Remedies for Strengthening Moon

Remedies for Strengthening Moon  

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  • Offer milk to Shivling daily.
  • Wearing two faced Nepali Rudraksha enhances strength of Moon in horoscope quickly.
  • Keep Moon Yantra at place of worship and chant following mantra 11 times daily -
  • "Om Saung Somaay Namah"

  • For more effective results chant Mahamrityunjay Kawacham daily.
  • The most effective remedy for getting complete favor of Moon is Bhuvneswari Upasna and for that following Mantra of Goddess Bhuvneswari should be chanted 108 times daily in front of Bhuvaneswari Yantra-
  • "Om Hreeng Namah"

  • Wear Pearl/Moon stone studded in silver in the little finger/pendant on Monday morning.
  • Donate rice, milk, silver and white clothes on Monday.
  • Observe fast on full moon day.
  • Be good to your mother and get her blessings.
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