2018 Your Love life

2018 Your Love life  

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Know what the future has in store for your love life. Here we shall be discussing in detail that what shall be the impact of planetary transit on your love life. If you know your Lagna Rashi then you shall find these predictions very close to reality. For your Moon sign the accuracy level shall be around 50 %. For your Sun sign it shall give 25 %. For people having same Lagna, Moon and Sun signs the accuracy level shall be 100 % as all forces of body, mind and soul shall be directed in the same direction. For knowing the accurate analysis of your love life with full analysis of impact of planetary transit on your unique horoscope you can get personalised report from our astrologer.

2018 Aries -Love life

Arieans are generally sparkling, happy, bubbling over with zest and high spirits means they are effervescent by nature.


Their romances are sudden, of the highest passion, rising to the highest crecendo like a rocket but immediately of short duration.

Love Horoscope Aries 2018 - Fulfilling year for love

It shall be a fully fulfilling year for love. If you are already in love you shall see amazing culmination in terms of sexual satisfaction and emotional bonding. If not in love then for sure you shall get amazing love mate. If not married then matrimonial development is confirmed.

Remedies for Love life

No remedy is required; simply thank almighty for showering love in your life.

2018 Taurus - Love life

Since your ruling planet is Venus, you are extremely sensual in nature, and be it the pursuit of material comforts or the pursuit of physical pleasures, the Taurus born are the ones who indulge in them and love to enjoy good life.


For a Taurus native, love is plain and simple and they don't complicate it. Love to Taurus ought to be pleasurable and available, when they need it and, they like and know to give and receive love. The deeper, more subliminal aspect of love may not be understood here, though.

Excellent year for love

The year 2018 shall be an average year for your love life. There shall be some ups and downs in your relationship this year. Your increased expectations in love life might make you slightly peevish. During that time your whole focus might get shifted also because of lot of activities and unexpected changes in your work area and for that reason in love you might become bit indifferent towards your duties. The year end i.e. after 11th October there shall be substantial betterment in relationship.

Remedies for Love life

You are advised to think more about your duties than your rights so that the sweetness of relationship gets multiplied. To overcome any type of negativity and to add exrtra colors to relationship you are advised to wear an Opal locket.

2018 Gemini -Love life

Gemini born people have dual personality and therefore it is not easy to predict that their personality shall develop in which side. They are known for their inconsistency and dual nature.


You are a player. You love variety and because of that might lose interest shortly. Although you can give long term commitments but your fondness for variety always tempts you to explore something new.

Love Horoscope Gemini 2018 - Year of maximum pleasure in love

You shall be close to your love mate this year and you would be focusing on two things simulataneously that is travel and association with partner. You would be busy in your pleasure finding activities and you would explore new heights in terms of attainment of pleasure. This year you shall get an opportunity to get into a new relationship or else a previous relation or friendship might convert into fully fledged love relationship.

Remedies for Love life

You can become more fortunate in your love life in the concluding months of the year by travelling extensively. Worshipping Lord Shiva and Shakti together would make you more calm and comfortable in your love life. Wearing blue topaz and opal shall enhance your personnel charm.

2018 Cancer - Love life

You are sensitive, sensible, sentimental & emotional by nature and also suffer from the mood swings at times. You also remain attached to family.


The desire to be loved gives rise to a deep sentimentality in the Cancer. Experiences of the world, the feelings of loss on love not being requited makes them emotional wrecks, and they become inconsolably depressed and withdraw into their shells. It is very difficult for them to let go and move on. Never take chances when it comes to pleasing a Cancer lover.

Love Horoscope Cancer 2018 - Year of fulfilment in love

The beginning of the year indicates fulfilment of love which shall make you feel complete, satisfied and happiest person. The true love that yoiu had attained last yerar shall continuously flourish in this year. The marital bliss shall get enhanced. The concluding months of the year shall amaze you bewitch you and complete you with the highest intensity of the pleasure that you shall be attaining from your relationship.

Remedies for Love life

You need not do any remedies. Wearing Moon stone, White Sapphire and fasting on Friday shall enhance your love life.

2018 Leo - Love life

You have a royal nature and personality and love to be praised and loved. You always wish to get quick recognition and because of this choose that type of career from where the popularity can be gained easily.


Leo people prefer to be in driving seat in a relationship. On bed also it is Leo person who prefers to take the lead. They love to be admired and expect quick reciprocation when they express their love and affection for their partner.

Love Horoscope Leo 2018 - Wonderful beginning in love

The time period shall become wonderful for your amorous adventures. Those who are married or in a relationship already shall succeed in deriving maximum satisfaction from their love mate. This shall mark the beginning of consolidation of a relationship for the whole year. Those who are unmarried can plan to get married in this year.

Remedies for Love life

For seeking more attention in love you are advised to put a yellow Chandan Tilak on your forehead.

2018 Virgo - Love life

Virgos are shy, introvert, analytical, conscientitious & perfectionist. The prefer to go into minute detail of everything and for that reason their methodical and practical approach in handling things and situations make them good at management of anything and at the same time they have great communication skills with extraordinary love for humanity.


Virgo people are loyal to their partner. They are guileless in love and prefer to have like minded partner. If they find flaws in their love mate then they can become highly critical about their partner.

Love Horoscope Virgo 2018 - Your love shall inspire you

We feel it very strongly that the power of your love shall inspire you to do better professionally. Your partner shall become fonder of you because of tremendous increase in your skills, working efficiency & behaviour. You shall be happy in your love life. Your confidence level shall start going up because of betterment in the health of your relationship. You shall be spending most of your time with your love mate.

Remedies for Love life

For getting better results in love life keep yourself tension free and avoid taking unnecessary pressure on your heart because that might keep you upset unnecessarily.

2018 Libra - Love life

Libra people are fond of balance, harmony, justice and love. They are charming, affectionate and compassionate. They are oten admired for their noticeable smile.


Libra people are very fond of love but they might not understand the deeper meaning of love. They search for harmony and balance in love and for that reason they are often indecisive and might take longer time to decide wether their love mate is right partner for them or not.

Love Horoscope Libra 2018 - Wonderful love life

You shall be very happy with the attainment of success in love life. In this year not only there shall be happiness in mind with the attainment of name and fame rather love life shall also become more balanced as compared to previous time. You would be fully happy in your relationship. It shall mark the beginning of an excellent time for making decision to choose right love mate for you.

Remedies for Love life

Wear Opal locket and worship crystal sriyantra daily.

2018 Scorpio - Love life

Astrologers believe that scorpions can be most dangerous and mysterious type. The main quality of a scorpion is their being diplomatic, secretive and research oriented. In Scorpio sign there are three types of people. The type one are highly passionate and revengeful and generally they strike back, type two are those who can be termed as chameleon as they can be unpredictable and mysterios and it would be difficult to understand them and impress them. At times their behaviour shall be too good wheras at some other time they might turn very bad and dangerous. Type three is the nicest people on this earth and they are selfless in their approach to handle things in life and they never let their inner nature get spoiled.


Love is most important ingredient in the life of a scorpion and for that reason when they love some one then their love goes to the extent of insanity. They are ready to sacrifice and found to be most hospitable, very caring, passionate, possessive and sex hungry.

Love Horoscope Scorpio 2018 - Average love life

In 2018 you shall be keen to make more investment on the expansion of your business however by the end of the year you shall become absolutely comfortable to handle your relation in -spite of less availability of time.

Remedies for Love life

Do prayers on regular basis and avoid being careless towards your partner and children.

2018 Sagittarius - Love life

Sagittarians are highly optimistic, positive, large hearted, intellectual, philosophical and straightforward. The speed of thei emotions is very high. They can impress anybody with in no time. They are honest, adventurous and love open spaces and all sorts of phsical activities. They can be rude at times.


Sagittarians are happiest when they are in a new relationship. They amaze their partners with their optimism, enthusiasm and idealism.

Love Horoscope Sagittarius 2018 - Excellent love life

This year there shall be amazing improvement in your love life and your partner shall be fully satisfied. It can be a period of beginning of new relationship. Your happiness level because of attainment of desired attention and affection shall be at its maximum.

Remedies for Love life

Try to give enough time to your partner and avoid being rude in behaviour.

2018 Capricorn - Love life

You are ambitious, focused and self motivated. You wish to rise higher and higher in life. You look cool and calm and people feel that you are selfish. You are a practical person and your ambition remains in your mind always.


Generally capriciorn people do not open up quickly but when they are in a relationship they can be extremely charming, sensual and emotional. Love for them is very important and generally they get attracted towards people. They prefer to be loyal to their partner.

Love Horoscope Capricorn 2018 - Less satisfaction in love life

In the year 2018 you shall be busy in your area of work and apart from that some challenges related to finance and work area shall give you unnecessary mental tensions. You won't be able to derive satisfaction from your love life.

Remedies for Love life

To stay happier in love wear 7 faced Rudraksha in your neck.

2018 Aquarius - Love life

There is lack of fexibility in your persoanlity. You are unpredictable, stubborn, social, excellent communicator; independent and social.You get hurt very easily by criticism. You are surrounded by lot of people but real good friends are very few.


Aquarians are known for being selfless in love. The humanitarians of zodiac are most sincere, loyal and generous in their relationship and they expect the same from their partner.

Love Horoscope Scorpio 2018 - Great success in love life

It would be better to be ambitious in the matters of love as this year shall prove amazingly excellent for your love life. There are possibilities of arrival of new love in life. All shall go in favor. There shall be no hurdles, no complications and everything in love life shall be absolutely smooth.

Remedies for Love life

You are advised to be optimistic. Do not give up rather be steady and avoid becoming the victim of lack of confidence. To get better results chant Bhairav Chalisa.

2018 Pisces - Love life

You are flexible, adjustable, and emotional and remain lost in the world of imagination. You easily get carried away because of your being emotional and having impractical approach.


They are absolutely selfless in love. Love for these people is a miracle which completes them. They surrender fully to the person to whom they love. For these people love is more of giving than receiving. Their love involves lot of creativity, philosophy and spirituality too.

Pisces Love Horoscope 2018 - Difficult Year

The year 2018 shall be full of challenges for your love life. There shall be lot of uncertainties in your relations and it would become difficult to maintain stability in relations. There is also a possibility of setbacks in relation or else it would become difficult for you to enjoy the continuous association with your partner. The difficulties and the problem of difference of opinion with love mate can be at its peak in this year.

Remedies for Love life

There might remain some difficulties in the love life of pisceans therefore, they are advised to control their temper and not to get into any type of argument unnecessarily otherwise they are likely to face the problem of temporary separation however this separation shall also help in healing the wounds of relationship. For better results in love life you are advised to worship lord Shiva. Take care of cleanliness as much as you can. Wearing yellow sapphire shall also prove beneficial.

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