Dreams May be future Teller

Dreams May be future Teller  

Narendramal Surana
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Normally every human being is emotional and every human emotion of mankind and every human experience is reflected in dreams. A dream may be joyful or it may be sad. It may be stimulating or humorous or tragic or depressing. “‘“ Now the question arises, what do dreams mean?

What do they foretell?

Dreamers told of their dreams and compared notes or what happened afterward. Many dreams were recorded in the Bible with their interactions. There are Dream Books in many languages -Hebrew, Latin, French, Italian, Arabic etc. But none of these books is complete. For a dream about a printing press, it is likely that besides that item we will have to lookup Wheel, Gears, Paper, Ink etc., before we can work out its meaning satisfactorily. If we dream of taking a bath, we will have to look up Tub, Shower, Soap, Sponge, Towel and Bath mat.

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None of these minor considerations should be overlooked, for they may have a definite influence on what you may expect in the future. Dreams that follow overindulgence in rich food, alcohol and such, seldom mean anything as far as the future is concerned. It is only the dreams that come to people in normal sleep that have any -significance. To dream of abandoning evil companions or of ceasing from a nefarious enterprise, predicts an increase in income. A pain in the abdomen in a dream foretells a long period of good health.

A dream in which your own ability is recognised even by yourself, points toward some achievement that will give you happiness. If the dream is one in which you are impressed by the ability of someone else, you will receive a small sum of money. To dream of having a great plenty of one or more things is a warning to conserve your resources against lean times to come.

If you dream of abusing someone there will be an improvement shortly in your financial condition. If someone abuses you, you will have an illness. If you dream of an automobile crash, do not ride in a car for twenty four hours, and be additionally careful in crossing the streets. A dream of a headache warns you against confiding in anyone regarding your business plans. If your legs or arms ache, it is a sign that you will have an important communication from a distant relative.

A dream of achievement will have the effect of contentment. To dream of making a new acquaintance will have the effect of contentment. To dream of making a new acquaintance or of seeing an old one whom you have not met in a long time, is a sign of receiving money that is owed you. Undergoing adversity in a dream means that you will eventually overcome the difficulties that beset you. The dream of affluence points to an increase in income that will go far toward solving your immediate problems, maidens having this dream may look forward to make a good marriage.

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A feeling of anxiety in a dream, even if the cause is not apparent, portends loneliness. It is lucky to dream that you show appreciation of someone else, but if you or your acts are appreciated, you will be likely to have someone criticize your clothing. To dream of being arrested by an officer is a warning against taking chances such as driving too fast going through red lights, gambling or drawing checks for more than your bank balance. If you dream that you are an officer and that you arrest someone you will find a solution for your immediate problems. To hear a baby crying in one’s dream, is a fore runner of sickness and disappointment. A woman who dreams she is nursing a baby, receives a sign that she will be deceived by the one in whom she has the greatest confidence. Casting your ballot at an election in a dream points to the fulfillment of a wish you had thought impossible of accomplishment. To dream of a banquet is a good omen.

Friends will favour you. To dream of yourself with many smartly-dressed guests, eating from costly plate and drinking wine of fabulous price and age, portends great gain in business of every nature and happiness among friends. If you dream of seeing eerie faces or empty tales in strange surroundings it is ominous of grave misunderstandings. Dreaming of hearing the sound of battle from a distance is a warning against infection from a slight wound. To dream of winning a battle is an omen of success in love affairs. If someone tries to blackmail in your dream you should be warned against free and easy conduct with members of the opposite sex. If you are the blackmailer you will have general bad luck for a long period.

The dream of bleeding foretells about the death by accident or malicious reports. Fortune will desert you, portends the dream. To dream of blood stained garments warns of enemies who will try to destroy the successful career that is opening up for you. To see trees and shrubs in blooming or blossoming indicates a time of great prosperity and ease, both of body and of mind. You may rest assured that your hopes will be realised if you dream of a calf receiving sustenance from its mother. To see a calf being butchered is an omen of disillusionment. For a man to dream of admiring the calf of a woman’s leg is a sign that he will be hounded by his creditors.

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To dream of walking on soft carpets denotes an easy and luxurious life in your own home. It is bad luck to dream of cleaning them with a carpet beater. A dream of celebrating an anniversary of any kind is a good portent for those who have been worried about the future. The larger the group present, the better is the augury. Eating coconut in dream foretells that when adversity comes to you, you will ‘- meet it with great fortitude.

If you dream of opening a coconut, you will find a small sum of money. Contradiction is a sign of bad luck in any enterprise connected with the sale of goods to dream of contradicting a person. If someone contradicts you, the portent is of forgetting an important engagement. To sit in a council and discuss weighty matters is a dream that foretells a misunderstanding with one of your best friends. If you dream of paying your debts, it is a good omen. If you are in debt and dream of not being able to meet your obligations, business worries are bound to come. If you eat a rich dessert in a dream, you will be able to indulge in some luxury that you have not had for a long time. For a girl to dream of Diamonds is a good omen, it indicates marriage to a man of distinction and great wealth. If a young man dreams of giving diamonds to his love, he must exercise great care in the choice of a wife. If you dream of being in a disaster, it foretells through some lover’s quarrel.

To dream of working hard at your studies trying to get an education, signifies that you will receive honours and know success but not in a cultural way. To dream of being in an employment agency predicts a happy solution to all your troubles. To dream that you overcome an enemy is a good sign for anyone, but to dream that he or she overcomes you is a prediction of danger and a warning against taking chances. If you dream of becoming famous and accepting the adulation of the people it signifies a turn for the worse in your affairs. For a man or woman to dream of meeting a flirt and encouraging him or her predicts a short and unsuccessful love affair. To offer a gift in a dream foretells happy responsibilities. To receive a gift denotes unexpected pleasures of a social nature. A dream of calling for help is a sign that you will shortly need help and get it. If you dream of hearing a call for help and answer it, you will find that you are in a good position to make money.

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A dream of receiving an invitation of any description forecasts additional expense that you probably do not wish to incur. Dreams of honest love foretell happiness and contentment. To dream of being a millionaire and spending money lavishly on the things you have always wanted to have is a portent of receiving money in a round about way for a service you had rendered and forgotten. The mother of the twenty fourth Tirthenkar of Jains, Lord Mahaveera, dreamed fourteen different things before giving birth to Vardhman Mahaveer.

The main ‘“ items of the things were Elephant, Vrishabha(ox), Lion, Laxmi, Garland pair, moon, Sun, Kalash Pair, Meena Pair, Sagar (sea) singhasan (Throne), Dev Veman, Ratnapunj, Nirdhum Aagni. The astrologers and fortune-tellers of that times forecasted or predicted that a (Chakravorthy Raja) or a great king will be borne in the house of the King, who will enlighten the people.

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