Role of planets in our life

Role of planets in our life  

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According to a lot of people destiny plays no role in our life and only hard work is what matters. Karma is of course very important but there are a few things that are not in our hands. Why does a labourer who does all the hard work not achieve much that he desires. Why are people born in a rich house and get everything in their life on a silver platter. Yes the reason is your past life karmas. 

They do have an effect on our current life. And that can be analysed by the 9 planets placement in the Kundli at the time of your birth. The placement of planets in the Kundli is said to decide our past, present and future. The effects of planets in  Kundli plays a vital role in our lives. 

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Importance of the 9 planets - 

  1. Sun - it is the centre and all planets revolve around it. It is the most powerful planet. It gives every individual will power, energy and good fortune. It represents father of the native. If the sun is well placed in a chart then it means the native’s father is doing well in society. Sun is the karak of atma or soul. People whose sun is strong have a clear conscious. They do not like to cheat anyone and are very honest in their dealings. With a strong sun, the native has confidence, ambition and passion to do whatever he or she does. It also brings about high self esteem and a greater self respect than normal people. Sun also represents government so if a person wishes to get into a government job then they should have a well placed sun. 
  2. Moon - it is the closest to earth hence effects humans a lot. It represents our mind. It is also a significator for mother. Even transit of planets is checked from moon as it is our mind. People who are moon oriented have a nice face with beautiful eyes. They are really fond of travelling. Like the tides in the sea are due to moon, the same way even mood swings in native is due to moon placement. If moon is afflicted it can even cause suicidal tendencies and depression. People with a strong moon have a strong mind and even in the most adverse conditions they can keep up their courage. Even effects of sade saati as well as Rahu aspect can be dealt with if moon is strong. 
  3. Mars - it’s just like a fireball. A red planet. It’s full of aggression and courage. Mars oriented people are leaders in all aspects. Mars gives you temper also. It can topple the competition and make you full of energy. It represents all physical energies including sexual. Mars helps us take challenges and win despite the odds. It drives you to do something and become the best in it. On the other hand if Mars is afflicted then it can make a person fearful and timid. So to become a leader Mars should be well placed in your online Kundli
  4. Mercury - Mercury is the prince. It’s childlike and funny. Mercury oriented people always look younger than their age. They have the best communication abilities as well as analytical skills. They are usually not satisfied with anything. All good astrologers as well as finance people have good Mercury. These people are best at negotiating. Like moon, Mercury also represents mind but moon concerns with the subconscious and the Mercury concerns with the analytical side.  If the Mercury is too strong then the native becomes too analytical and does not see emotions in anything. An afflicted Mercury can give you nerves problems as well as communication issues. 
  5. Jupiter - it is the most benefic planet. For anything to happen we need the blessings of Jupiter. It is the decision maker. Jupiter is the planet which decides the luck factor in our lives. It is also responsible for the intellect, good fortune, success and all the religious aspects of our lives. It takes us away from darkness into wisdom. Jupiter is all about expansion. It expands the aspect of life where it is placed in the horoscope. Jupiter in Vedic astrology is known to be a giver and is the most generous of all planets as it expands without expectations. A strong Jupiter can make you a priest, religious leaders, teachers or judges. If Jupiter is afflicted it can make a person take the wrong path in life. 
  6. Venus - it is all things beautiful - love, romance, jewellery, luxury, art etc. The native who’s ruiling planet is Venus are very gentle and soft. It is the planet of desires. Venus teaches us to appreciate what is best in others. It also gives a drive towards material comforts. It rules over how you socialize and indulge. Venus is a strong karak of wealth and comforts. If a native has a strong Venus then he or she has a strong sense of aesthetics and will be blessed with comforts and wealth. Such a person is talented in creative fields. If Venus is afflicted then the native struggles to enjoy the riches of life. 
  7. Saturn - the most troublesome planet and feared by all. It is a slow moving lethargic planet that can turn your life upside down. Saturn is a strict teacher. Saturn is about being disciplined, managing your time, meeting deadlines all while keeping the restrictions in mind. Saturn can however not be termed as a negative planet for its positive influence makes riches from rags. Saturn oriented people can work hard and achieve their dreams. They have a disciplined approach and a strong sense of duty. If Saturn is afflicted it can bring obstacles, delays and lot of trouble to the native. 
  8. Rahu - this is very powerful and can lead to rise or fall of a native. Rahu stands for materialism and mischief. It’s not a real planet but a point in the sky. It works much like Saturn and can bring unexpected losses, misfortunes, failure, and frustrations in life. It says I want everything so during this dasha people often become materialistic. It makes you full of desires and never satisfied. 
  9. Ketu - is also not a planet but a point in the sky. It behaves like Mars. It is detached and says take everything I do not want anything. Makes people spiritual and selfless. But there is a deeper meaning to what we have said here. Rahu stands for materialistic tendencies while Ketu is about pure detachment and liberation from the illusionary happiness of life.

So planets play a very important aspect in one's life. If you talk to an astrologer they can tell you how the placement of these planets in your Kundli effect your entire life and change your destiny. 

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