Baby Names & Astrology

Baby Names & Astrology  

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The name of a person is the biggest signature of his personal identity. In all religions, cultures and communities all over the world the giving name to a newly born baby is considered to be a matter of big excitement. Although the name of child in most of the cases is planned immediately after the entry of the baby in its mother's womb but the official declaration happens after its birth only. Once the name is decided and declared officially then it cannot be changed as it becomes your name and stamp for your all types of documents. In Hindu religion the importance of baby name declaration can be understood from the fact that they perform baby name ceremony i.e. Naamkaran Sanskaar for this purpose.

Baby Name Selection

The birth of the baby in the family is a happiest moment for any family indeed. All family members generally remain excited when the news about the pregnancy of a woman spreads in the family. In this excitement they start planning the name of the child. There are several websites which help in choosing the baby name as per the gender, cast, community and religion of the parents. Astrologers always proclaim that the name of the baby should be kept astrologically and it should go in harmony with the promises indicated in its horoscope. Apart from that the initial name alphabet should also be planned astrologically.

Astrological concept in baby name selection

Astrological concept behind baby name selection advocates the selection of friendliest vibration for the baby. The first letter of the name of the baby is always chosen astrologically and the astrologers in India have the freedom to assign the name chosen at least to be written in the horoscope (Teva) of the baby. In Teva of every child in India the baby name thus written starts from the same alphbet. As per Vedic astrology the vibration of each Rashi is different therefore it is appropriate to select the name as per his Janma Rashi & Nakshatra so that the maximum positive vibrations of birth time can be utilized.

Baby Name Selection as per Rashi

Rashi is that sign in which Moon is present at the time of birth of a person. Moon represents our mind and astrologically our life revolves around Moon only and that is why Dasha calculation for a native is also dependent on Nakshatra of the Rashi of this Moon therefore Janma Rashi and Janma Nakshatra are considered most important while exploring the friendliest vibrations for a native. This is the reason why the same Rashi is considered while checking the compatibility of a person with any object, organization, place, person, friend, partner or spouse too. The transit impacts are also studied as per the Janma Rashi. Astrologically it is necessary to have name as per Rashi.

Baby Name Selection as per Nakshatra

Each Rashi has various alphabets in its domain. Although all alphabets can be used for baby name selection but to pick up the absolutely accurate & positive vibration for you it should be checked that out of these alphabets which one falls under your Nakshatra. Your Nakshatra or Janma Nakshatra is the one in which your Moon was placed at the time of your birth. Future Point software can calculate your birth Rashi and birth Nakshatra for your baby to tell you that which alphabet shall be used for baby name selection.

The use of Nakshatra is most important in Vedic astrology as it represents the minutest means microscopic method of calculation of the most positive vibration avaiilable for the native at his time of birth.

Indian seers say that the Nakshatras represent the abodes into which the fruits of our labor (our Karma) is transferred and stored. The Nakshatras dispense the fruits of Karma, the highest of which is the fruit of our worship and meditation, our spiritual labor of life.

Therefore choosing name as per this formula is a big science. There are 4 Padas in a Nakshatra and each Rashi contains 9 Padas therefore in total there are 12 X 9 = 108 vibrations in our zodiac which are represented by 108 different alphabets.

In nutshell we can say that name chosen as per Janma Nakshatra Pada alphabet brings the luckiest vibration for the child. Future point software Leostar calculates NAMAKSHAR for baby name selection as per this formula only.

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