Ensure Happiness in Married Life through Vastu Tips

Ensure Happiness in Married Life through Vastu Tips  

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Marriage is the most important phase of one’s life. When we decide to live our life with someone we kind of entrust our life in the hands of theta person. 

All our aspirations, desires, happiness and sorrows get attached to that person. He becomes a prominent person of our life and we tend to dream a bright and future with that someone special. He makes us feel accomplished and we aspire to take our lineage further with that person. 

At the same time it is a fragile relation as well. One mistake may break this relation into shatters. So, we have to be cautious about our behavior towards our life partner and act sensibly and responsibly. 

Sometimes despite our cautious behavior and all due care, we tend to lose love and care in the marital relationship. This is the time when we need some professional advice to save our marriage.

In such undesirable situation, Vastu shastra comes as a saving grace which may help us to overcome troubles of bad marriage. 

There are certain things that you have to keep in mind while deciding the placement or location of various rooms or spaces in your house. The bed room is the most important of these as it is the place where love flourishes.

Consult expert Vastu consultants to find solutions to your marriage related problems.  

Following is the short explanation of the precautions to be taken in your bed room: 

 Direction of the bedroom

The bed should be placed in the south-west or North West direction of the house. This direction is believed to enhance compatibility of the couple. The bedroom should be located in the west, south or south-west direction. This direction is known to hold love and romance, thus this will automatically put a positive influence on your loving relations. 

Lighting in the bedroom

A beam of light just above the bed is considered inauspicious. As per Vastu, these beams of light will interfere with your sleep and thus will put negative impact on the health of the couple. Windows of the room should be so placed that they don’t allow any light to pass over the bed. If it seems unavoidable, then you have to place a curtain or some shield to prevent the light as suggested by the famous astrologer in India.

Work in the bedroom

Office work should be avoided in the bedroom as it may hamper the harmony in relationship with the partner. Try to keep your bedroom as organized and stress free as possible. If you are in a habit of working at home then you should keep your gadgets, chargers and books in a separate room. The negative energy from these may spoil your mood in the bedroom. 


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Sleeping direction

While sleeping your head should be placed in the south direction. Walls of the bed room should be painted with blue, pink, yellow or orange color. Avoid pale shades or colors like brown, grey, black and cream as they tend to add an element of dullness in the room. According to Vastu Shastra, no mirror should be placed in front of the bed as it may negatively influence your health. 

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Wooden beds

According to Vastu wood has the property of warmth while metals have cold element to them. It is advisable to keep wooden beds instead of metal beds in the room to enhance warmth and positive vibes in the bed room. 

Flowers and lamps in the bedroom

Fresh flowers may bring freshness to your love life. It will also help to get rid of any bad smell at the same time making the atmosphere pleasant. Artificial flowers are a big no-no. One should avoid placing them in the room. Fancy lamp shades bring aesthetics to the room and hence are advisable. Green and blue shades are believed to elevate the mood.

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Vastu tips for bedroom:

The bedroom should be built in square or rectangular shape as it brings peace and love in your married life. 

Newly married couples should never sleep in a room located in the northeast direction as its strong magnetic energies act as a barrier in their sex life. Those planning for a baby must also avoid sleeping in this direction. 

Some other important tips:

  • Do not keep computers and television in the bedroom. If it is still there then cover them with a cloth while sleeping. 
  • The bed should not be placed directly in front of the door. Also ensure that your bed is not placed in between the two doors. 
  • The door of the attached bathroom must be kept closed and the seat cover should be kept down, when not in use. 
  • Try to spread white or light colored bed sheets with flowery patterns as it will increase the love and passion between the couple. 
  • Wearing red apparels brings back the lost love in your life and stimulates the sexual life as well. 
  • Decorate crystal items in your house as it attracts light and illuminates your loving relationship.
  • Keep your house clutter free to maintain the flow of love in your relations. 
  • Keep your house dust free as dust on object signifies dust on the relationship. 
  • If you are facing lack of harmony in your married relations, use a double bed with a single mattress. Too many mattresses will also give too many reasons of arguments and conflicts.
  • Decorate a corner of your house with candles and flowers etc.

If the problems of your married life is a prime cause of concern for you then come and talk with astrologer in India. The best remedies and consultation as provided by our experts will help you to lead a blissful and a stress free married life.

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