‘mathematical’ side of numerology.

India has been the game changer in the fi eld of development of ‘zero’. India, itself, is contributing the new concepts and maths related with numerology numbers ‘zero’ and ‘eighteen’. Let's learn the basics about the matrix numerology fi rst, then only you will have a complete feel of the whole topic. An insight into matrix numerology method Any person or event is affected by primarily two things – date and destiny of that date. Destiny means added total of the full date, including month and year value. While date represents the initial happenings and fate, the destiny indicates the future luck. Like, in case of fi lm release, the date gives an idea about the opening day fi gures and success, the destiny number would represent the fi nal success and verdict for the fi lm.

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Generally, date and destiny of a person or an event are analyzed together just in an analytical manner. Certain combinations of date and destiny promote success, certain combinations creates hindrances and pulls down luck. Matrix, the more scientifi c version of analysis, combines the birth date and destiny numbers in mathematical sense to analyze a particular numerological chart. In the matrix method, we mathematically add them together and do other operations on it. We create individual matrix for the person or the event by writing the destiny number below the date, both in compound digit form.

The digits of the birth date gets linked up with those of the destiny number due to this and the vertical and diagonal numbers too shows up which were not noticed in the ordinary methods. We add and write down the sum of birth date and destiny as well. Suppose, we are studying the case of a person with date of birth in 27 and destiny 13, his matrix would look like- 27 + 13 = 40 Other numbers of his matrix chart comes as 73, 21, 23, 17 [besides the main numbers- 27, 13, 40]. Much to our pleasure, this whole operation feels so similar to the determinant and matrix based mathematical concepts, especially the use of vertical and the diagonal sections. With the beginning and future happenings already known by the birth date and destiny, respectively, the right vertical number now hints at the happening during the middle portion of the person’s life.

All these are quickly understood while analyzing a particular day’s numerological chart for share market trading. Coming back to our concern with ‘zero’, a ‘zero’ might be present in any of the seven numbers of the of a particular matrix chart. His birth date or destiny number could be having a zero, like birth date 10, 20, 30. Even in the matrix total, like the ‘40’ in the above case. Or might get created as per special rules. When there is a zero, the prediction would depend heavily upon the special rules stated for zero. Before knowing the rules, the mathematics of zero needs a detailed explanation.

The Mathematics of Zero ‘Zero’ equals 18 The new research clearly tells us that a zero in the numerological chart is formed only when there are two nines. In terms of maths, zero equals exactly eighteen. 0=18 And like wise, 18=0 A mere nine or several nines or any number having bejaank value 9 is not a zero. Common man always consider ‘Zero’ just as a lose term and he senses no difference between 0, 00, 000, 9, or 27.

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Even the bejank concept [used in vedic maths and numerology] just brush aside extra 9s and 0s considering both as zero. But for advance predictive methods under numerology, we should take full care of zero and creators of zero, namely 99 and 18. Equations of Zero A zero, in numerology analysis, could be formed in few main ways. The equations of zero is remarkably different in numerology than in proper algebraic mathematics. Yet, it is ‘mathematical’ and proper maths is applied on them at further levels. As already explained earlier, a ‘zero’ is numerologically equal to ‘eighteen’. Further, double nines are also equal to zero. It should have meant ninety-nine but in numerology, it is different. It represents number ‘18’ and as a consequence, number ‘zero’ Whenever, two nines come side by side, it becomes an ‘18’.

Of course, we are talking about numerology methods, not algebraic maths. And this gives the effect and results of ‘zero’. In numerology predictive methods, number 36 too plays an important role. And this number is composed of double 18. So, when there are double zeros in the analysis, it is numerically equally to 36. So, a brief summary of the equations of zero, to be remembered as important rule, is as follows- 0 = 18 18 = 0 99 = 18 99 = 0 00 = 36 Few additative and multiplicative rules too apply when we are dealing with zero- 8 + 9 = 18 54 × 2 = 18 0 - 8 = 9 Predicting Success/Failure By Observing Zero Numbers, zero and 18, are controlled by planet Pluto. When we are predicting success or failure, only the harmful effects of Pluto is considered.

As per astrology, this planet [also known as Gulikya] gives defeat in our mission. Hence ‘zero’, which is ruled by Pluto, too gives defeat. Everything matching but an extra ‘0’ present there might create defeat in our mission. Many pundits feel surprised to see that even with such a perfect matching, success was not achieved. Just reanalyze the case and check whether there was a ‘zero’? Prediction Rule - '0' indicates / gives defeat An extra ‘zero’ leads to failure when it combines with one’s lucky number. Suppose, your lucky number is 15. If you stay in hotel room number 105 or 150, you might land into serious troubles. India’s independence date total is 35, and it has lost cricket matches to opponents when the deciding score/target come 305. Akshay Kumar’s destiny number is 41 and he lost the battle to Emraan Hashmi when it came to OUATIM sequel. The new fi lm spelling, modifi ed several times, yet added to number 104. The fi lm went into oblivion. Just because of an extra ‘zero’ present along with his lucky number 41.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

In the ongoing Australian T20 big bash series, one of the team ‘Sydney Thunder’ [numerological value = 50], lost matches on both the occasions when the 1st wicket fell at the score of 5. The absence of zero created defeat in their case. The winner prediction was just so simple for those two matches. The concept ‘zero indicates/gives defeat’ is highly important in the matrix numerology method. The stress on ‘extra’ zero is not a vague thing. There might be a zero present in our birth numerology itself, like birth date could be 10 or destiny 40. A single zero in event date won’t be harmful in his case because he is himself carrying a zero. In fact, absence of zero in event numbers might harm him. Further, presence of 00 might harm him.

Revisiting number 18 Number 18 has never been a favourite in numerology system, it reminds us of its unlucky nature and meanings. But, when we see number 18 as the exact version of zero, we need to concentrate only on its ‘defeat’ nature. ‘Look before you leap’ phrase applies perfectly on this ‘zero and 18’. We need to remember its defeating nature, and hence, handle those events with caution. The defeat number zero or 18 could be present in either forms- visible or invisible form. The details related with visible form of ‘zero’ being detailed in full, lets move to the invisible form. Zero present in invisible form Defi cit by 18 creates 0 When the event stats is showing numbers similar to the person’s number yet less by exact 18, it creates a 0 automatically and indicates/leads to defeat.

Suppose a person’s destiny number [added total of your full birth date] is 32, then date 14 every month might prove less lucky or even harmful for you. In case he is a captain or team owner, the team name’s dermatological value adding to 14 might give him failures more. Such a person should avoid, if he is an actor, fi lm title value in 14. In many cases, it creates pure defeat, in few cases, average success. Actor Salman khan’s last year release Jai Ho failed to impress the fans, partly due to numerology too. The fi lm title was set to number 6 series so that it could match with the actor’s destiny 33.

While Salman’s destiny number, i.e. the full birth date total, added to number 33, fi lm title added to number 33. JAI HO 111 5 7 = 15 The defi cit by 18 concept showed its negative effect and spoiled the whole affair. When predicting cricket match results, election results and many other events, the above concept need to be taken care of besides the other normal rules. 8 and 9 creates 18 While 8 stands for Saturn, number 9 is represented by planet Mars. The normal maths logic suggest that 8 and 9 should add to 17. But, actually, both merges together to form 18! This thing has been observed on many occasions and in relation with many events – life events, sports, stock market and others. ‘Zero’ Created by Digit Reversal Sometimes, there might not be a visible 18 or a 0. A defi cit by an exact 18 creates a zero, this has been detailed above. Now, there are certain cases in which ‘defi cit by 18’ number is almost similar to original number, just that their digits are in reversed order.

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

Hope you have yourself played with number pairs. There is ‘difference of 18’ i.e. ‘defi cit by 18’ in each case - 13 – 31 35 – 53 46 – 64 All of them are based on mere reversal of digits – unit digits moving to ten’ place and vice versa. AND, the difference of values in each pair is exactly an 18. Of the two numbers in the pair, one might be your birth date or destiny number and the other could be present in the event numerology. This is indicative of a ‘hidden zero’ present and upcoming defeat for him. This is the extension of the case of ‘hidden 0’. Since these kinds of pairs attract our attention instantly, we can spot the ‘hidden zero’ easily. And for the same reasons, this ‘creation of zero due to reversed digits’ has been given separate attention.

Pleasures Of Number ‘0’ Even Raavan was not all evil, he had the shades of quality saint too. Likewise, Zero is bad when it comes along with our personal birth numbers. In numerology meanings related with number ending with 0, most of the numbers are ok [in fact, special]. 10, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 are quite good. When zero nears 3 or 8, it produces heavy wealth. This is observed astrologically too.

When we analyze any astro chart for stock trading, when Pluto [zero] is squaring or conjunct Saturn or Jupiter, such days, the income level remains high. The silent expansion of zero When there is a zero in any number, there is an extra 18 hidden in the number which might expand at times [matching particular situations] and give the results of the expanded number- 10 = 10 + 18 = 28. Likewise, 20 = 38 30 = 48 40 = 58 50 = 68 60 = 78 80 = 98 The above concept proves useful when predicting the lucky age for a person [our age turns lucky when it matches with our birth date, full birth date total]. Quite to the shock of the audience, Abhishek Bachchan received best comedy actor for Happy New Year movie which has a dermatological value 48.

The destiny number of the actor is 30. This is a practical example of the expansion of 30 to 48. It is interesting thing that the expansion [i.e. From left to right of the equation is producing good results. But, when we vision it from right to left, the ‘defi cit by 18’ concept comes into operation and indicates failures. This point has to be taken care of. Anti-dote for Zero’ Defect Any bad defect always demand for a remedy, something which can nullify the harmful effects. While in astrology, harmful effects of a bad planet in a person’s horoscope is cancelled by a good planet, it is quite opposite in numerology.

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !


Remedy master 7 The defects of a zero could be, remarkably, cancelled by a 7. Number ‘seven’, when present near that zero in the event numbers, can easily nullify the ‘defeat’ effect of zero. Like, the score 218 means defeat of the captain having birth date 2 because the ‘eighteen’ section is actually a zero and the total is 20. Now suppose, the full score pattern is 218/7 The 7, on the right, has the potential to completely cancel zero of 20. And the team might actually win. 7 Cancels '0' In such situations where we can’t avoid a zero, we can add a 7 to it and the possible harms of zero might get cancelled.

Even Count of Zeroes Another remedy is the presence of yet another zero. Then, they would total to 36 which doesn’t give any defeat effect. 0 Cancels 0 Means, double zero = no defeat Practical application example- The above concept could be effectively employed while selecting lucky mobile or bank a/c number. If all the available options have a zero, among them, we should select the number which has a 7 too in it. Or else, there are even numbers of ‘zeroes’, give preference to it over odd count of zeroes.

So, that's all? Till now, this all what have been found out about ‘maths related with zero’ in the new research work. There is a storehouse of many new correct concepts which we will be presenting soon. This could just be the beginning, there might be more to be discovered by mankind in future. One point to be remembered is that, correct concepts produces correct results which can be tested in visible form.

There are so many things which refl ects the visible results of predictions and concepts, cricket match details, stock indices, exam marks, election results in terms of seats won and many more. Validate only such new fi ndings which produces the exact numerical results as predicted.

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