Dreaded T-Junction, Overhead Beam & Fengshui Cures

Dreaded T-Junction, Overhead Beam & Fengshui Cures  

Manoj Kumar
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The Dreaded T-Junction In Feng Shui, Chi should flow slowly. If Chi is allowed to accelerate, as in a straight line, then the resultant fast flowing Chi becomes destructive and anyone standing in its path will suffer. The T-junction is an example of how Chi can accelerate and then bring to a sudden stop by the house located at the intersection. The occupants are the ones that will bear the brunt of the destructive Chi. Logically it makes sense too.

There have been many cases of cars crashing into such homes either due to mechanical malfunction, drunk driving or simply due to carelessness. Also during the night time the headlights from vehicle at the intersection can disturb the occupants and prevent them from getting a good night’s rest. What is less obvious is the noxious fumes emitted by the vehicles that rush towards the house. In the long run, it can affect the health of the occupants.

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The same applies to a Y-junction which is quite similar to the T-junction and suffers from the same problem. Such a house should not be bought. You will very likely find difficulty in securing a buyer or may be forced to accept a lower resale price. What if you are already staying in such a house and cannot move? You can block the strong incoming bad Chi using a wall or hedges. You can also relocate the main point so that it does not directly face the T-junction. In the long run, and especially if the traffic is heavy at the intersection, you are still better off moving to a more Feng Shui compliant house. Normally on both sides of the road leading to the intersection are trees or other houses which forms a channel. This channel acts as a guide that directs the wind (which contains ‘Chi’) very quickly towards the house.

To the ancient Feng Shui sages, slow moving ‘Chi’ is auspicious while fast moving ‘Chi’ is inauspicious and like a poison arrow or ‘sha’ that attacks the house. Also when cars approach the T junction, they create a low pressure area behind them. The surrounding air rushes to fill them in the process creates an air stream that follows the cars. When the cars turn at the intersection of the T-junction, the air stream does not turn with the cars but instead continues on a straight course towards the house generating more ‘sha’. As a general rule, it is not favourable to live in a house that faces a T-junction. There are however exceptions. If the traffic leading to the intersection is light or if the road leading to the intersection is short, then it is acceptable as the ‘sha’ or poison arrow thus generated is weak and unlikely to create much problem. Nevertheless, if you have not purchased the house, it is better to buy one that is not located at the T.

The Flying Star School applies the principle that the surrounding form activates the star. Take the example of a period 7 house (built between 1984 and 2004) facing S1. The water (or wealth) star number 7 is located at the front. During period 7 (between 1984 and 2004) the water star 7 is highly auspicious. It is further strengthened if there is water in front of the house. Water can be real like a lake or river or virtual like a field or lower ground. It is also represented by movement. A T-junction in the front of the house is like water (movement) and it activates the auspicious water star of 7 thus bringing wealth (career also brings wealth) to the occupants. However, this can change with the passage of time. In the current period (8), the star number 7 is no longer auspicious. In fact it is linked to losses and injuries.

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Now instead of the traffic at the T-junction activating an auspicious star, now they are activating an inauspicious star with the potential to create losses - money and otherwise – and injuries. You can expect the luck of the occupants to take a turn for the worst. This is another reason why you should avoid living in a house that is located at the T-junction. Or if you are currently living in one and enjoying good fortune, be sure to know when to get out or carry out major renovation to effect a change in the period of the house. The Overhead Beam In Feng Shui study, the overhead beam is believed to generate downwards cutting (and inauspicious) Chi. If you sit or sleep underneath such beams for extended period of time, you may end up with illnesses or suffer relationship problems. Overhead beams are however a feature of most houses. If you are sitting or sleeping underneath, first of all you have to do is to reposition your chair or bed and avoid them completely.

But what if you cannot avoid them? It is recommend that you install a plasterboard (or similar) ceiling to shield the offending beam. In addition to where you sit or sleep, watch out for overhead beams over your stove and altar. The stove is a very important component of Feng Shui and an overhead beam pressing down on it is inauspicious. The Altar on the other hand is sacred and should be protected. Another area to look out for it is the main door. In some houses it is seen that one end of the overbeam rest on top of the door frame. This should be avoided. Overhead beams over locations that are infrequently used, for example the storeroom are not a problem. Feng Shui Cures The best thing to do if you suffer from a serious affliction is to move to another place. However if the afflictions are not so serious or you simply cannot move then you can apply Feng Shui cures to soften the impact. Let’s say that your house is located at the intersection of a busy ‘T’ or ‘Y’ junction is exposed to ‘killing’ or ‘sha’ energies.

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The cure would be to build a structure like a high wall fence between the road and the home to block off the ‘sha’. This is an example of a cure by blocking. Some experts will recommend placing a shiny metal plate to reflect the killing ‘sha’ Chi. This is an example of a Feng Shui cure by reflecting or deflecting. Suppose that your main door is directly facing a lamp post. You can relocate your main door or change the direction so that it does not face the lamp post. This is a feng shui cure by avoiding. Let’s move into the house. Suppose the dining area of your house sits in a sector that is afflicted by the inauspicious earth energy of 2 and 5 that relates to illness and misfortune. Let’s also suppose that you cannot use any other area for dining. What can you do? In the study of Feng Shui, we know that one Chi can affect another.

For example in the exhaustive cycle of the Five Elements, metal can reduce earth Chi. In this situation, It can be recommended to keep metal in the dining area. This may be in the form of a clock with a large metal pendulum that chimes. Let’s suppose that your main door sits in a sector that has the metal stars 6 and 7 during a period where the star 7 is inauspicious. In this situation, recommendation should be made to move the door because 6 and 7 is associated with robbery and accidents (in the current period of 8). But let’s say that the door cannot be relocated. I would recommend placing a bowl of still water next to the door. Why? In the cycle of the Five Elements, metal produces water. In the process of producing water the metal energy is exhausted. Placing water exhaust the inauspicious metal energy. This is an example of a Feng Shui cure using the Five Elements.

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