How to Choose the Right Gemstone for Your Planet and Boost Your Energy

How to Choose the Right Gemstone for Your Planet and Boost Your Energy  

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Our ancient Indian sages discovered a profound connection between precious gemstones and planets based on their brilliance and cosmic radiation. Wearing suitable gemstones can channel the energy of favorable planets while pacifying unfavorable grahas in your birth chart. But how do you determine which gemstone is ideal for you and how to maximize its astrological benefits? Let’s explore:

Understanding Your Birth Chart

The starting point is always analyzing your accurate janam kundli or natal chart prepared based on your exact birth details - date, time and place. The positioning of planets and zodiac signs in your birth chart reveals a great deal about your core personality, relationships, fortune and misfortunes.

An expert astrologer can interpret the planetary influences on various aspects of your life and check if there are doshas that need resolution. Based on this analysis, they can suggest remedial measures like wearing certain gemstones to amplify positive planet energies or balance malefic effects in your horoscope.  

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Choosing the Gemstone Based on Your Ruling Planet

Most gemstones are linked to specific planets as per Indian Vedic astrology. By adorning the gemstone representing the planet that rules your destiny, you can empower yourself and achieve your highest potential.

For example, for Leo ascendants, the Sun is the dominant planet. Wearing a Ruby, which is linked to the Sun, can boost leadership abilities, fame and prosperity for the individual based on their kundli indications.

Similarly, Emerald is Mercury’s stone so it can bless Gemini and Virgo lagna folks with enhanced communication skills, intelligence and career success.

Analyzing the Gemstone Suitability

However, merely going by your ascendant sign is not enough. A learned astrologer studies the natal chart in-depth through the divisional charts and planetary placements to verify if the gemstone will benefit you.

Certain combinations in your horoscope may mean wearing your lagna stone can be counterproductive. Another gemstone might be more suitable to nullify a dosha affecting your fortune.

Hence getting a gemstone recommendation report through an experienced Jyotish practictioner is important. Don’t choose a gem based on random advice as it can do more harm than good.

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Choosing the Right Gemstone Metal

The effect of the gemstone is also influenced by the ring or pendant it is set in. Metals have their own innate properties and vibrations that interact with the gem’s energy.

Ruby transmits optimal cosmic rays when studded in gold or copper rings while pearl has affinity to silver. Hessonite or Gomed stone gives full effect in silver. So even if your main gemstone suits your kundli, set it in a compatible metal for best results.

Adhering to the Right Gemstone Weight

The carat or weight of the gemstone you choose also requires astrological consideration. As a general rule, the gem should not be less than 3 carats. But the ideal carat is calculated based on body weight, planetary combinations, and gem prescription purpose in your horoscope.

For instance, 7-8 carats may be suggested for Saturn gemstones like blue sapphire whereas 1 carat is sufficient for expensive gems like Emerald and Yellow Sapphire. Follow your astrologer’s stone weight recommendation for optimal gains.

Activating and Testing the Gemstone

Merely wearing a gemstone does not activate its powers. Specific rituals are conducted on the right muhurat to infuse it with energy before wearing. Many also advice a trial period to test comfort and temperament changes when wearing the gemstone ring or pendant.

During initial days, note your sleep patterns, decision-making ability, confidence levels, career progress etc. If you face no major upheavals, it means your body and mind have accepted the gem’s energy. Now it’s blessings will start flowing.

Adhering to the Right Gem Care

Precious gems should be handled with care if you want lasting benefits. Avoid wearing them while sleeping, bathing or exercising. Protect them from scratches, perfumes and harsh chemicals. Get cleaning and re-energizing done annually by experts. Follow all gem care instructions.

Consulting the Experts

To summarize, choose your astrological gemstone for planetary pacification or empowerment based on expert recommendation. Any uncertainty means checking with a learned astrologer through a Talk to Astrologer service. Let certified gemstones attuned to your cosmic chart lead you on the path of good fortune!



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