How Can Astrology Online Help You through Your Life

How Can Astrology Online Help You through Your Life  

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Vedic Astrology has been relevant for over 7000 years, and in the modern world, it has been unrivaled on a global scale when it comes to giving people accurate and resourceful advice on life.

Astrology has found such a massive momentum owing to the preciseness of the science. It is a practice that involves calculating and monitoring the movements of planets and stars in and around our solar system.

Western astrology is also gaining significant popularity in the western sphere, but it runs on a sun-based system, whereas its eastern counterpart follows a moon-based system. The sun system is effective but vague and unable to deliver the same spot-on results as the Vedic system.

Astrology has also branched out to beyond sitting in old dingy rooms with rigid old men. Professional astrologers take their practice online and use modern practices to cater to the existing circumstances that revolve around a person. This is why astrology online is more popular than going to an office, especially because online sites give you free readings as well!

Reasons Moon-based systems are preferred

To understand why moon-based systems provide such accurate insights when it comes to reading astrology online, we must understand the difference between this system and the sun-based system.

The zodiac sign or constellation in which the sun is placed at the time of a person’s birth indicates their sun sign. The moon’s position in a zodiac at the time of birth, on the other hand, indicates the moon sign. The sun sign portrays more outward characteristics, while the moon signs signify the stature of a person’s inner mind and emotions.

The reason Vedic astrology prefers to use moon signs as a basis for predictions is due to two factors:

  • The moon shifts from one zodiac to another every 2 and a half days, whereas the sun takes 12 months. This makes the sun system based predictions only valid for a month, whereas the moon-based system gives more precise detail on a daily, monthly, and long-term basis.
  • The moon also represents the person’s individual, inner traits over outward ones like the sun. This allows more keen knowledge about an individual, their journey, and different aspects of life where they may do well or terrible.

The moon sign provides more long-term answers that allow you to reflect on life and self, whereas the sun sign provides instantaneous answers that are only solutions for temporary measures.

How astrology could impact your life

Astrology is both science and art that aims solely at deciphering how the cosmos plays a role in individual life and how things are connected. Many people believe that with astrology online, the future can be laid out down to the last point.

However, astrology is no oracle, nor is it a time machine. It is only a practice that professionals spend years mastering, which allows them to impart to people the tools and knowledge to map out, comprehend, and cope with what the essence of life is.

With the help of astrology, one can tell:

  • Information about different aspects of one’s life, like career, health, fortune, personal relationships, partnerships, spirituality, and so on.
  • Insight into personal endeavors, traits, downfalls, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Knowledge about how each planet working with a different zodiac has different influences on a person’s life and how they work in favor of the person.
  • How certain periods and places are more favorable for a person’s health, intellect, or creativity than others.
  • Remedies that could negate or help overcome previous life karmas, maleficent effects of certain planets, unfavorable dosha and yoga, and so on.

For instance, if you are experiencing a career or health crisis, a practiced astrologer will be able to tell simply by looking at your natal chart, where these issues stem from. Astrology can give you the clarity you need in life to navigate through it easily.

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