Gulika/ Mandi and Astamsa of Rahu

Gulika/ Mandi and Astamsa of Rahu  

Raghvendra Khare
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A ll planets have their sub planet then why should be Rahu ignored! Perhaps it`s shadowy existence. But why we divide the day into eight equal parts! Why we should put aside a part without its identifi cation! It is the part of Rahu and rises after Saturn`s part. Gulika and Mandi may be same. Calculate the ascendant for the beginning portion of Rahu`s Astamsh. It is Rahu Kaal. It acts just like Rahu. When it is posited in the ascendant, create hypocrite, deceitful, mischievous personality. It can hamper good quality and attitude of a good planet or house and worsen the quality of malefi c planet to which it joins.

Let us see some examplesChart 1: Swami Nityanand : January 1, 1978 at 00h 32m at 79E05, 12N15 (Tiruvannamalai, TN), Ayanamsa-Lahiri Sun rise- 6h34m12s, Sun set-17h59m09s or 17.9858 hour and next Sun rise- 6h34m36s or 6.576 hours IST This is the matter of Saturday night. So we have to calculate night duration that isnext sun rise – sun set = 6.576 hour (+24 hour) – 17.9858 hour = 12.59017 hours or 12 hours 35 minutes and 24 seconds Now divide it into eight equal parts as there are total eight Astamsa. So we get the duration of one part that is 1.574 hours or 1 hour 34 minute 27 seconds. The night of any day is equal to fi fth day from day in question. So night of Saturday is equal to Wednesday.

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So fi rst Astamsa is of Mercury, fourth Astamsa is of Saturn and fi fth Astamsa is of Rahu. Rahu`s period always comes after Saturn. So period of Saturn (4th part) started from 22.7068 hours of previous date as date changed from 24 hours. Calculating ascendant at this time will provide the longitude of Gulika, the part of Saturn. Rahu`s period (5th part) started from 24.281 hours or 00 h 16m 51s. Calculating ascendant at this moment will provide the longitude of Rahu Kaal the part of Rahu. In this case it is 5-17/20. So Rahu kaal is posited over Virgo sign. Now see his birth chartThe Rahu Kaal is posited in the ascendant with Rahu adding fuel to fi re.

Rahu alone is not so bad but its association with Rahu Kaal in the ascendant made him hypocrite, mischievous and lascivious. His sex scandal is known to all. The Moon is mind and a planet get affl iction by the presence of malefi c in his star. The Rahu and its sub planet Rahu Kaal is posited over the star of Moon. Chart 2: Asaram Bapu: April 17, 1941 at 12h. 00m. at 68E22, 25N22 (Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan), Ayanamsa-Lahiri The Rahu Kaal is at sign Gemini of 18 degrees and 30 minutes. He is in the jail on account of his sexual assault and misdoings. The Rahu Kaal in the ascendant at sign Gemini has made him a man of hypocrite personality. The Moon is also within the aspect of it in both Vargas. So his mind becomes the seat of devil.

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* Longitude of Rahu Kaal in the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 7th, 8th or in the 9th house either from ascendant or from Navamsa can cause a horoscope sensitive for snake biting. Chart 3: June 9, 2007 at 22h. 30m. at 77E28, 23N17 (Bhopal) Rahu Kaal is at sign Aquarius of 19 degrees and twenty minutes. She gets her early end by snake biting. The Rahu Kaal is posited in the 2nd house with Rahu made her sensitive to snake biting.

* The predictive rules given in the classical text by the name of Gulika or Mandi are related with only part of Saturn. We can take Uttarakalamrat written by Kaalidas is an exemption. The rules given in this book are only related with Rahu Kaal since his method of calculation provides the longitude of Rahu Kaal and not of Gulika or Mandi which is the part of Saturn.

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