Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi  

Raghvendra Khare
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Now let us search his Moon sign and star, taking help from the horoscopes of his close relatives. In this process, we shall examine the horoscopes of his father, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, his mother Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and his sister Smt. Priyanka Gandhi. In this pursuit, we shall apply following rules of astrology.

• Take the house representing certain relation as the 5th house for son and 11th house for elder brother. Take the Navamsha sign of that certain house lord, the Moon sign may be trine and 7th to it for certain relation. Or the aspected sign by that house lord may also be his Moon sign. We shall also apply this rule to the natural and Char Karak planet of said relation. 

• Add the longitude of ascendant lord to the house lord in concern. The resultant sign or its Navamsha sign may be the Moon sign of relative represented by that house. Add the longitude of Atmakarak to the Char Karak representing certain relation. The resultant Rashi or its Navamsha sign may be the Moon sign of relative represented by that Char Karak. 

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• We shall also consider the sign occupied by certain house lord and trine sign in the Rashi chart (D-1) for safe conclusion, though more emphasis is given to the Navamsha position in the text book of astrology. We shall also provide more weight to the Navamsha position but not ignoring at all the position of Rashi chart, though the decisive factor is the strength of that planet in the Rashi or in the Navamsha chart. The judging process of strength of planets always not so easy and conclusive often leads to confusion. So we shall provide 60 marks to the navamsha position and 40 marks to the position of Rashi chart. 

• Secondly we shall consider the 7th trine signs also in the safest way, as if the said lord posited in odd sign then we shall consider all the odd signs and if the said lord posited in the even sign then we shall consider all the even sign. A planet always aspect the 7th sign from it and trine sign also may provide same result according to the rules of astrology. Hence it is logical to consider the 7th trine signs. Here we have to finalize only the one from Scorpio and Sagittarius. So if we get odd or even sign as a result, then his moon sign will be clear; and once the moon sign become final, the Moon star automatically will be concluded. 

• First of all, let us examine the horoscope of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi the mother of the native and most reliable and authentic relation. The native is a first child of her. Her birth detail and horoscope is as under- 09/12/1946, 21/30 hour at Turin (Italy); the time zone of the place is +1/00 hour and no day light saving scheme observe. Monday, K-2, Shubha Yoga and taitil Karan Ascendant= 3-23/58, the 5th house- 7-16/12 as per method of Sripati, Atmakarak – Sun, Putra Karak-Moon Applying the rule one, the 5th lord Mars posited in odd sign in both Vargas.

It occupied the sign Sagittarius in the D-1 chart, not aspecting sign Scorpio and sign Aries in the D-9 chart. The sign Sagittarius is a trine sign from sign Aries. Mars aspects sign Scorpio in the Navamsha. So we can’t draw any conclusion from D-9 chart but the probability of odd signs is more in the D-1 charts. Hence we will provide all the 40 marks of D-1 chart to the sign Sagittarius and 30-30 marks out of 60 for both signs of D-9 chart. The score is – Sagittarius = 40 + 30 = 70 Scorpio= 00 + 30 = 30 (By the way the second child of the native comes under the significance of the 7th house and the marriage partner also comes under the control of the 7th house. 

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In this case the 7th lord Saturn posited in the Scorpio sign in the Navamsha diagram and aspecting to the sign Leo by its 10th aspect. So the Moon sign of her second child (Priyanka) is Scorpio and the Moon sign of her husband was Leo.) The natural Karak for children is Jupiter and posited in odd sign in the both Vargas, aspecting sign Sagittarius in the D-9 chart is an extra plus point for sign Sagittarius. There is no aspect to the sign Scorpio in the both Vargas. Hence the score is- Sagittarius= 70+ (40+60) =170 -Scorpio= 30 + 00 = 30 The Putra Karak planet is Moon and posited in the odd sign in both Vargas. 

The aspect to the sign Sagittarius in the D-1 chart and position over the sign Sagittarius in the D-9 chart are extra plus points for sign Sagittarius. There is no aspect to the sign Scorpio in the both Vargas. Hence the score is- Sagittarius- 170 + (40 + 60) = 270 Scorpio – 30 + 00 = 30 Now applying the second rule- The 1st lord Moon= 2-9/51 and the 5th lord Mars= 8-1/10, adding together we get = 10-11/01 the sign Aquarius with Capricorn Navamsha. The odd sign with even sign in the Navamsha. So we will provide 40 marks to the sign Sagittarius and for sign Scorpio 60 marks. 

Hence the score is - Sagittarius= 270 + 40 = 310 Scorpio= 30 + 60 = 90 The Atmakarak Sun = 7-24/04 and the Putrakarak Moon= 2-9/51; adding together we get = 10-3/55 the sign Aquarius with Scorpio Navamsha; again odd sign with even Navamsha. Now the score is- Sagittarius-310 + 40 = 350 Scorpio- 90 + 60 = 150 The sign Sagittarius has astonishing augment over sign Scorpio. Hence we can safely conclude his Moon sign as a Sagittarius sign and not the sign Scorpio, from this horoscope. 2. Now, let us examine the horoscope of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, his father.

What was in vogue his horoscope of Leo ascendant is wrong and the horoscope of Virgo ascendant is correct one. 20/08/1944, 9/22/31 hour, war time at Mumbai (18N58 & 72E50) Sunday, S-2 and Shiva Yoga Ascendant= 5-01/30; the 5th house= 9-01/37 Sun=4-3/52 ; Moon = 4 - 17 / 43 / 43; Mars=5- 01/13; Mercury (AK) = 4-28/35; Jupiter (PK) = 4-12/13; Venus= 4-18/43; Saturn=2-14/13 and Rahu=3-4/24

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