Crystals and Gemstones Bring Magical Results for the Children

Crystals and Gemstones Bring Magical Results for the Children  

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Crystals and gemstones are for everyone including adults and kids alike. Just like adults even kids can take benefits of gemstones and crystals. We as adults are often attracted towards crystals, gemstones and other astrological remedies to improve our lives. 

But do you know the best astrologer suggests that even our children can use them to derive beneficial results. It sounds unfamiliar to make kids use gemstones or crystals but it is amazing to know that crystals and gemstones help the kids to overcome their respective challenges in life. Here, we will discuss how gemstones and crystals help kids in enriching their lives.

Children are fascinated by gemstones and crystals because:

  • Children live in their fantasy world and when introduced to gemstones or crystals they take them as magical stones bringing magical wonders to them. 
  • They accept everything with an open mind and have spiritual side deep inside them. They tend to take them as something doing talking to them and thus in innocent manner raises its fullest capabilities. 
  • They take everything in a positive way and for the gemstones and crystals to work with full efficacy, it is important that the wearer shows faith in it. In case of children it is done automatically as they believe the stone will fulfill their wishes.
  • Kids are innocent and believe in the healing powers of the gemstones and crystals.

What benefits Children may get through gem stones and crystals?

  • Children are more pure and away from any kind of mental prodigies. This makes them more receptive towards the healing powers of the crystals and gemstones.
  • The kids face several personality related issues while growing up and these stones help them to balance their energies in tune with the cosmic energy to calm down their minds.
  • Gemstones and crystals aid the learning and grasping capabilities of the children but for that it is necessary that you give the most appropriate gem stones to them after a talk to astrologer. 

Some amazing uses of gemstones and crystals for kids

  • Gemstones and crystals have a calming effect on children. 
  • Kids are restless and are a storehouse of energy. It is easy to channelize their energy into productive manner by using crystals and gemstones. The stones help them to relax.  
  • Crystals and gemstones make kids productive and spoil their destructive capabilities. The stones soothe their active minds and bodies.  
  • Crystals help teenagers to get open and friendly with others by reducing unnecessary stress of bodily changes in their minds. 
  • The children may successfully encounter several challenges and competitions at school with a sporting spirit. Keeping a crystal in their pockets may prove to be a great help. 
  • The kids get a feeling of being safe and protected with cosmic energies working behind them.
  • When at school, kids suffer separation anxiety which can be calmed down by using crystals and gemstones.
  • Crystals and gemstones definitely help in improving focus and concentration in studies. They gain better memorizing capabilities and clarity in mind.
  • The crystals and gemstones remove negative energy amongst kids. This can be anything from the fear of bullying, scolding, anger, and jealousy. The stones transform these negative traits into positive emotions.
  • Kids feel more confident and are in a better condition to handle their emotions. 
  • Gemstones and Crystals certainly help children to take sound sleep. 
  • All sleep anxieties like nightmares, restless minds, fear of dark and staying alone and other unknown fear can be successfully tackled with the use of the stones.  
  • Gemstones help children to handle tough times easily.
  • Gemstones also control emotional turmoil often felt by the kids for no reason. 
  • Kids may become stronger and face the world with more confidence. 
  • Crystals and gemstones can be used to soothe children during unforeseen and sudden events like an accident of a relative or death in the family.
  • If your kid has joined a new school then gemstones are his/her best friend as they would deal with their emotions in a healthier way.
  • The crystals act as the confidence and morale boosters in the kids. They don’t struggle with poor image anxiety in their adulthood if they are using stones in their childhood only.
  • Kids learn to love themselves for whatever they are. The crystals induce image building within kids with passage of time. 

The fun way to introduce your kids to gemstones and crystals

  • Tell them stories about the magic of crystals- This is the most interesting way to introduce the stones to your kids. If they are told that a particular stone gives tem super powers, they tend to keep it with them all day and night. Mention in brief about different ways crystals may prove helpful to them in form of stories.
  • Make them select their stone on their own- Just like toys, if you let them choose the appropriate stones based on colors and shapes, they may become their best friends. They will refuse to impart their stones just like their dolls and teddies.
  • Tell them how stones can benefit them- You may always introduce the qualities of the stone in an interesting manner to them. Like you may tell them that by keeping this stone in the pocket they will become popular in the class or will make many friends and so on. 
  • Tell them how to clean the stones as well- It is equally important to tell them how to cleanse the stones. This will produce more affection in the kids for their stones.

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What ways Kids may use crystals and gemstones?

  • Place them under their pillows.
  • Place them in their pocket after safeguarding it in a pouch. The pouch may be tied in a string worn around the neck.
  • Make your child wear it as a locket.
  • You may also keep crystals in their bathwater while bathing to relax them.

To sum up

As you already know now, amazing things happen with kids if they are encouraged to use crystals and gemstones. The gemstones and crystals boost confidence, better emotional control, better understanding, strong image building, and ability to face any difficult situation. 

At the same time, it is important to keep small crystals out of the reach of toddlers to avoid any kind of choking hazard. It is important to train children to not to throw them to save them from breaking into smaller pieces. 

It is also important to check their pockets before putting them into washing machine. In a nutshell, crystals and gemstones are the simple solution for all kind of problems related to children.

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