Solomon Islands Earthquake Tsunami

Solomon Islands Earthquake Tsunami  

Pushaplata Sharma
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A big undersea earthquake whose magnitude was 8.1 occurred near the Solomon Islands around 7:40 in the morning on 2 April 2007 in local time (20:40 on 1 April in the coordinated universal time). The earthquake created a tsunami causing serious disasters along coasts of the western islands of the Solomon Islands. The Government of Solomon Island reported on 30 April that 52 people had been confirmed dead by the disaster.

The Solomon Islands lie northeast of Australia in the South Pacific Ocean and consist of approximately 1,000 mountainous islands and coral atolls, including the six main islands of New Georgia, Choiseul, Santa Isabel, Guadalcanal, Malaita, and San Cristóbal. On the southern coasts of Ghizo Island, the tsunami struck with 4 m height approximately struck. At Marakerava on the southern coast, the tsunami climbed up to 5.63. In Simbo Islands a run up height of 9.03 m was recored and 5.20 m was recorded at Titana village. the first tsunami came from north and the second tsunami reached from south.

They encountered each other in the sea in front of the village. InVella Lavella Island 4.46 m height was measured. Tsunami whose height was more than 3 m struck coastal low-lying areas in the Solomon Islands, many people could evacuate to save their lives because 1. The earthquake occurred around 7:40 in the morning. Therefore, many people could recognize the tsunami coming visually. 2. The coming tsunami was not like a wave, and the sea surface was raised like a fast tide.

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Therefore, the water flow by the tsunami was not as fast as a supercritical flow whose speed is faster than an ordinary tsunami speed. Some people could run in the flow of tsunami 3. There were hills to evacuate from the tsunami near coasts. Therefore, many people could climb the heights to escape from the tsunami. 4. A tale in which you should escape to a hill when you see an abnormal low tide helped some people to do quick evacuation.

The lessons from the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami Disasters was also effective for some persons’ evacuation after the earthquake. The maximum trace height was 9 m on the hill slope of Simbo Island which was the runup height. Because the hills to escape from the tsunami are near the coasts, many people could climb the hills to save their lives quickly after they watched the tsunami What is tsunami? Tsunami is a series of long waves travelling at high speed.Tsunamies are massive waves born of seismic shocks and can reach great heights and speeds, picking up strength as they cross the ocean.

A tsunami travels at about 200m/sec or over 700km/hr.The rate of loss of its energy is reverse of its wavelength, so they can travel at high speeds. Reasons-The reasonsfor tsunami are mostly earthquakes below or near ocean floors, landslides,volcanic eruptions or the impact of cosmic bodies like meteorites.A major earthquake measuring more than 7.5 magnitude can produce a destructive tsunami. Rate of occurrence- Dec26.2006 tsunami seems to be a mega tsunami. Researchers say the last mega tsunami occurred 1,10,000 years ago and it comes every 1,10,000 years.

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According to experts it can take place anytime in the coming 10,000 years. Astrological Discussion- This tsunami was caused by an earthquake that occurred near the Solomon Islands.The magnitude of the earthquake was 8.1 Richter Scale.Epicenter was 8:28 degree south and 156:58degree East and it was 40km away from Gizo town and 345 km from Honiara. Earthquakes generally take place 5 days around full moon or new moon days.It was the full moon day. Two eclipses occurred within 3 months before the earthquake. Another major reason of this earthquake was total lunar eclipse that occurred on March 3-4 Saturday-Sunday night in Leo sign in Magha Constellation. Partial solar eclipse occurred on 19th March in Pisces sign and P.Bhad. constellation. Lagna sign of transit chart is Aries a fiery sign whose lord Mars (malefic) was in Rahu-Ketu axis along 5-11 signs.

March 3-4 eclipse fell along this axis. Ruling sign of Australia and its surrounding places is Sagittarius. Sun a malefic exalts in Aries.In navamsa it is placed in Sagittarius whose lord is placed with Saturn a separating planet which is highly malefic also. Eighth house depicts earthquakes.In transit chart Jupiter is placed in eighth house and its lord is Mars which is ruled by Dhanishta constellation whose lord is also Mars .Double maleficience caused natural disaster. Jupiter a natural benefic is a saver. So, life loss was around hundred only. Moon was placed in 6th house whose lord Mercury was placed along Rahu-Ketu axis which fell along bestial sign Leo.

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It is a bestial sign for mundane matters. It depicts fires and explosions. In navamsha chart Rahu-Ketu axis fell along 1-7 axis with Mer and Mars along this axis which are 6th lord and 8th lord respectively. Venus a natural benefic is placed in 8th house getting malefic effects.Being 2nd lord also it is a malefic. Moon was in Pisces where partial solar eclipse fell. Its lord Jup is conjunct with Saturn. Ascendant ,Moon,Mars,Sun,Jupiter, Saturn were in the constellation ruled by malefic planets.Solomon Islands arengoverned by Ashlesha,Maghaand P.Phalguni constellation according to Koorma Chakra. Rahu also depict this country. As it is ruled by Mallechas.

Dispositor of Rahu is Saturn which is retrograde, so doubly malefic.It is placed in 4th house and caused losses to people and ruined their houses. Retrograde Saturn was in Ashlesha constellation ruled by 6th lord Mercury.Solar eclipse occurred in Magha sign whose lord is Ketu a malefic placed in Leo. We cannot stop earthquakes but we can predict them to save destruction to mankind.

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