Manglik Dosha and Its Emphasis Over Kundali Matching

Manglik Dosha and Its Emphasis Over Kundali Matching  

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In India whenever a child is born, the first thing parents do is take their birth details to the astrologer and ask if their child is affected by the manglik dosh. Specially if the child is a girl they get more upset to know that the child is manglik. Such is the fear of the planet Mars - the red planet. A few astrologers make it a very big deal. They say the natives who have manglik dosh in their charts have difficulty in getting married. Also if they do get married late in life then they have a bad marriage. People do remedies like getting married to a tree before their actual marriage. That way Kundli matching can be possible. Some astrologers also say that manglik dosh gets cancelled after a particular age - 21 for girls and 28 for boys. 

According the lot of astrologers manglik dosh gives the following problems - 

  1. There are going to be chances of misunderstanding and discord between the mutual understandings of the couple.
  2. There can be financial troubles. 
  3. The couple might be surrounded by enemies all around. 
  4. There might be chances of depression. 
  5. There might be chances of sudden death between the partners due to this as well.

Let us first understand what is Manglik dosh. Manglik dosh is when the planet Mars gives malefic effect in some houses in a horoscope. Mars plays a very important role in marriage. It’s a fast acting planet too. The placement of Mars in a few houses can give manglik dosh.

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These houses are - 

  1. 1st house - lagna is the most important house when analysing marriage. If you yourself are a good person then only you can be a good spouse. If lagna is not strong then you can have Martial problems. Mars in the first house in the natal chart gives manglik dosh. 
  2. 2nd house - this is the house for speech. If you speak harshly then your marriage will not be stable or happy. Also it is the house of dhan. If you have financial problems then marital problems are bound to happen. Husband and wife cheating each other on financial matter is also analysed by the 2nd house. Mars in the 2nd house gives manglik dosh. 
  3. 4th house - this is the house of domestic comforts. Many a times it happens that the couples are ok outside but in the house they end up fighting so domestic environment gets spoilt. Also it is the house of dispute over immovable property. Interface of in laws is seen from this house. A lot of couples have this issue that the respective in laws give trouble by interfering too much. Mars in the 4th house gives manglik dosh. 
  4. 7th house - it is the most important house for marriage. It is analysed to know the nature and looks of your spouse. Also how happy your married life will be. Also timing of the marriage is seen by this house. Mars in the 7th house gives manglik dosh. 
  5. 8th house - this house should be checked to see the strength of a martial bond. Also this is the marak sthan for spouse. It can spoil the health of your spouse. It is also the wealth of spouse. Many people ignore this house but it’s very important to check this for marriage. Mars in the 8th house gives a very strong manglik dosh. 
  6. 12th house - this is the house of loss. It can lead to loss of spouse. Also it is the house of sleeping comforts. Many couples do fight before they go to bed so that can be seen from this house. Mars in the 12th house gives a manglik dosh. 

Now this we should analyse from the lagna, moon as well as Venus. In that case almost everyone is a manglik so what is the point of matching that. Whereas apart from this these above houses should be checked for malefic influences and then proper Kundli milan should be done. So in my opinion manglik dosh doesn’t get over at a certain age, the natives only get matured and that almost everyone is a manglik so it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. And one should not be scared of it at all. Just that if it’s in the 8th house then some remedies can be done. If you talk to an astrologer he can guide you according to your placement of Mars. 

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