What do Your Planets say about Your Career

What do Your Planets say about Your Career  

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Earning livelihood has always been a vital aspect of everyone on this Earth. Livelihood doesn’t only mean to earn money but at large it is the depiction of your status, honor, and respect that adds to your societal image. Though making choice of career has been the most important as well as the most difficult task of one’s life. Sometimes we see people switching jobs or profession even after devoting a huge chunk of their life into that line of field. The Vedic astrology talks about how different planets and their placements in different houses in a horoscope can determine the selection and success in a particular field of profession. Let us examine that in detail in this article.

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Important Planets for Career:

Saturn is known as the karmakaraka in astrology. It is the prime decisive planet that determines the kind and manner in which we perform tasks. It can be termed as the most influential planet in respect of the career. Karma Karaka, Saturn is the significator of livelihood and narrates the type of a person’s field of work. Saturn has been termed as a malefic planet in the astrological context but at the same time proves immensely beneficial if placed well and is strong in the horoscope. It confers wealth, status, hard work, discipline as well as land and property to the native. For certain ascendants like Taurus and Libra, Saturn act as yogkaraka and bestow the native with its best of the results. However, the placement and the strength will matter in all the cases. If placed in its own or exaltation sign it becomes specifically auspicious for the native. A well placed and strong Saturn can take the native immeasurable heights in career giving him status, fame and wealth.        

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Important Houses for Career in Astrology:

There are 12 houses in a horoscope and each house depicts certain specifications. As far as profession is concerned, the 10th House gains the highlight. The tenth house or the Karma Sthana and the planets associated with it, play a major role in deciding the area of work of a native. The study of 10th House has to be accompanied with the study of the first, second and the sixth house while making predictions about the career of a person. A deep study of these houses with major focus on the 10th house may reveal the probability of success or failure of a native in his profession. The zodiac sign placed in the 10th House, its planetary Lord, and also the placement of the planets in this house will also exert considerable influence on a person’s career graph. It is generally witnessed that the dasha or antardasha of the 10th lord or the lords associated with it gives a promising period in the profession or business of a native.

  • The First House represents our own self, it depicts us as the person we are. Our physique, temperament, nature, character, mind set, how we perceive the world and our broad outlook. It shows our constitution, and if constitution is strong or weak it will give results accordingly. A strong and well placed Lagna Lord affirms the strong initiatives taken by the native for his career.
  • The Second House is the Dhana Sthana, the House of wealth, and can show the quantum of wealth a person will possess through his work aspirations. This house not just shows the money earned through his work endeavors but also through any means, this shows wealth gained in life and those may be through any source. A strong second house affirms that a person will earn well through his profession as well.
  • The Sixth House is the house of enemies, debts, and diseases. This house also indicates services and employment and a strong sixth house indicates good earnings through employment in form of salary.   

Further, the planets are constantly moving in the sky across the zodiac, and their transits cause Dashas and Yogas to activate and give results as per their inherent nature. These transits may bring both positive and negative results depending upon the natal placements and the operating dasha at that period of time. 

Also, any planet in association with the trik i.e. 6th, 8th, or 12th lords or houses generally give delays, failure, obstacles and impediments in a person’s job. If the dash and transit both are unfavorable then the career prospective deteriorates further. So, analysis of dash and transit is very important while predicting the good or bad period in someone’s career and he doesn’t get the desired results.

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The importance of the tenth house in astrology:

The 10th house of an astrological chart encompasses a prominent position when it comes to decide an appropriate career for you. If your Moon sign and the 10th House are strong and auspicious in your horoscope then the chances of a successful career are very bright. This is also an upachay sthaan which shows growth over a period of time with consistent efforts. As individual progresses in life, his business aspirations grow stronger with hard work and determination. He becomes capable enough to overcome all possible hurdles coming his way of occupation. The house indicates determination, ambition, occupation, status, honor, father, recognition, foreign affairs, political power, authority, and lot more. It teaches us to stay determined and self reliant to grow wealthy and contended in life.

If 10 house is ruled by malefic planets – Saturn, Rahu, Mars and Ketu

  • When the malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu and Ketu rule over the 10th house or are placed there, then there are chances of the native getting indulged in irrational and illegal lines of profession. Saturn’s influence takes the native to the professions related to labour, mining, excavation, engineering etc. a detailed list is to follow below.
  • Rahu denotes diplomacy and gives technical mind. If placed in the 10th house it indicates professions related to software engineering, politics, research work, brokerage, gambling, aviation and speculation.
  • Ketu is spiritual planet and its placement in the 10th house indicates religious deeds, astrology and other related professions.
  • Mars here indicates police, military, construction related professions. They can also work in metal or energy sector.

If 10 house is ruled by cruel planet – Sun

When the 10th house is ruled by the Sun then it gives authority and domination over others. Sun ruling the 10th house indicates politics or authoritative position in Govt. or in corporate sector. The native influenced by a strong Sun may also give the knowledge of medical and the person may become a successful doctor. They may also deal in gold and jewelry.

The presence of soft or benefic planets promotes earning through righteous means.

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Determination of the most appropriate Career

A thorough analysis of the tenth house is not sufficient to come at the precise result. There are certain other factors that have to be taken in consideration to predict precisely about the occupation of a person. The strongest house and the planet also play an important role. If the ongoing dasha is of these strong planets or lords at the time when a person usually work to earn livelihood then it is likely that the person will follow the occupation as suggested by these planets. The position of the planets in D9 and D10 chart is also analyzed to confirm the results. The placement of planets in the concerned houses totally changes the undertone of the profession likely to be undertaken by the native. Different professions as suggested by different planets are as follows:

Sun:  The Sun is the significator of the 10th house and is considered digbali or gets directional strength here. In astrology, the Sun depicts authority. With a powerful Sun in your horoscope, you are likely to get a prestigious job in an administration department or political career. The planet also represents Government services, bureaucrats, bankers, presidents, politicians, doctors, jewellers, CEO of big organizations etc.

Moon: A strong Moon represents nursing and related professions. The person may work as a caretaker, nurse, servant (if badly afflicted) psychologist, physician etc. a strong moon may also suggest a career in public relations, administration, hotels and restaurants. The person may also get involved with the profession of liquids and chemical engineering as well.

Mars: Mars is a planet of courage; it shows both mental and physical strength of a person. Thus a career related to courage like military, police, body builders, fire related occupations, energy, metals, artilleries, weapons, construction, surgeons, engineering fields are shown by the planet Mars. Since these natives are courageous they may join army, military, police, sports etc.

Mercury: Mercury is a planet of intelligence, reasoning, analyzing and education. Mercury represents careers associated with communication both verbal and written, it also includes internet communication. Well paced Mercury suggests publishing and journalism, writing, teaching, web designing, editing etc. Mercury also gives good negotiation skills to the native.

Jupiter: Jupiter is the planet of religion, wisdom and knowledge, so profession like finance, law, treasury, scholars, priests, politicians, advertising, and psychologist, humanitarian are suggested by Jupiter.

Venus: Venus is the planet of aesthetics and beauty. It symbolizes luxury, entertainment, perfumes, colouful and expensive clothes and sex. Thus career related to these heads are suitable for the native having an influence of Venus at his 10th house. Art, music, singing, playing instruments and hotel industry also come under Venus.

Saturn: In Astrology, Saturn is called the planet of Karma. Careers related to agriculture, labor, construction work, mining, archaeology, philosophy etc. all come under the influence of Saturn. 

Rahu: Rahu is a materialistic planet, despite being considered the most mysterious planet, it is the most diplomatic planet as well. Since rahu’s energy is unconventional so does it gives the career choices. It gives the native an out of thee box thinking. Rahu represents careers like physicians, researchers of drugs, engineers, physicians, speculators, software engineers, aviation, electricity, waste-material-dealers, etc.

Ketu: Ketu is a spiritual planet and denotes isolation, detachment, enlightenment, religion, secret affairs, poisons, metaphysics are best for these natives.

Timing of getting a job

When a person will get his first job? What will be the status of his first job? Whether he will get a permanent job or not? These are the few questions that come to every job seeker. Let’s take the help of the astrology in getting answers to these questions. Following point must be considered while calculating the timing of service.

  • Dasha of the planet associated with 10th house.
  • Dasha of Planets placed in the tenth house.
  • Transit of planets which have connection with the 10th house and 10th Lord.
  • Transits of Saturn and Jupiter.


Despite the influence of all the planets on your career, this is only your birth chart that can give a precise picture of your occupation and your attitude at the work front. With diligence, determination and right knowledge, you’ll achieve success in any career you aspire for.

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