A Page, within the Universe

A Page, within the Universe  

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Melissa Carruthers Wilson

Astrological insight has been known to be a heavenly map, of sorts; one that can guide people, as well as pinpoint areas of importance in our lives. If someone who we are "crushing on," has gone quiet on us- who wouldn't want to gain a little basic understanding of the situation? Astrology is known to, quietly offer the fine print, on relationships that are, in fact destined to occur, or, possibly present us, with tools, that teach, while highlighting, pure examples of the absolute beauty of love, promoting understanding, and nurturing certain aspects of human connection. Celestial insights can help many of us to remain optimistic, when we need to, as well as, shed light, on the behavior of others, when pessimism has colored certain pathways. It has been said, that timing is everything, so, it could only benefit us, as individuals, to find out if we can brace ourselves, more properly- to be on the same page as the universe.

Currently, there is a vertex, in the sign of leo, in the 8th astrological house. In synastry, according to https://cafeastrology.com/vertex.html, there is a high likelihood, of significant relationships being formed, when, "a personal planet," "conjuncts or opposes," the other person, in questions' vertex. Synastry is defined, in the English Oxford dictionaries, as a "comparison between the horoscopes of two or more people, in order to determine their likely compatibility," within a relationship. At the moment, Venus is conjunct with Uranus, the planet, which happens to rule Aquarius. Aquarius is in house two, presently, which is ruled by Venus. The sun, leos' ruler, is inconjunction with Pluto. Leo is in an 8th house position. The 8th house is, coincidently, ruled by Mars and Pluto. Connecting information, can likely shed light on, anyone who is looking for a positive outlook, as far as when it comes to aquarius/leo pairings. Astrology tends to, lend a hand, when it comes to recognizing the gifts that we are given, in life and the fascinating times in which things can transpire. For instance, a vertex, which is known as a destiny-prone, meet-up, is, also, most importantly, a time of wish fulfillment, much of the time- therefore, knowing this and accepting this, gives rise to the perception that during a vertex, the attainment of a wish is likely to be more plausible. Naturally, a vertex is an optimal time to test limits and expect the most from situations, and be more aware of who could be headed your way, romantically speaking.

A leo, who has just moved on, with finality, from one relationship and is ready to embrace another, would, automatically feel better about the move, with this knowledge. Given the fact that the aforementioned situation can be so stressful, it's great news, that in times such as these, we are prone to encounter the ultimate, possibly subconscious, wish fulfillment.

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