Who will be a Successful Astrologer by K.P. System

Who will be a Successful Astrologer by K.P. System  

Sharad Tripathi
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To check up whether one will be a good astrologer or not, the horoscope should be cast very correctly according to K.P. According to Westerners, Uranus gives knowledge in astrology. Good aspects between Jupiter and Mercury is good for study and prediction. Uranus is good for invention and research, as such it is not suited for practical purpose. The ascendant and the 9th cusp it connected with Saturn and Mars, show that he will be a good astrologer. Saturn and Moon in 1, 3, 9 or 10 give desire to learn astrology. Uranus with good aspects with Jupiter makes on a research scholar.

Mercury forming good aspects with Uranus produces one with deep consideration and ability to judge properly and interpret correctly. Mars forming harmonious aspects with mercury gives argumentative faculty, success in the material field and leadership in all pursuits. Harmonious aspects between Mercury and Moon, show clear exposition, proper wording and intuition. The sub-lord of the ascendant should be the significator of the 9th or 12th house the 12th house shows occult science while the 9th shows higher studies of philosophy religion, astrology etc. Jupiter should be in the sub, the lord of which is the significator of the 9th or the 12th. Moon should be in the sub of a planet who is significator of the 9th or the 12th.

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Any of these planets in the subruled by the significator of 10th shows name, fame, reputation and honour. Any of these in the sub governed by the significator of the 11th, promises success. Saturn in the sub of the significators of the 9th or the 12th gives sound knowledge. Planets in the sub or constellation of occupants or owner of the second house facilitate expression in meticulous detail. Planets in the sub or constellation of occupants or owner of the 3rd give opportunity to edit, print and publish if the 3rd house is connected with mars. Otherwise one can only contribute articles. Good aspects between Saturn and Mercury, show that they will be exact, precise, methodical, good in mathematics besides forethought, persistence and reasoning ability.

Venus and Uranus in good aspect will confer titles. If Jupiter and Venus form a vignette aspect, the native will be conferred a title. If Jupiter and Venus from a vigintihe aspect native will be conferred a title. If Jupiter, Mercury and Mars are the significators of 2, 10 and 11, he will be an editor or publisher. Jupiter and Mercury, significators of 3 and 9, will make him a journalist. According to the traditional method, moon in cancer make the native an astrologer. Those born in sathabisha star or sakuna karana can learn astrology. Mercury in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 or the 11th house, Venus and Mercury in 2nd and 3rd or Gemini with Jupiter in 2 or lord of 2nd becoming strong make the native an Astrologer. If Mercury is in lagna or 4th or 7 th or 10th or lord of 2nd is exalted or if Venus is in mithuna or kanya or Dhanus or in its exalted position, the native will be an astrologer.

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New Findings If the sub lord of the 2nd cusp is in the 7th from 2nd and becomes a strong significator of the 2nd, the native will study or know the shastras the type of shastras has to be decided by reference to the planets. If the same sub lord aspects or becomes the significator of the 9th or the 12th, it is definite that the he will be a good astrologer or good in occult science. Sensitive Points in Astrology • 18°-00" to 18°-30' in odd signs and 11°-30' to 12°-00' in even signs denote "learned in shastras", this may indicate scientists, professors etc. • 20°-30' to 21°-00' in odd signs and 9°-00' to 9°-30' in even signs denote "all scholars dealing with vedas and vedangas, will be versed in astrology, ayurveda and such subjects which come under vedangas". • 21°-00' to 21°-30' in odd signs and 8°-30' to 9°-00' in even signs denote those "well versed in shastras, scholars, teachers etc. • 23°-00' to 23°-30' in odd signs and 6°-30' to 7°-00' in even signs denote accountants, statisticians, astrologers, astronomers etc.

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