Guideline for Prediction

Guideline for Prediction  

S.R. Swamy
Views : 1881 | January 2004
The principles enumerated below are collected from variety of rare classicals, in Sanskrit, Hindi, English, Telugu and Kannada and my practical application in my career in Astrology for the last thirty years, or even more. Initially I am starting with different Yogas to be observed carefully at the time of birth of a child. Yogas enumerated below are some of the few which are generally and frequently found in various horoscopes of new born. • If the birth takes place is Mesha Lagna and Navamsha Lagna being Mithuna and Mars being occupied in Navamsha Lagna, then the child will have it’s ambilical chord around its neck at the time of birth. • If Moon occupy the Lagna and strong malefics occupy 2nd, 12th, 7th and 8th houses, then child may not survive immediately after birth. • Moon under the aspect of a strong malefic and Mars occupying 7th or 11th house, in conjunction with Saturn, will result in abandoning the child by mother and the child will die. • In the natal chart if the moon having the aspect of strong & benefic Jupiter the child will have long life. • A Child born in Simha Lagna and conjunction of Sun and Moon in Lagna under the aspect of Mars and Saturn, will cause loss of eyesight right from the time of birth. • Combust or retrogated, Sun, Moon or Venus in 2nd, or 12th house, sandwiched in between strong malifics, will give blindness right from birth. • Conjunction of Lords of Lagna & 12th house with sun or venus in 6th, 8th or 12th house will give blindness right from birth. • If a lady conceives during the transit of Sun on natal Ketu, she will give birth to a mentally retarded child. • If a lady conceives during the transit of Ketu on natal Sun, occupying 5th house in his own Rasi, she will give birth to a mentally retarded child. • In a female horoscope, Ketu having relation either with 5th house, or with the lord of 5th house and 7th house, is badly afflicted by malefics. She will give birth to a defective (limbs) child. • If a child is born in Makara Lagna between 270 to 300 and Lagna is under the aspect of Sun, Moon and Saturn, the child will become a dwarf. • A child born in Meena Lagna and the Lagna is under the aspect of Moon, Mars and Saturn, the child will have defective limbs (legs) at the time of birth. • Lagna &7th house occupied by strong malefics & Moon is also badly afflicted by malefics, will cause immediate death of the child. • A child born 48 minutes before sunrise, or 48 minutes after sunset and Chandra Hora being raising at the time of birth and the most powerful malefic planet of the chart occupying its last Navamsa will result in death of the child immediately after birth. • If weak Moon occupying 12th house with evil planets occupying Lagna and 8th house and Kendra Sthana’s are without any benefic, will result in death of the child immediately after birth. • If retro gate Satrun occupying the signs of Mars and Mars occupying 6th or 8th houses, without any benefic aspect, then the child may not live for more than 2 years. • If Sun, weak Moon and Mars in conjunction occupy 5th house, without the relation of any benefic planet, the child may not live beyond 9 years. • Conjunction of Sun, Moon and Saturn in 8th house without any benefic aspect, the child may not live beyond 9 years. Antidotes for the Above Evil Yogas • Powerful Guru occupying a Kendra in his own Rasi, or exalted in a Kendra, without any malefic aspect will avert all the evils. • Powerful Moon occupying 6th, or 8th house, in any of the Drekkana’s of Guru, Shukra, or Budha, there will not be early death to the child. • If lord of the birth sign (Janma Rasi) occupying a Kendra, having the benefic aspect of a powerful benefic planet and without the influence of any malefic planet, will avert the evil Yogas at the time of birth. • Full moon in a Kendra, or Trikona, placed in between two powerful benefics and without any malefic influence will give long life to the newborn. • If any of the PanchMaha Purasha Yoga (proper in all respects) is seen in the birth chart, then the child is free from all evils and enjoy long life. • Full Moon in conjunction with a powerful Guru without any malefic influence and occupying a Kendra and aspecting the Janma Rasi or it's Lord will save the child from all the evils. After discussing the various evil Yogas at the time of birth of a child, one should study the various conditions of Balarishta and Madhyarishta conditions also. Birth of a child, in Rashi Ganda, Lagna Ganda, Nakshatra Ganda and Tithi Ganda etc. also needs to be studied in detail, as it effect’s the mortality of the child. Whenever a child is born under good Yogas, it brings joy to the family. But if a child is born under malefic Yogas, the parents and the entire family suffers a lot. As such it is very essential to study the evil Yogas at the time of birth of the child. The evil Yogas explained above are very much useful, while considering the birth time of a child, with the help of surgery.
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