Ritu Bhatnagar
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Chandrama Manaso Jatha
…From HIS mind Chandrama or Moon was born....

And thereafter Moon holds its control over everything relating to the mental, psychological and emotional planes of the human life. Since it is this cerebral structure that decides how an entity will unfold himself/herself in the “expressive” relationships or “materialistic” associations, Moon has been aptly handed over the portfolio of Mano-Karaka. And hence Moon’s significations are emotions, feelings, moods, versatility, adaptability and acceptability. Along with Sun, Moon represents the eyes of the Kala Purusha.

Since Moon is “the mind” and includes not only intelligence, but also emotions; it is an indicator of sensitivity and consciousness. The changing phases of Moon indicate our versatility and changeability. Moon is basically a receptor (radiates the light of the Sun); it also indicates our capacity to absorb and reflect.


Moon is the closest to the earth and in that sense it represents people that we hold close to us, like Mother. Moon receives and reflects the light of Sun and is visible only in the absence of Sun, hence it symbolises those people, who subtly bring in the essence of leadership and learning, in our life. The feminine and watery Moon stands for those systems in body that nurture the body. For example blood that nourishes the body by circulating oxygen and other nutrients. In case of females, Moon not only represents the essential hormones and menstrual cycle but also breasts and womb, all of which are essential parts of the life-giving and life-nurturing systems.


The position of Moon in the planetary cabinet as well as nakshatra cluster is undisputable. Considered as an alternative lagna point, Moon is effectively used in judging the horoscope, for both natal inclinations and transit effects. A Chandra kundli efficiently provides the psychological mapping of an individual.

A strong Moon is indicative of sensitive, caring, supportive, emotional mature native with qualities such as faith, love, openness, humility, peace and happiness.

On the other hand a weak Moon in the horoscope denotes emotional disorders. It indicates a native with very fickle nature, incapacity to take firm decisions and an inclination towards depression and negativity.

Planetary Relationships

Moon is a receptive, sensitive and changeable planet with no ill-will towards any planet. Due to this property, Moon becomes a clear slate for other planetary energies to write upon. Let’s observe the results of the fusion of the lunar energy with other planetary powers.

Sun – When the watery Moon comes in contact with the fiery Sun, the emotions and mental capacities seem to bow down to the wants of the soul. Here the Chandra's calm, soothing and feminine charm is obscured by Surya's aggressive, royal and masculine plans. In case the conjunction happens in a sign conducive to both the luminaries, the mental set-up is more confident, rational, subjective and fixed. In case of unfavourable placement, the emotional framework appears arrogant, aggressive, pompous and rigid. Moon epitomises the ultimate feminine power or “Shakti”. When it combines with the “creator” and “sattvic” Sun, it epitomises Adi Shakti, the supreme form of the Goddess who is the source of all other powers of universe.

Mercury – Deemed as the son of Chandra, Mercury however does not share a happy relationship with Moon. When both planetary energies fuse, it is a slight tense relationship with intellect getting an emotional edge. Both Mercury and Moon are highly impressionable planets. Apart from getting influenced by each other, the sign lord and other planetary placements also leave impression on this conjunction. However together, if in a happy environment, the sensitivities and emotions of the thought process are effectively communicated. However, in a tight placement the expression appears impulsive, unclear and immature. When Chandra’s Shakti fuses with the intellectual Buddha, it exemplifies Saraswati- the Goddess of knowledge, and learning.

Mars – The masculine energy and action of Mars gets attached to the emotional and security needs of the Moon. When the friendly energies of Moon and Mars fuse in an appropriate environment, a logical, action-oriented, sharp sensibilities and competitive mental set-up is the result. In case of malefic influences, chances of an emotionally charged temperament, impulsive tendencies and outbursts can be commonly observed. The connection between Mars and Moon is also known as Chandra-Mangala yoga and is a parameter to assess the acumen and prosperity of a native. Together these energies represent the fierce forms of the Goddess- Durga or Chamundi.

Jupiter – The wisdom and magnanimity of Guru gets instilled in the Moon’s adaptive nature. Also known as the auspicious Gajakesari yoga, this connection expands the emotional capabilities. It imparts pleasantness, cheerfulness, compassion and charitable instincts if the connection happens without the intervention of any inauspicious entity. However, on the flip side, this connection imparts a feeling of abundance and expansion in one’s thought process which may lead to exaggeration of feelings and responses or project one as over-enthusiastic or over-optimistic. The prudent energy of Jupiter fuses with Moon to symbolise Vedmata Gayatri - the divine personification of Knowledge, Purity and Virtues.

Venus – The two soft, watery and feminine energies, when come together give an emotional structure that attaches happiness and harmony to beauty, arts, luxurious and exquisite things and “pleasure of senses”. Though quite similar in nature, these two unfriendly planets, when connect may augment the sensual touch in the emotional nature. In case of further unfriendly influence, this connection might prompt a native to look for a self-soothing indulgence, sometimes regarded as an "inappropriate" moral character or emotionally “greed”, or a passionate “craving”. With an enhanced feminine influence, there is sensitivity to criticism and rejection. Together they project Raj Rajeshwari or Lakshmi – the epitome of all material prosperity and happiness.

Saturn – Two energies that are different in approach fuse together to give an emotional setup that is disciplined by rules and regulations. Deliberations, austerity and structure occupy the thought process. When the variable Moon comes in contact stable Saturn, there is sensitivity but with great depth and responsibility. If well supported this connection produces a disciplined, organised and responsible mental structure. On the other side, due to the completely opposite nature of the energies, it gives a strong tendency to depression, negative thinking, coldness and alienation. Moon and Saturn in connection are said to represent Goddess Kali – the “kala (time)” Shakti.

Rahu – When Moon comes in contact with its own node Rahu, the result is magnified desires, volatile emotional needs, amplified and unconventional thought process. Since Rahu is “illusion”, this combination sometimes gives unrealistic expectations from self and others. Rahu, the uncontrollable and quirky desire when connects to the mind, it creates a need to plan and scheme for goals that might be difficult or impossible to attain. This sometimes results in frustration and depression. When Rahu’s uncanny energy fuses with the impressionable Moon; it gives unique thought processes with ideas and solutions that might be critically uncommon and unconventional. A further affliction can create situations where there is a lack of control of mind. Moon in connection with Rahu is said to be disciplined by Durga – the most powerful form of Goddess.

Ketu – When the “detached” Ketu rubs shoulders with Moon, the emotional and sensitivity seems to drain out. This connection seeks Moon to surrender its emotional self. The feelings appear to be rooted and the free flowing Moon is unable to locate an outlet. With Ketu aiming to reach the ultimate end, the mental set-up tends to jump to conclusions without going through the actual paraphernalia. This may lead to wrong decisions but is good for attaining higher goal of moksha, as it detaches the mind from the materialistic ways and means of life. Under further malefic glares, the mind becomes restless, withheld emotions lead to psychological disorientation. On the other side, this combination can impart unusual intuitive capabilities. Moon-Ketu energies are controlled by Chandika or Kali – the potent form of the Goddess.

Moon is an amenable and gentle energy that welcomes each and every influence that it comes in contact with. Our mind-set, thought process, emotional structure is thus the result of the positives and negatives that are associated with these influences. Though these connections are outcome of the karmic baggage we carry yet we can maintain the “sattvic” nature of our “Moon” by thinking good, doing right and believing in the eternal “Shakti”.

Ritu Bhatnagar
MSc Operations Research, from Delhi University

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