Paaya Vichar

Paaya Vichar  

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Often, people ask one question from priest or astrologer that in which paaya their child is born. Here, we are mentioning about paaya, their all kinds and their effects in our life.

Paaya is of four kinds:

  • Golden Paaya
  • Silver Paaya
  • Copper Paaya
  • Iron Paaya

One can know about paaya with the help of Moon in horoscope.In which house/place Moon is situated in our horoscope, through that house we can know our paaya. If Moon is situated in first, sixth or eleventh house of horoscope then Golden Paaya.If Moon is situated in second, fifth or ninth house of horoscope then Silver Paaya.If Moon is situated in third, seventh or tenth house of horoscope then Copper Paaya.And if Moon is situated in fourth, eighth or twelfth house of horoscope then Iron Paaya.

We are explaining you about Paaya through a picture here.

If Moon is in 1,6,11Golden Paaya

If Moon is in 2,5,9 Silver Paaya

If Moon is in 3,7,10 Copper Paaya

If Moon is in 4,8,12 Iron Paaya

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