Some important astrology fundamentals

Some important astrology fundamentals  

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The main objective of Astrology is to predict the future of the native with the help of his horoscope. For making accurate predictions it is necessary to make an analysis of three factors viz

(A) Yogas formed with the combination and permutation of planets,

(B) Major/Sub periods (Dasa/Antardasa) and transit

(C) When a person comes with a query, first of all it should be analyzed that his query is related with which houses & planets.

The determination of the auspicious or inauspicious results of the house with which event is related shall be done by analyzing three factors viz. house, house lord and significator. Therefore just find out that which planets occupy & aspect this house & then check the position of its lord & significator.

For example if the question asked is regarding marriage in that case we shall see that which planets are there in seventh house, this house is aspected by which planets. marriage yoga (the possibility of marriage) is there or not and in addition to that the position of significator of 7th house i.e. Jupiter/Venus should also be analyzed.

For females the significator of 7th house is Jupiter and for males the Venus. By analyzing the placement, combination and benefic or malefic impact of these planets we conclude whether auspicious yoga for the possibility of marriage is there or not.

After Yoga next important factor to be studied is major/sub period, the duration of main period is long and that of sub period short. The sub periods may vary from 6 months to 3 years and therefore in order to predict the timing of an event during a specific Mahadasa/Antardasa the help of transit can be taken.

Therefore, for predicting an event the study of transit is necessary. Although it is a matter of long discussion to determine whether transit predictions should be made on the basis of ascendant sign or moon sign.

For supporting the predictions from both, scholars have given logical and justifiable opinions. But, the conclusions that we have derived on the basis of our experience elucidates that auspiciousness or inauspiciousness of the transit results of planets should be decided on the basis of transit of planets from natal Moon. For knowing that results of which house would be obtained the transit of planets from ascendant sign shall be checked.

For instance if moon is positioned in 7th house in Leo, therefore transit of Saturn into this sign shall cause negative impact of Saturn’s Sade sati because transit of Saturn into Leo shows inauspicious results therefore there can be delay or problems in marriage and married life. Similarly, what can be the results of transit of planets along with the considerations of other important factors has been taken into account in this book.

This book was written because of lack of availability of books in the field of transit predictions. We hope that the book shall be of immense help for solving the problems of students of All India Federation of Astrologers' Societies while studying the techniques of predictions.

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