Property Disputes and Astrological Solutions

Property Disputes and Astrological Solutions  

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Property Disputes and Astrological Solutions: Owning a property at a particular stage in their life is a dream of everyone. Whether they buy it for their personal use or real estate business but at least once we all aspire to buy a piece of land. However, the monetary investments involved in the transactions are relatively high. Apart from the cost involved various factors like bureaucracy, intricate procedures, and vague regulations turn seemingly simple intent of buying property into a nightmare. The whole process seems to run circles around the buyer, and then you find yourself stuck in the never ending calls of the judiciary. According to research, more than approximately 50% of the cases lying pending with the Indian courts are related to property or real estate disputes.

Luckily, Astrology has an answer to all the questions pertaining to property disputes. Let’s talk about the astrological solutions for property disputes in a birth chart: 



Reasons for Disputes in Property / Real Estate as per Astrology


The horoscope of a person can help to find out the various astrological reasons for disputes in property/real estate. One of the prime reasons is greed and deceptive nature of few human beings. But again, how can our birth chart explain that? An experienced astrologer can easily detect the yogas in one’s natal chart through examining their fourth house, which signifies land and property. When this house of property is afflicted, you are likely to find yourself amongst disputes related to property. Not mere affliction but lots of other factors have to be examined to get sure about the chances of a person getting involved in the property disputes. A careful analysis of the fourth house and it’s Lord, the planets posited in it, the placement of the 4th lord and the planets aspecting the fourth house as well as its lord. 

In addition to this, the association of different malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Mars also play an important role. As already mentioned if a person is of questionable character which can be clearly noticed in his birth chart, there are bright chances of getting involved in disputes or other deceptive actions. Apart from this, the birth chart can also give hints of the afflicted planets in a birth chart that can give rise to such conflicts. 

If there is a problem, there is a solution too. The solutions suggested by Vedic astrology for property disputes concentrate on cautions rather than remedies. One can often avoid possible fraudulent land transactions by being alert. If one is well informed about his natal chart then he can keep himself away from any kind of unpleasant condition by simply ignoring it. Talk to the best astrologers of India to understand your horoscope in detail. Let us now look at the astrological combinations causing such clashes:


Houses and planets involved in property or land disputes


The presence of Saturn and Mars in the second or fourth house in the natal chart gives rise to the majority of the property clashes. As a result, these clashes take over our lives and we spend not only our precious savings, but also endless years in resolving them. Therefore, it is advised that you always consult a good astrologer before getting involved into this situation. Astrologers in Delhi and other states may guide you in the process of buying property during an auspicious time, according to your planetary positions and running dasha. They also warn you about indications of property disputes in the birth chart. 


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Property yogas 


  • The fourth house of your kundli or horoscope should be strong if you want to acquire your own land.
  • The placement of Mars in your horoscope should be very strong. The fourth house and Mars are considered to be significant in acquiring land or property in a native’s life. Both the positions should be strong and auspicious in a person’s birth chart.
  • When Mars and fourth house are strong related then the native can be sure to buy land or acquire property.
  • If Mars is not strongly positioned in the fourth house of the birth chart, then a person may acquire land but will get into legal disputes.
  • The planet Mars has to be strong and is considered to be the ruling factor in acquiring land. Saturn has to be strong to get involved in constructing buildings. When both Saturn and Mars are strong and come together and reside in the fourth house, then their Dasha or Antardasha is considered auspicious to acquire land but then at the same time should be checked thoroughly as it is a negative yoga as well.

The Ascendant/Lagna (D-1) chart and the Shastiamsa (D-60) chart both have to be checked for the same. On the other side, the presence of negative Property Yogas in the kundali can spoil the positive yogas. As a result, even if you do own property but the same will be involved in conflicts, thereby creating property disputes. 


Various reasons of disputes: 


Proportion of share in the Property

Often, the clashes are regarding the portion or share that one will get in the property. Such cases are seen more often when the real owners of the land are not well aware about the legal rules and regulations, or the ill intentions of a third person interrupts taking over the rights regarding the land. However, if you talk to astrologer then he can easily warn you about indications of property disputes in the natal chart, thereby helping you to get prepared in advance.

Title of the Property

Frauds relating to the title of the property/real estate are a common sight in the country, in the absence of well kept land records. To avoid such kind of property disputes, one should ensure to have a valid title to the property owned. Verification of all the documents and a consultation with a good astrologer can help you avoid most of these title frauds. An expert astrologer can warn you about indications of property disputes in your kundali. 

Misuse of Rented/Leased Property

Clashes over rented/leased property are also quite common among others. These may occur between the owner and tenant or between the tenant and the local welfare association. A transparent and clearly written rules and regulations can save the natives from such problems. An astrologer can easily detect property disputes in the birth chart. The D-4 chart, if read along with the D-1 chart, can predict the use and misuse of the rented/leased estate.

Non-provision of occupancy certificate

Another commonly seen dispute is the non-provision of occupancy certificates. Often, a builder doesn’t get an Occupancy Certificate from the authorities as a result the buyers are unable to move into their new home despite the completion of the project. Generally, such problems arise when the developers don’t adhere to prescribed judicial norms, thereby giving rise to property disputes. 

Between Builders/Developers and Buyers

Essentially in a property transaction, there are two parties; the buyer and the builder. There have been numerous examples where the builders fail to meet their duties. Instead, they leave their buyers stranded. So, the public relations and reputation of a builder is of utmost importance. In case you are not sure about the builder, you can talk to astrologer. Any association between the twelfth, sixth and fourth houses in one’s kundali indicates chances of arguments between the builders and the buyer. 


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  • Feed jiggery to cows every Sunday
  • Every Friday feed hungry people 
  • Worshipping Kshetrapal is also advised 
  • Worship Goddess Lakshmi 
  • In Shukla Paksha, tie some honey with stone in a piece of cloth. Float this away in a stream on Tuesday 
  • Chant the Durga mantra starting from first day of Navratri. You need to meditate on goddess Durga along with chanting the mantra. 
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