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Normally known as the “khara” drekkana, and its lord “kharesha”, the 22nd Drekkana brings a sense of fear, simply by being associated with the dreaded 8th house of the chart. Literally meaning harsh, rough, donkey, insensitive, sharp-edged, cruel etc., the kharesha is considered one of the “chhidra grahas” (planets that have the potency to be fatal during their dasha).

How and where to locate this “cause of concern”? Although most of the available software would provide the information straightaway yet a simple way to locate at the 22nd drekkana is to place the degree of the lagna in the 8th house and find out the drekkana using the sign of the 8th house and degrees of the lagna. For example if the lagna falls at 22 degrees in Capricorn, then just move the lagna degrees to the 8th house i.e. Leo. Now with 22 degrees Leo (3rd drekkana of Leo), the drekkana falls in Aries. Hence Aries is the seat for 22nd Drekkana and lord Mars is the kharesha.

So what is the “cause of concern”? Since the kharesha is calculated from lagna, it is deemed to bring harm of physical nature. According to classical texts the Kharesha can indicate the cause of death and even indicate the dosha that triggers and promotes the cause. Apart from the lagna, 22nd Drekkana can be calculated for all the houses and also from Moon, wherein it indicates mental agony and distress. However it should be noted that the intensity of harm caused by the khara drekkana and kharesha depends upon the affliction to both the entities. The affliction of kharesha by malefics, PAC of kharesha with 6/8/12 houses or lords especially the 8th lord enhances the gravity of the situation.

The next level of “cause of concern” is how each of the planetary energy behaves when it assumes the role of 22nd drekkana lord? Every planet has pre-defined roles with reference to the anatomy and physiology of the human body. And this distinction is on the basis of the nature and tatwa of the planets. Fusing the role of the kharesha with its inherent humor, let’s find out how each one of the seven heavenly bodies manifests themselves in a particular chart.

Sun – The “Aarogaya karaka” has a fiery (agni) tatwa and bilious (pitta) humor. It is deemed to be karaka for general vitality, brain, heart, spine, long bones, process of digestion, immune system etc. So when Sun gets into the role of the kharesha, it tends to weaken the disease fighting capacity of the body resulting in a delicate constitution, prone to frequent ailments. The pitta balance of the body suffers leading to improper digestion, skin irritations, peptic ulcers, heartburn, fevers etc. Depending on further negative influences on Sun, it impacts functioning of heart, brain disorders, weak eye-sight, weakness of the skeletal framework and overall imbalance of metabolic processes of the body.

Moon – The “Mano karaka” is watery (jala) tatwa and its humor is phlegmatic (kapha). Karaka for mind, Moon owns the functioning of heart, circulation of the liquid portions of the blood (plasma), lymph and other body fluids, sense of taste, bronchi and the lungs. In female chart, Moon has control over various generative organs like uterus, ovaries and processes like ovulation, lactation and menstrual cycle. As a lord of 22nd drekkana, Moon can bring about emotional psychiatric issues, poor sense of taste, respiratory disorders, tuberculosis, hormonal imbalance disease of uterus and ovaries, menstrual disorders and a weakness of heart. A Kapha imbalance can lead to weight gain, fluid retention, allergies and laziness.

Mars – The “Shakti karaka” is all fiery and bilious. Anatomically handling the head and brain, cellular components of blood (RBCs, platelets, WBCs), haemoglobin, bone marrow, external genitals in males, process of defaecation, veins & arteries and muscles. Together with Moon, it controls the menstrual cycle in females. When the Martian energy gets the shade of kharesha, the pitta harmony in the body is disturbed leading to inflammations, acne and eruptions. Apart from this it can instigate high blood pressure, menstrual disorders in women, haemorrhages, anaemia, painful defaecation, sexual problems in men and muscular troubles etc.

Mercury – The “Buddhi karaka” has its say in all the three humors – vatta, pitta, kapha and by nature is prithvi tatwa. Functions of the skin, larynx and voice production, intelligence, bronchial tubes, pulmonary circulation, thyroid gland, sensory nerves, vital fluid in nerves, vocal cords, ears, sight, tongue, sense perception all fall under the command of Mercury. As the impressionable Mercury gets to become the 22nd drekkana lord, all the three humors have their contribution in shaping up the disease. From skin disorders like leukoderma to nose to ENT problems, from disease of the gall bladder to nervous maladies, from thyroid to ear ailments, Mercury gets its anatomical say into whatever is involved in communication process.

Jupiter – The “Vriddhi Karaka” Jupiter rules the aakash (Ether) tatwa and is phlegmatic in humor. It handles the portfolio of digestive system (eating), tongue & taste, digestive enzymes, fat cells in body, liver and pancreas, faculty of hearing, regeneration of the cells after disease and injury and growth of all organs of the body. When the benign Jupiter turns kharesha, it can trigger digestive disorders, diabetes, liver ailments (jaundice), disposition of fat in the body leading to obesity, phlegmatic diseases of respiratory system such as bronchitis, excessive growth of cells of various organs in form of tumours and malignancies.

Venus – The “Sukha karaka” Venus is jala tatwa and has vatta-kapha humor. The planet of beauty and luxury anatomically has under its portfolio face, eyes, hair, kidneys, urine production and process of excretion of urine, sperms in male, reproductive organs & hormones in females, thymus gland, venous circulation and metabolism of glucose in body. When this benefic turns lord of the 22nd drekkana, the imbalance of vatta-kapha causes a pale complexion, hair disorders, lack of lustre in eyes. Other health issues due to afflictions to Venus are disorders of urinary bladder & urethra, diabetes, kidney problems and infertility problem in both males and females.

Saturn – The “Karma karaka” Saturn rules over vayu tatwa and its humor is vatta. The ringed planet rules over connective tissues like tendons, ligaments, joints in the body, outer skin, flat bones like ribs and sternum, Gall bladder, teeth, ageing process, degeneration of various tissues of the body, blockages & contractions and knees. As Saturn lords over the 22nd drekkana, the vatta discrepancy leads to problems w.r.t blood flow, elimination of wastes, breathing and even thought process. Chronicity of disease and degeneration process are highlights of Saturn’s 22nd drekkana lord avataar. Dental problems, joint pains, paralysis, rheumatism, arthritis, gout, skin diseases, dementia are few other health issues associated with Saturn.

The above is a generalised view of various planetary energies in the role of 22nd drekkana lord, subject to modification as per their placement, association and conjunctions. As it is said ‘Prevention is better than Cure”, an appropriate study of the kharesha along with its connection to the 6th, 8th and 12th houses, influences in the dasha-bhukti, transits can help trace the disease and the cause. A healthy body hosts a sound mind and sound mind is capable of dealing with the ups & downs of life, as stipulated by one’s past karmas.

Ritu Bhatnagar


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