Earthquake & War 2017

Earthquake & War 2017  

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On 18th Nov. 2017 this year, 7 planets will remain within 70° and on 3rd Dec. 2017 also, 6 planets will be between Ketu and Rahu within the angular distance of 63° while Moon will be posited exactly in front of them. Due to this planetary disposition there are chances of occurrence of earthquake of very high intensity which will measure 8.0 or so on richter scale.

This earthquake may take place on 3rd Dec. 2017 or a day or two near to it. In order to decide its epicentre the planetary position should be analysed with respect to Rahu and Ketu.

Because all the planets are between Ketu and Rahu means below the Moon, hence, their effects on Northern region will be felt between the Latitude 30°-40°. That’s why there is the possibility of earthquake of very high intensity on 3rd Dec. 2017 on given latitude.

Why & where earthquakes & war occur?

It has been observed, whenever, the balance of the cosmos is disturbed; that manifests somehow or the other on the earth as well. Whenever maximum planets are located on one side then due to gravitation there emerge unbalances which affect the mind of the human being significantly. Due to this very reason the human being takes aggressive route and his thinking power is decreased substantially. If its impact is felt on the Head of the Nation then it often transforms into war.

The effects of the planets are very subtle which can’t be measured through any instrument but its impact is everlasting, it can be understood by the event of tides. When Moon is posited in 4th and 10th house then there is tide on the ocean due to gravitation. On New Moon day Moon and Sun are conjunct due to which its effect is felt even more. On eclipses the effect of gravitation is felt even more when Rahu or Ketu also joins Moon and Sun. In the same way, whenever many planets come in one side of the zodiac, this position becomes the cause of earthquake and other natural calamities.

The earth and all other planets have their individual power of gravitation in them because of which they pull all articles entering in the gravitational area of these planets. When the gravitational force of all planets comes towards the one angle of earth then it creates a situation of imbalance.

For instance when all the planets come towards one side of the earth and at that time if the Moon is dark Moon, full Moon or of Pratipada Tithi and there is distance of 180 degree then it results into an earthquake which gets repeated after one month.

The other position can be polarization of planets on 180 degrees. In this position sun and some other planets should be on one side and other planets on the other side and Moon should be in the middle i.e. on a distance of 90 degree or 270 degree and one other planet should be conjunct with this Moon. This type of earthquake gets repeated again after 15 days.

After such kind of planetary disposition there is generally the possibility of war very often within 6 months. So the chances of breaking out the devastating war can’t be ruled out.

The same sort of situation had formed at the time of Kargil War in the time period from May 1999 to July 1999. In March 1999, 6 planets except Mars came in between Ketu and Rahu. Before India-China war also (20 Oct. 1962 to 20 Nov. 1962) 8 planets gathered together on 5th Feb. 1962 which resulted in the occurrence of high intensity earthquake in Iran in which more than 12 thousand people lost their lives. During First and Second World war also many planets appeared in the same angular position. The similar planetary position was formed on 23rd July 1914. On 13 July 1942 during the Second World War, 7 planets came within the angular distance of 70° due to which the result of the Second World War was highly terrible.

Analysing all these factors, it appears that the cloud of war will start hovering from 18th Nov. 2017 and there are possibilities of natural calamities and war in near future. The same sort of planetary position is going to form in 2018 and 2019 also, therefore the possibilities of earthquakes, natural calamities & wars in near future can’t be ignored.

In order to decide its epicentre the planetary position should be analyzed with respect to Rahu and Ketu. When Moon moves towards Rahu then the earthquake might occur in the northern region of hemisphere and when its moves towards Ketu then the earthquake might occur in southern region.

The impact of gravitational pull of planets is maximum on the centre and minimum on the poles therefore the probability of earthquakes on the centre of the earth remains more. When the earth gets tilted in the months of winter then the centre of gravitational impact gets shifted as a result of which the probability of earthquakes remains more in south i.e. Indonesia etc. During summers the probability of earthquakes remains more in northern hemisphere i.e. Himalyan range or Japan etc.

The intensity of earthquake-

For measuring the intensity of the earthquake it has to be studied that the planets coming on the one side of the earth with in a periphery of 90 degree are how close. If this distance where these planets are scattered is less than 60 degrees then the intensity of the earthquake is very high and in case the distance gets reduced to less than 30 degrees then the earthquake that usually occurs is of very highly dangerous intensity.

The magnitude of devastation from earthquake doesn't remain dependent only on its intensity rather on the area where it is coming. If the epicentre of the earthquake remains in some densely populated area then the magnitude of devastation increases in proportion to the intensity of the earthquake on richter scale.

At the time of earthquake if there remains mutual aspect between Mars & Saturn then the magnitude of devastation increases and at the same time this point should also be brought under consideration that what is the role of Jupiter and if unfortunately Jupiter is alone and doesn't aspect/conjuncts Mars, Saturn & Moon then the devastation can take a huge form.

Which Planetary Position Caused Earthquake in Nepal?

On 25th April 2015 at 11:56 AM Nepal became victim of a disastrous earthquake in which several thousand people lost their lives. Several thousand people were reported missing and lakhs of people were rendered homeless. Homes of lakhs of people, several centuries' old historical buildings collapsed. If we make the map of the planetary position of this time we shall see that most of the planets like Sun, Mars, Mercury and Venus had come in one corner and the distance of the belt in which these were placed was less than 40 degrees. Because of this the intensity of the earthquake was very high.

Moon was of Saptami Tithi that is at a distance of 90 degrees from Sun and that is why after 17 days on 12th May 2015 it came again at 12:50 PM but on this day the distance of the belt in which these planets towards one side of the earth were placed was 84 degrees therefore the intensity of earthquake was very less.

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