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It has been observed very often that after changing house the native generally attains the similar Vastu faults even in new house which implies that some Vastu faults reveal the Doshas of our horoscope or else we get a house as per the planetary position indicated in our horoscope. Therefore we fail to rectify these Vastu faults or else if we rectify Grah Doshas then also these Doshas bounce back in a hidden way.

For studding the house comfort the 4th house and the 4th house lord of the horoscope play most important role. As per Lal Litab the significator planet of house is Saturn. If Saturn is strong in the chart of a native then he definitely attains house comfort. If Saturn is debilitated, combust or afflicted by malefic planets then the native remains deprived of house comfort in Saturn Dasha.

As per Lal Kitab the significator house of home is 2nd house. Comfort and discomfort of house is also studied from 7th house. If Saturn transits into 2nd, 4th or 7th house then it creates the probabilities of change of house.

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Saturn in different houses

According to Lal Kitab what would be the impact of placement of Saturn in different houses regarding Vastu (house) comfort is described below -

Saturn in 1st house

When Saturn is weak in 1st house it destroys the native completely. When this native shall construct a house he shall get inauspicious results about money and family. If Saturn is in first house and there are no planets in 7th and 10th house the native gets a good house otherwise the expedition of house construction pulls him into debts.

Saturn in 2nd house

This type of native is recommended to accept whatever type of house he gets. Whatever type of house gets constructed, he should let it get constructed. The construction of house should not be stopped in the middle otherwise he might become victim of struggle.

Saturn in 3rd house

This type of Saturn brings negative results for money and children. This type of native should keep three dogs if after constructing the house otherwise this native shall lose his money. If there is Peepal tree near house then this should be worshipped daily otherwise the house shall get filled with negative energy till that portion of the house where the shadow of the tree is reaches.

Saturn in 4th house

This type of native should not construct or buy a house on his own name. The house construction might bring troubles to mother, mother-in-law, maternal uncle or grand mother.

Saturn in 5th house

This type of native can get inauspicious results like destruction of children or trouble to children if he constructs a house before the age of 48. He should leave a he buffalo in the jungle if he plans to construct a house before the age of 48. The construction of house by his children shall bring in happiness.

Saturn in 6th house

This native should not construct a house before the age as 36 or 39. If he shall construct a house before this age he might get inauspicious results for his daughters and relatives.

Saturn in 7th house

For this native buying a ready made house shall be beneficial. For this native staying in his ancestral house shall be highly beneficial. These types of natives construct several houses one by one. His every house would remain safe if he constructs threshold for house.

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Saturn in 8th house

The native faces lot of difficulties in constructing a house. This native is recommended not to construct a house specially if Rahu and Ketu are also weak.

Saturn in 9th house

This native should not construct his house during the time when his wife is pregnant. The house construction brings very serious trouble father when the native starts construction of house.

Saturn in 10th house

As soon as this native completes the construction of his house he starts getting into financial problems. The native should stay in a rented house.

Saturn in 11th house

The native gets house in old age. This native shall get auspicious results only if he constructs his house after the age of 55. This native should not live in a south facing house with entrance towards south otherwise the family members would die because of diseases.

Saturn in 12th house

House gets constructed early. Lal Kitab recommends that this native should not stop any activity regarding the construction of house while constructing. It would be auspicious to construct a square house. If the gate of the house of this native is south facing then the spouse of the native gets trouble or else gets jailed. Sometimes he becomes a widower also. There remains financial scarcity too because of uncontrolled expenses and diseases in the family. For overcoming this trouble donate one goat every year or else do nose piercing. Keep your teeth clean, donate green clothes and green bangles to eunuchs. Donate green Daal. Offer one piece of your Roti to cow, the other to dog & the third piece to crow or parrot. Do Durga Saptashatichandi Paath. Take the blessings of daughter, sister, sister-in-law and aunt. Do fasting on Wednesday.

Various planets of the horoscope represent various directions. The placement of these planets in the horoscope give information about Vastu Doshas in the house acquired.

The Langa of the horoscope represents east and the seventh house is west. Similarly, the fourth house is north and the tenth house is south. Second and third house denote north-east whereas fifth and sixth represent north-west. The eighth and ninth house of the horoscope represent south-west whereas the eleventh and twelfth house denote south-east direction. If the lord of a house is exalted and strong and well placed in Kendra and Trikona then the native does not have any Vastu related faults in his home denoted by that house. But if the lord of a house is debilitated, combust or placed in the house of an enemy or conjunct with enemy planet then the native shall have Vastu related faults in his house in the direction denoted by that house.

Similarly the various planets also denote various directions for example Sun - East, Moon - North-West, Mars - South-West, Mercury - North, Jupiter - North-East, Venus - South-East, Saturn - West and Rahu-Ketu denote South-West. If any planet is debilitated, combust or placed in the house of an enemy or conjunct with enemy planet then the native shall have Vastu related faults in his house in the direction denoted by this planet.

If Lagna Lord is a Lagna then the native shall have windows in the eastern direction of his house

If Lagna Lord is debilitated, afflicted then there shall be Vastu related faults in the east. This Yoga not only creates Vastu Doshas but also health related troubles. Because of this fault the brain of the native might get affected and the physical comforts also get reduced substantially.

If Lagna Lord is afflicted in sixth, eighth, twelfth house then also the native shall have faults in eastern direction of the house.

If sixth lord is in first house then the eastern direction of the house will be noisy.

If Lagna Lord is placed in third house then it indicates some repair work, cracks or incomplete construction work in the north-east.

If there are malefics, sixth lord, eighth lord in eleventh, twelfth house then there shall be Vastu Doshas in south-east direction.

If seventh lord is afflicted in sixth, eighth, twelfth house then there would be Vastu Doshas in the western direction.

If 10th lord is afflicted in sixth, eighth or twelfth house then there would be Vastu Doshas in south.

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If any house or house lord is afflicted by Rahu-Ketu and other malefics then there would be doshas in the direction denoted by house/planet.

If north-east direction in the horoscope and its significator planet Jupiter are under the influence of benefics then the north-east direction of the house has open space, window and religious books etc.

If Moon is strong and well placed in the chart then there are no Vastu related faults in the north-west corner of the house.

If Venus is strong and exalted in the horoscope then it indicates the availability of vehicle and other articles of comfort in south-east direction.

The good strength of Mars denotes that there won't be any Vastu Doshas in southern direction and in addition to that there won't be scarcity of eatables in the house.

The strength of Mercury assures that northern direction would be free from any type of Vastu Dosha and there would be study room or educational material in this direction.

The lord of western direction is Saturn. If it is afflicted in the horoscope then there would be iron, wood or some old junk lying in the western portion of the house.

Vastu Tips as per Lal Kitab

The first and foremost point is, one should not live near a cremation ground and on the place where there is Cremation ground as this will slowly make the owner and the residents deprived of their children and their comforts. As such, it is strictly advised not to live on and near cremation ground.

But, if one come to know of the existence of a cremation ground after the construction of the house, then the remedy would be to make water bore in east and north east direction to rectify or lessen the Malefic effect.

Whenever, there is a function or some occasion at our home, we burn coal in the backyard to prepare food. But, what we forget is to clear the coal residue, we instead cover it up with mud and sometimes just wash it. This practice should not be followed. As this may cause problems at home, specially if any one in that house is born with Mars in 8th house. The remedy for such a situation is to take out those ashes from the hole/pit and throw it in some flowing water and fill those holes with water and then fill them with new mud.

Few homes which have a room at the extreme right corner that does not receive much sunlight so, some Vastu experts come up with measures to get the room brighter, but what it would be better to keep the room its natural way. Do not try to bring in light your way, this will spoil the good effects of Saturn. Remedy for this is that if you want to make that room bigger by increasing its roof height then we should make another roof on top of it and the break the first one (OLD) and put some waste material from that roof in the newly made roof.

These days it is a trend to have fully concreted floors from corner to corner, which is not at all good for the ladies of the family. So, it is advised as per Lal Kitab to keep Kacche (raw ground) floor in the house which will help the females in the house. Also, keeping flower pots in the house with flowers is good. The flowers should be without thorns like cactus at home.

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

People having bad Mars should not live in south facing house as it will ruin their lives, no one will have happiness in such a house. Further, this will have a bad effect on the women of the house, with health problems. It is advised to fix a silver wire on the main gate of the house from one pillar to another without any joint in one piece under the door or dehleez during day time.

While selecting the plot it should be taken care of that the length of the plot is not more then the double of its breadth. The best plot is one in which each arm of the plot having four arms is of 90 degrees. The plots having 8, 18, 13, 3 & 5 arms is not auspicious even for a temple.

For checking the auspiciousness/inauspiciousness of the plot bury a pot filled with milk under the land. From the way of burying the pot the natal Saturn shall give an indication of the impact of the Vastu of the house that would be constructed on this land. If the indications come in the form of some disease, dispute or other grave tension then takeout this pot and flow it in running water because this is not auspicious land for house construction.

There are total eight directions out of which the north, east & north-east should be empty. It would be auspicious to keep space for water arrangement and Puja in these directions only. The slope of land should be towards these directions only. South-East is best for constructing kitchen. Generator, main switch, solar cooker and other electrical equipments should also be fixed in this direction only.
it is always a must to create a boundary wall around the house. The walls of south and west should be higher and thicker than those of north and east.

The slope of house should be towards north, east and north-east. The flow of water should also be towards these sides only. If there is a source of water in the north-east then it is considered excellent. It is a positive indication of attainment of wealth gain, prosperity, reputation and expansion of dynasty for the native.

Bathroom is best in east or north as it proves beneficial for the enhancement of physical and mental strength.

The ideal direction for kitchen is south-east. The face of the ladies while cooking food should be towards east. The kitchen should not be visible from the main entrance of the house. This proves beneficial for the health and the happiness and the ladies of the house do not make complaints about pain in waist, ankle and feet.

The boring, well or water storage tank should be constructed in the north-east or northern portion of the house as it the result into the attainment of prosperity, happiness and comforts.

For getting complete result of daily Puja ceremonies, success and inclination towards God the Puja place should be constructed in the north-east portion of the house.

The bedrooms should be constructed in the south or south-west portion. The cot should be placed in south or south-west and the head should be towards south, east or west while sleeping. Head should never be towards north while sleeping. By doing this the native won't get bad dreams.

The stairs in the house should be clockwise (Dakshinavart) and cash box (Safe) should be in north and the toilets should be in south, south-east or west or north-west. The face of the native should be towards north while sitting on the commode.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

The dining room should be towards west as it promises peace, satisfaction and happiness. The lounge and drawing room should be towards north. In the drawing room the face of the house owner should be towards north or east. The windows in the north and east direction bring lot of wealth and prosperity to the house.

The above mentioned Vastu rules should be followed strictly specially there should not be any Vastu fault in north-east as any fault in this direction hampers the progress of the house/commercial complex like hotel, shop, multi storey building, factory and industrial unit. In addition to that the owner shall always remain short of money.

Sometimes few minor issues take serious form so there should not be trees, the corner of a building, pole, trench, well, mud, street, cremation ground, long street, shadow of temple or any other type of blockage in front of the main gate. Some type of unpleasant sound should not be coming while opening or closing the door. If there is not any type of Dwar vedha then there come all type of Riddhi, Siddhi and success in the family and dynasty expands.

Nobody should sit under the office beam as it would give some unnecessary tensions.

There should not be any water storage in the south-east corner.

Always remember that the north-east corner of any factory, industry, hotel, commercial complex etc. should not be higher than other walls.

If there is trench, pit, ditch or well etc. in any direction except north-east.

The toilet in the north-east portion shall result into dispute. The laborers shall fight and the factory owner shall earn bad name and diseases. The kitchen in this direction shall also bring financial losses and tensions.

Do not keep junk in the north-east portion as otherwise the longevity, reputation and finance would get affected.

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