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Our hand is the reflection of our body. This knowledge is especially used in acupressure system. The experts of acupressure treat different ailments of our body by applying pressure on specific points on the palm. It is so possible because the different organs of our body are attached with our brain and the nerves from the brain have connection with our palm. In this way, all the body parts are connected with the palm.

Every organ of our body is depicted on palm by some way or the other. With the analysis of spots and other signs formed on the different regions of the palm, we can determine the impending health related issues.

Generally, the formation of any spot or any cross or sign at any point on the palm indicates the possibility of some ailments in near future in that specific zone. Spot, chain, island, point and net are the prominent amongst signs. According to the place on the palm where these signs manifest we get the disease, eg. Heart line denotes problems with heart and the other principal organs attached to it like lungs, liver etc.

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In the same manner, Health line or Age line indicates our stomach, intestines, kidneys and bladder etc. Brain line represents our mental glands, diabetes and thyroid. Mount of Venus is considered for genital organs. Fingers and thumb of our hand also play important role in knowing the different diseases in our body.

Spot – Spot is not considered auspicious in Palmistry. It denotes diseases. Spots are of various colours. If a red spot is present on Brain line then you may get hurt. Spot on Health line may make you suffer from fever and other physical problems. Blue and black spot on palm may give hidden problems. Spot on Life line indicates ailments in the year its position represents.

Chain – This is generally found at the end point of Life line and tells about the problems during the old age and death. If this sign is formed in near proximity to Life line and Brain line then the memory power gets weakened in old age. If this sign is seen on Heart line then it indicates heart problems.

Island – Formation of many islands on the palm result in weakness of mind, mental sickness and irritation. If island sign is appearing clear and developed on Heart line then you may suffer from heart diseases and during such condition you may have heart attack also. Appearance of this sign on Brain line may land you in mental problems and continuous headache.

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Point – Point is often the indicator of temporary ailments. Shining red point on Health line gives fever. Presence of point on Life line may give birth to chronic diseases. If this point is on marriage line then there are the possibilities of heavy injuries on head and it also makes the heart weak. Black point in Venus area may give birth to the possibility of diseases in genital organs.

Net – If the vertical lines are intersected by the horizontal lines then net like sign is formed. This sign also plays important role in determining diseases through Palm lines. If this net is present in Mars area then the person suffers from mental instability and restlessness. Net on Ketu area may result in small pox or skin diseases.

Indicators of various health problems on palm

Heart disease – If there is crisscross Heart line or it is thin then there is always a possibility of heart disease. Island or circle on Heart line, yellow colour on Brain line below Saturn area or black point in Mars area on the vicinity of Age line or black mole on Heart line indicate sudden fainting and heart disease.

Intestinal Disease – If the lines have yellow colour, nails are blood red, spotty and Mercury line is broken then the person may suffer from intestinal diseases.

Spinal Disease - If there is island on Heart line below Saturn then the person may suffer from the disease of spinal cord.

Dental Disease – Developed Saturn area with many lines, long & zigzag Mercury line, long second phalange of the fingers indicate the possibility of dental disease.

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Kidney Disease – White spot on Brain line near Mars and broken Heart lines on both the palms indicate sufferings from kidney diseases. In case of anaemia the hand starts turning yellowish.

Eye diseases – If there is mole on Mars mount below Mercury then there is possibility of eye related diseases.

Blood Pressure – If Mars is good and there is fault in Brain line then the person is irritating and has angry nature. Such people have the possibility of high blood pressure .

Gynae Disease – If there are thick horizontal lines on Mars and if Saturn is depressed then the woman may face troubles related to uterus and pregnancy.

Lungs Disease - If the Life line is thin in comparison to all other lines and hand is hard and heavy then there may be the diseases related to stomach. If hand is soft then the lungs are supposed to be weak.

Bronchitis – If Brain line is approaching Moon mount, other lines are faulty, Moon is developed, Heart line and Brain line are well apart then there may be bronchitis or asthma.

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