Astrology can Predict your date of Marriage

Astrology can Predict your date of Marriage  

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The most common marriage related questions in Vedic astrology are "When will I get married?"  Will there be any delays in the marriage? Whom will they get married to? Whether it will be an arranged marriage or a love marriage? And Will they lead a successful married life or not?

But can Vedic Astrology also predict the time of one’s marriage? The answer is precisely YES!!

Astrology can tell the month and year in which one will get married. It can highlight a high probable time frame for one’s marriage. Marriage predictions as done according to the principles of Vedic Astrology are time tested and trustworthy. There are two aspects of a marriage prediction; one is how and when a marriage will happen and the other is kundali matching.

Our ancient scholars and saints had deep insights on various Shastras. Over the years, however we have lost touch of such intellect and value system.

It is believed that a robust 94% of Indian marriages are community-based taking forms of arranged marriages despite a strong western influence in the country. This further necessitates matching of horoscopes as families are involved and they just don’t want any kind of uncertainties in the married life of their children. The chart can very well indicate as to whether a person’s marriage will be 'love' or 'arranged'. An astrologer can guide regarding the love compatibility of the couple through Kundali matching and analysis of their individual charts.

There are people whose first marriage did not work and they want to marry again but they are anxious about the success of their second marriage too. As marriages are made in heaven and no one can alter one’s destiny. That is why seeking marriage guidance is in trend these days.

Astrologers can guide a person in finding his/her soul mate by analysing the alignment of the planets and stars in his natal chart. They can find out the favourable time for a person to get married based on his astrological placements in the chart.  While making marriage predictions, Astrologers also suggest the right date and time for the marriage as a marriage in bad timings or ashubh muhurata can wreak havoc in their peaceful married life. Assessing the love compatibility is another task to perform which helps to make your love life even better. 


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Basic planetary alignments that indicate marriage

In an astrological chart each of the twelve houses has their own significations and they represent specific aspects of our lives. The 7th house in a chart is a house of marriage that signifies marriage and all kinds of partnerships. Marriage is also a partnership between you and your life partner. 

Other houses like the 2nd house, 4th house, 5th house and 8th house are also important for marriage prospects. 2nd house is house of accumulated wealth, an astrologer confirms whether marriage will lead to an expansion in wealth and brings forth children, which is ultimately the wealth for a married couple. 

The 4th house is the house of family and domestic happiness. An astrologer has to check the marital happiness and peace at home through the 4th house. If peace and happiness is not confirmed then it may ruin a person’s life. 

The 5th house gives indications about love, romance and attraction towards opposite sex. If connected with the 7th house or the lord then clearly gives indications of a love marriage. Also, the link between Mars and Venus is important for love marriage.

The 8th house is the house of sexual intimacy of the couple, in-laws and any hidden or secret relationships including extra marital affairs. The malefic and benefic association with the 8th house reveals the type of relations one will share with their spouse and in-laws and whether will they hide or involve in extra-marital affairs. 

The planetary placements in above mentioned houses, their lords, aspects and conjunction of planets related to these houses must be given a detailed study by the astrologer before making any marriage prediction regarding the suitable age, date and time of a marriage. 


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Timing the marriage

Vedic astrology and Marriage astrology have mutually considered Venus and Jupiter as significant planets when it comes to marriage. Venus is a natural significator for males and Jupiter is a natural significator of marriage for females. Mars is also very important as it stands for a woman’s husband showing prosperity for her. 

In some texts, Venus is said to depict the wife in a male horoscope and Jupiter is said to depict the husband in a female horoscope. The strength of the 7th house, its lord and significators Venus and Jupiter along with Mars need to be checked thoroughly. 

Usually, marriage is most likely to happen when the Maha Dasha (Main planet) period or the Antardasha (Sub planet) of the planets forming a connection with the 7th house operates in a person’s chart, provided there is an absence of any malefic influence on the house or the lord of the house. At the same time if there is also a favourable transit of karakas i.e. Venus or Jupiter then the chances of a marriage is very high. 

If a link is established between the 7th house and 12th house or their lords then sometimes it may bring a foreign spouse, and link between 7th and 9th can also bring spouse from another caste or religion. 

The very presence of karkas of marriage in the 7th house is not considered very good from the marriage point of view as too much of Venusian energy can trigger romance and passion in a native that may work adversely. Similarly, Jupiter being a spiritual planet is also not considered good if placed in the 7th house for marital prosperity. 

Some remedial measures or poojas need to be done to ward off these bad effects. Malefic planets like Rahu or Saturn in the 7th house can also cause some problems in marriage by creating misunderstandings between them. Ketu placed in the 7th house may results in detachment from the partner or marital happiness. Also some ascetic and spiritual yogas involving strong Saturn influence on the Moon can create disinterest in marital and material aspects. This is a commonly found yoga in monks and sages. Any afflictions to the 7th house can cause denial, delay, divorce or separation in a marriage. 


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Rasi and the Navamsha chart

All conditions must be confirmed in Rasi and Navamsa chart of the prospective couple. If the 7th or the 9th house Lord is Vargottama in the navamsha chart, there is a possibility of remarriage provided a promising Dasha/Antardasha is also in operation. If the 7th house Lord is placed in a dual sign, then also there is a possibility of second marriage. The Navamsa or the D9 chart is significant and taken into account for assessing the marriage prospects. 

There may be a delay or denial of marriage if Jupiter or Venus is retrograde, combust or debilitated in the natal chart. Manglik dosha is yet another important thing to consider as it often creates problems in marriage. 

Based on the careful examination of the chart and related divisional and rashi chart an astrologer can predict the time as to when one will get married. It involves checking of hundreds of aspects in a given chart which only a competent astrologer can do. So, talk to the best astrologer before deciding upon this crucial aspect of life.


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