Laziness and Astrology : Are there any Interconnections?

Laziness and Astrology : Are there any Interconnections?  

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A couch potato! Does this idiom seem to have stuck to your personality? Do you often find people criticising you for your laziness? Then the fault may not lie in your personality but probably in your stars!!

Yes, Vedic Astrology has an answer to why a person is super lazy and why the other is extremely active. Laziness is a negative impression leaving a person in despair. It is of course against the key of success which says that in order to gain success you should really work hard to achieve it. Laziness just not takes you anywhere and you end up glued to a stagnant position. 

Thank God, Vedic astrology, our ancient wisdom comes to rescue from this undesired situation, which can just find the possible reasons and causes behind your laziness but can provide remedial measures as well. So, readers read on...


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Causes of laziness according to Planetary Placements:

According to the famous astrologers of India, Planet Sun is the prominent source of energy for life on Earth causing at the same time, rotations of days and nights. If we follow the discipline as laid down by the only visible God i.e. the Sun and lead our lives according to its routine then we may attain balance in our lives. Sun teaches us to rise early and go to sleep early as well, however, we the modern world are going other way round. Late night parties, long hours at computer desks, stretched hours of screen time is all what has contributed to our late night wake ups. 

If we don’t follow the cycle of nature or go against it then we have to face a lot of difficulties. This undisciplined lifestyle makes the malefics Rahu and Saturn active which then start giving malefic results in our lives. Talk with astrologer to understand the influence that various planets exert on your personality.


You Know Laziness and Vedic astrology are closely interlinked.  As per the rules of astrology, Saturn is the slowest moving planet. People with malefic influence of ‘Shani Grah’ are slow in their actions. But, Saturn does not give rise to laziness in us. Instead, Saturn is a great disciplinarian that aims to make us hard-working and disciplined. It is also believed that if Saturn is posited in a malefic house then also a person becomes lethargic. 


Planet Sun causes very terrible laziness if is afflicted badly in a chart. The person doesn’t even feel like moving out from his/her bed.




Unpredictable planet Rahu is mainly responsible for laziness in different people. Particularly, when Rahu is placed in Scorpio sign in one’s birth chart or is aspecting the lagna or ascendant then the native has lethargic tendencies, without a valid reason. While making Kundli predictions if Rahu influences the ascendant then the person may suffer from confused mind, fictitious thoughts, and detachment from the outer world. All these in combination with each other, result in slow processing of the mind turning the movement of the body even slower. We all know that it is the mind only that ignites or draws energy in a body. When Rahu occupies fifth, seventh, or ninth houses in a horoscope, it affects the ascendant with its aspects and makes the person lazy in association with other malefic planets.

The Moon

According to Astrology principles, if Moon is a main planet in a chart or is the lord of Kendra or trikona and then if it is placed in the ascendant or Lagna house then it makes the person lazy. Moon adds an element of uncertainty to his decision making and most of the time his mind is wandering amongst the available options. This hampers his mental decisiveness or determination and hence he acts slowly. The aforementioned planetary position makes the person feel weak physically and inactive. The laziness caused by the planet Moon does not persist; it keeps fluctuating on the basis of the state of mind. In such a situation, a person should take bath regularly and chant the Gayatri Mantra daily.

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According to horoscope reading, if Planet Jupiter is the main planet or if Planet Venus throwing its aspect at the ascendant or Lagna house then there are chances of person becoming lethargic or inactive. These benefics raise a sense of satisfaction in the minds of the natives and they don’t feel a thrust to achieve materialistic goals. Therefore, they remain at calm and stay back. So, the planets Jupiter, Moon, and Venus too can make a person lazy. 



Other causes

Apart from this, if a native has an ascendant or moon sign in a fixed sign, then laziness maybe there, irrespective of the placement of other planets in the horoscope. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are the fixed zodiac signs. Venus, the Sun, Mars, and Saturn are their lords respectively. Among these four planets, the Sun and Mars are called fiery or energetic planets. But, still, less mobility may be observed in the natives with these rising signs. According to Kundli analysis, if the 3rd, 6th, and 11th houses in a person’s birth chart are not strong then also a person can feel lazy. Such person doesn’t aspire to work and sustain on the pity of others.

The main period or sub-period of Rahu

If the native is running the dasha periods of Rahu, then also the person becomes or feels lazy. Rahu is bandhak kaarak hence it seems to tie a person to a place obstructing his mobility. The main period of Rahu continues for 18 long years, which is sufficient enough to transform the thought process of the native. 

Apart from its main period, different planets have sub periods of Rahu in their major periods. The sub-period of Rahu in the main period of the Sun continues for 10 months and 24 days. The moon has a sub-period of Rahu for 18 months. The subperiod of Rahu in the main period of Mars runs for 12 months and 18 days. Subperiod of Rahu, in the main period of Rahu itself, continues for 32 months and 12 days. 

The Jupiter has a subperiod of Rahu for 28 months and 24 days. The subperiod of Rahu in the main period of Saturn continues for 34 months and 6 days.similarly, in the main period of Mercury, antardasha of Rahu runs for 30 months and 18 days. The subperiod of Rahu in the main period of Ketu continues for 12 months and 18 days. 

As one can notice, nowhere the sub-period of Rahu is less than 10 months. So, when Rahu is not well placed in a birth chart it may infuse laziness and other negative emotions in the natives. Love for intoxicant stuff, gambling and speculation tendencies, company of criminals or morally down people is a few of the bad effects that Rahu can give us.



Remedial measures

Using sandalwood, in any form, helps to reduce the inauspicious effect(s) of Rahu up to a certain extent. One should worship Lord Bhairon on Fridays or Sundays to safeguard against the negative effects of Rahu. Helping handicapped people or leprosy patients is another remedial measure that can win Rahu’s favours for us. Colours also play an important role in eradicating laziness from one’s life. Like if the native will use orange colour in abundance then he/she will become more active and will get rid of laziness.

And with all these factors the kind of food that one consumes is also responsible for an individual’s laziness. If we eat food loaded with carbohydrates and high calories then there are more chances of becoming inactive. Therefore, a balanced diet is necessary to keep ourselves active and healthy.

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