Conference on Astrology & Spirituality concluded in London

Conference on Astrology & Spirituality concluded in London  

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Ten days tour programme and a conference on Astrology and spirituality was organized jointly under the auspices of Future Point and All India Federation of Astrologers’ Societies in UK. This astrological tour commenced on 4th June and reached to its culmination on 14th June 2017. On the occasion of Astrological symposium on 10th June 2017 held in London, the Hon’ble Deputy Commissioner of Indian Embassy in London Mr. Dinesh K. Pattnaik and Ambassador of Nepal Hon’ble Durg Bahadur were the Chief Guests. 49 Delegates of Astrologers from India, Astrologer of Nepal Mr. Rudra Bhandari and American Astrologer Miss Priti Bhatia graced the occasion by their presence and made the conference highly successful and impressive.

Speaking on this occasion while discussing the utility of astrology in modern era Mr. Arun Bansal, the President of All India Federation of Astrologers’ Societies proclaimed that the Sun and the Moon move in the sky according to Vedic Astrology and not according to the Western calculation. Hence, after the comparative study of Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology, it appears that the mathematical calculation of Vedic Astrology is more accurate in the timing of events and this is the reason why Western Astrologers are slowly turning towards Vedic Astrology. In the conference, he offered to the British Citizens that Future Point is always ready to support them with all the calculations free of cost if they wish to publish their own Panchanga.

He gave the detailed knowledge about the latest Astrological Software of Future Point ‘Leo Forecast’ and told that with the help of this software very accurate prediction of Share Market can be done. He discussed all these subjects with channel TV99 of England. Pt. Akshay Sharma of Moga imparted his views on channel TV99 regarding the need of horoscope matching, its utilities, methods and remedies. He told that the White Coral proves to be a potent remedial measure in case of delayed marriage. Vice President of AIFAS Mr. Jayant Pandey discussed about brand astrology. Vice President of AIFAS Mr. Subhesh Sharman opined regarding Hindu culture and made aware the audience about its glory and grandeur. Mrs. Abha Bansal gave knowledge to the people about the activities done by Future Point and AIFAS for the propagation and spread of Astrological sciences.

In the conference, more than 25 learned Astrologers delivered scholarly lectures on the subjects like Vedic Astrology, Vastu and other occult subjects. The important amongst the other speakers were Ayurvedacharya Mr. Anil Bansal, Mr. Vikal, Mr. Gaurav Agarwal, Mr. Lokesh Jagirdar, Mrs. Himani Jolly, Mr. Rudra Bhandari, Mr. Bharat Sharma, Mrs. Tulikka Chakrapani, Mr. Manu Kapil, Mr. Kapil Luthra, Mr. Gyan Sharma, Mrs. Sayamantika Masson, Mrs. Shibani Subodh Kasulla, Mr. Mahendra Hirani and Mr. Lalit Sharma etc.

The Chief Guest appreciated the commendable work done by All India Federation of Astrologers’ Societies for the propagation of Astrology and Research work in the whole world. Apart from more than 100 people from London many dignitaries from USA also took part in the symposium. All India Federation of Astrologers’ Societies presented Award of Honour to all the participants and presented them Trophies and Certificates.

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